Minneapolis to Phoenix $180 – 2552MQM 7.1CPM -WEEKEND run

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msp-phx 180 price

weekend same day trip

msp-phx on delta-com

I am not a huge fan of this one that came out last week at the CPM is high for coach. But, I promised to put up HUB runs and WEEKEND runs. This, at an OK price, does both of those. Plus you get a full day to play in PHX and that can be fun and warm!

Cost all in $180

2552MQMs resulting in 7.1CPM

DM yields 5742 Skymiles per CWSI.net, PM & GM 5104 and FO 3190.

Many other dates at slightly higher price over next few months.

Since we are talking about HUBS, how about some feedback in the comments. Is 7CPM too high for HUB runs and/or Weekend runs? Is 8 MAX or 6 MAX? Love some feedback as to what is OK to post from NYC, ATL, MSP, DTW – René


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  1. @Stan – oh sure I plan to look all sorts of places I can. Now for those, most times, we can get REALLY good rates down in the 2-4CPM range. It is just hard to find DL HUB rates that low ever thus the question for those in HUB city’s what is the max price you want me to blog about?!? Txs.

  2. I think for a hub run it’s a pretty good deal, Especially it’s during the weekend.

  3. @Giroud – txs that is what I am just tossing around. Let the number float up a little if weekend but down a little if weekday from a hub!

  4. Rene, I was going to ask that exact question. What is too high?

    I just booked a K fare from MYR to SJU with my SWU’s for me and my wife in first class for 7c/m.

    Good? Bad? Indifferent?


  5. @John – if you are going to enjoy a trip that is a great vacation / run price. If just a pure fly to earn it is a bit high. But you are talking MYR and I have not looked much what the prices run out of MYR for a while (my mom-in-law was there now not). I know Charleston is 2 hrs south and you have choices north as well. In 1st class, enjoy it!

  6. I think anything under 8 cpm is worth a look. It gives more options and I wouldnt pass up a day in Phoenix!

  7. It is a biz trip that is reimbursed by the sponsors I’m speaking for. So, it ends up being “free” for me. You gotta like free MQM’s!

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