Pssst – hey, know what still works? 30% GoGo code from last year ;-)

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30percent-off discount delta still working

Since I am going on a mileage run on Wednesday, and again the week after that, and then to Iowa the week after that to prove a point (more on that one later), I will need lots of GoGo.

The old 30% off promo from last year is still alive and kicking and working just fine. To pay under $30 for a month of unlimited Delta GoGo is just a great deal and I hope this promo keeps going like the energizer bunny!

Some other bits. You can not have an active account for this to work (some use another email). You can use an old account with no active subscription. You can get this over and over as this is the 3rd time I have used it on this email account. If you are going to fly other airlines consider not just picking the Delta one. – René

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  1. Was wavering on a monthly subscription and this pushed me over the edge. Thank you…

    – Posted from 30,000 ft from an AA 737.

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