PLEASE LOOK! – NYC to Alaska $366 & 8962MQMs just 4.1CPM weekday May

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jfk-anc delta

This one is another reader HT to reader Aaron (thank you SO much) and has a few open dates and you can get MOST of the legs as upgradeable (not the JFK-LAX – know this). The haul of both MQMs and RDMs is impressive! Take a look

Cost $366 all in

8962 MQMs at 4.1CPM

Bookable on

DM yields 20,165 🙂 Skymiles per, PM & GM 17,924 and FO 11,203.

When you do the NET numbers on this is just SO NICE for a DM $366-202=$164 to walk away with almost 9k MQMs? WOW! I mean WOW!

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  1. Well, I went ahead and booked this (exact same itinerary as shown) under the DeltaPoints rule of “book first, question later.” Now I’m having second thoughts because I arrive JFK at 6:09am (from the NYC>LGB deal) and this leaves at 7am. No problem I thought, until I realized I will have a checked bag from the California trip. I don’t need that checked bag for this MR, so I’m wondering if it would be safe to leave it unclaimed at JFK for what amounts to about a day and a half? Geez, what have I done?!?

  2. @DW – you can, if you have a Delta AMEX card, spend a Skymile to buy ANY ticket anywhere for 1 cent each. Thus, a Skymile will always be worth at least 1 cent each. Now if you personally value them higher (I do at about 2-ish each) then the value is even more.

  3. If you can’t possibly do without a checked bag on your CA trip, have hotel concierge send your bag home from CA via UPS or FedEx. Not optimum, but it will probably be lost or “claimed” in JFK. Good luck!

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