How smart is a DeltaMileageRun in a blizzard? – Part 2 – the return & results

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ICE in DTW delta points blog

If you did not see part 1, the outbound, of my run you should read that as we are jumping into the middle a bit here.

Midway to San Diego it looked like I was going to be spending the night in southern California rather than flying home. I love the area but really did not have time for it. The good news was the gate was next to mine but as we landed they were boarding my flight home to DTW. The gate next door was a bit of walk but I made it while they were boarding zone 1. Phew.

737-900 Delta Economy Comfort monitor issue delta points blog

I was in seat 3A again, the same one as the inaugural flight of the 737-900 I was on, and I wanted to see if that “new plane smell” and feel had worn off. It has a bit. I was much more critical this round. While the plane is still nice, the recline is not enough to sleep well. It is very nice for daytime flying but please try to AVOID the 737-900 for night flights. I used the lavatory this time and it really is not “that small” as some are saying but the sink is the tiniest I have ever seen. Lastly, I waited till everyone got off to test what some are saying about the IFE in the 1st row of EC hitting the seat back of the last row of 1st class when fully reclined. It does. Delta tells me they are working on a new arm for it to address the issue.

Pancake machine and breakfast in DTW skyclub Delta points blog (1)

Then back to the Skyclub I left just a few hours before but this time for breakfast. Let’s test the new pancake machine.

Pancake machine and breakfast in DTW skyclub Delta points blog (2)

All you do is set a plate down, push the button and in no time 2 very small pancakes come out.

They are very small and I would push the button again and get 2 more before you walk away. Butter and syrup are on the shelf above you if you miss them being sleeping off a redeye.

Pancake machine and breakfast in DTW skyclub Delta points blog (3)

If you are an uber-carbo junkie the Skyclub breakfasts are for you. Carb pancakes, carb cinnamon things, carb bagels in the other room (you get the idea). Not much for the diet conscious person. Ah well, it will make the kids happy (oh wait, you don’t get to bring them in free after 1MAY-RATZ)!

So now to the meat of the matter. Why take this trip to SAN for 5 minuets and fly home? Let’s look at the breakdown of cost to fly. First, I had purchased a $50 e-Gift card on a previous trip when I redeemed FlexPerks points and got $25 credit back and spent that on this trip (you get $25 total for incidentals when spending FlexPerks points. Same goes for the personal card as well as the business card).

  • Paid $302-25= $277 all-in
  • Earned 5412 MQMs thus 5.1CPM
  • Earned 12,052 Skymiles

For a mileage run from SBN or South Bend these are great numbers. To MR from home is sweet. Plus the 12,052 Skymiles are worth at least $121 and to me who puts 2 cents each value on a Skymile this trip was just about break-even. Had it been 2015, the value is still there as paying around 5 cents per mile for an MQM is a deal from home.

This also shows the great value of the new member bonus from the Delta AMEX Reserve card personal as well as the business card. Both give you 10,000 MQMs and 10,000 Skymiles with your first purchase. So for the non-waived 1st year fee of $450 you are basically paying 4.5CPM and getting 10,000 Skymiles worth at least $100 if you do a “Pay With Miles” ticket. Real MR value to me for either card.

That wraps up this little quick run; next week I do it again with a reader and an even better route. I can’t wait and hope the weather is a little better than this round! – René

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  1. I don’t mind taking MRs when weather is an issue. I usually build in a day buffer anyway into my calendar and don’t mind being bounced around airports. Miles is Miles! AIrports and planes are usually emptier etc. One time on an MR from GRR-to LAX, I was rerouted due to weather and wound up with 2000 more miles just to avoid ORD!

  2. Not sure if it’s strictly related but I looked over your mileage run site and have a suggestion. What would really be helpful is to include the fare routing code (not sure if that’s the correct term) that shows all the possible connections for a given fare. IIRC it requires a subscription to something, but may be a worthwhile investment to improve the blog.

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