Boston to Alaska 1st class $1188 & 12,018MQMs at 9.9CPM – WEEKEND run

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bos-anc-1st days


This is clearly not a cheap-O price run but the numbers are staggering and it is a weekend run in 1st class the whole way and that is worth a lot to many. Here are the stats:

Cost $1188 all-in 1st class

12,018 MQMs and 9.9cpm

Bookable on

DM yields an AMAZING  22,035  Skymiles per, PM & GM 20,030 and FO 12,018. If you count the value of a skymiles at just 1 cent each you are bringing the net cost down to 8.1CPM as a Diamond. That is not all bad for a weekend run in 1st class.

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