SWAG Saturday: Will #Skymiles2015 help/hurt you for a Dual Time Zone Impulse watch!

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We are back to our standard SWAG Saturday with the same weekly rules you can see HERE if you have not ever peeked at them.

impulse steinhausen watch

Now to a very simple question. I would love to know if the changes to Skymiles2015 will help or hurt you next year. That’s it, tell me an answer for a shot at this nice Impulse Steinhausen Dual time zone watch! You can elaborate if you want or not and I will use on Monday night late this week to pick the winner. – René

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. SkilledTravel Reply

    I don’t expect the new skymiles program to help due to the fact that I usually search for flight I feel are the best value.

  2. As someone who travels as cheaply as possible (because a flight is only so long – I’d rather spend the extra $ on a greater # of trips), it will most certainly hurt. Thinking of moving to United from Delta because of it. Probably going to be out of the frying pan into the fire, but whatever. It makes me feel vindicated.

  3. It will actually help because I fly short distances that don’t gain a lot of miles but costs more then most flights.

  4. Hurt everyone, don’t see how anyone can benefit from the changes.

  5. The 2015 Sky Mile change will be hard for me to maintain DM status as I’m retired
    On a fixed income and the 25,000 dollar spend will be very difficult to maintain.

  6. Everything Delta does lately hurts – I don’t see why this should be any different!

  7. Young_Tho®ough Reply

    Looks like GM will find it hardest to maintain same quality of perks. Think it’s going to hurt but maybe it will mean less GM in the pool. Hopefully including me though.

  8. Will definitely hurt in terms of earning SkyMiles for free travel. It remains yet to be seen if it will make more seats available when attempting to use the SkyMiles.

  9. It will hurt…but I’m based at a Hub. Is what it is I guess….

  10. It helps because I can get a one way ticket with my pithy number of miles.

  11. I think it may help me because I travel for business so price of ticket doesn’t matter, but haven’t fully analyzed. Still a fan of delta employees though and I plan to stick with them at least 50% of flights

  12. Don in ATL Reply

    I think I will more or less break even, possibly leaning a little bit toward the “hurt” side. My biggest concern is whether we will really see more award seats in the future and whether low level seats (the only ones I go after) will be more available or less available. That is the question for me.

  13. The jury is still out for me; as long as I can still get 60K MQM’s each year with my 2 Reserve cards plus whatever I get with flying I’m not sure how it will affect my PM status.

  14. Shari Merrill Reply

    Hurt. The changes will impact personal and professional travel this year – so it looks like I’ll end up with silver instead of platinum and then lowest tier on USAir.

  15. The changes are definitely going to hurt me.. I am really hoping that they do offer more availability at the low level as they claim, but only time will tell.

  16. Definitely hurt. I’m in the crossover program with SPG but really that’s not enough incentive to continue using Delta.

  17. Deltasegmentflyer Reply

    Help big time. First as a segment flyer out of a small airport I will earn more sky miles. With a thinning of the ranks it will be easier to get upgrades and with the new sky club policy should have more seats. There are some negatives obviously but for my case more positive than negative. Plus one way awards now.

  18. The new changes will hurt me as we like to fly BOS-SFO when we see a fare sale.

  19. I plan to bring more company travel intl BE spend back to Delta because of the change.

    Potentially help greatly from business spend. For leisure…definitely hurt.

  20. It’ll hurt. Every time I read about another Delta “enhancement” I cringe. I’m going to look into flying another airline more.

  21. Hurts. So far all but 1 of my 6 trips indicate a cut of RDM at PM status. My biggest hit seems to be from the staging flight to/from hub. In the current program it is 500/2000 rt min for 38 minute flight. Now estimating at 1200 rt. if you take a lot of short segments it begins to add up.

  22. GetToThePoints Reply

    I don’t think it will impact me very much as I primarily use my points for domestic tickets. Actually there may end up being more low level award tickets available according to what I read, but, who knows.

  23. If you fly only short runs it may help. Everyone else it will hurt. So maybe 1-3% will be better off and 97-99% worse.
    As far as more award seats do you really trust DL, not me. My wife and I are in the process of moving to AA from DL GM for 7+ yrs. My brother who had been DL PM for over 10 yrs. moved to UA in January.
    My take is DL will be mostly DM’s and PM’s fighting each other with their Amex Cards. The rest will be kettles!

  24. Definitely hurt. I mostly fly on cheap fares, so will just be flying whatever airline is the cheapest.

  25. I am going to remain optimistic, perhaps naively, but I am not a frequent flyer. I do use miles for biz upgrades, and I achieve miles through spend so am hopeful that the availability of award seats increases.

  26. It’s definitely going to hurt this GM. Still waiting to find out what it does to redemptions…

  27. I think I may actually come out ahead on this, but I’ll have to wait and see,

  28. I think break-even – Will probably still make DM thanks to the Delta Amex Reserve -Hope I can know use some of the Skymiles I have banked over the years and living in the new Delta Hub of Seattle we will get more service

  29. Helps if more low level award availability and one way award option.

  30. Definitely will hurt me with biz and personal travel. I’m the only employee at my company who isn’t a United elite but I’ve been a big defender as Delta has generally been good to me in terms of getting me where I need to go.

    Might be harder for me to keep my independence next year.

  31. Will hurt badly EARNING miles. Might help with status since less people will bother.

  32. Definitely hurt.. they are just being greedy.. I been a Gold for last 10 years..barely good enough to get any benefits.. and now this.. maybe time to switch

  33. Hurts us. Three years of platinum status will end as the MQD requirement is too high, given other carrier options.

  34. Definitely hurt me and waiting to see how the relationship with Alaska pans out

  35. Nina ( deltaGoldLass) Reply

    The #2015 delta Skymiles policy will HURT me big time 🙁

  36. It will definitely hurt. I just picked up Hawaii as a new territory. I was planning on really racking up the miles. I usually get the tickets around 1000.00. I am DM. Now, 11,000 miles per round trip, compared to 20,000. I will fly out once a month. That is 108,000 net loss that I could get from another airline. This is just on my Hawaii flights. I live in the midwest. A lot of my flying goes in and out of DTW or MSP. If I only flew short domestic flights, I could be ok, but this change leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Seems “in your face” greedy-nothing subtle or tactful about it. I will re-qualify as DM in early September, I’ll do a status match and book the remainder of this year on United and see how it goes from sept-dec. I’ll have to make a choice so I can start out 2015 fresh on either united or delta.

  37. Definitely hurt. I don’t think there’s a single Delta traveler who could gain more RDM.

    Only good thing is one-way awards.

  38. Definitely hurt. Delta has been eating away at all the things I loved about them in the last 18 months, the changes to SDC (even after they moved backwards on them) were the worst but the MQDs and now the program changes for 15 are really tough.

  39. Definitely help–>it helped me make the decision to go to American in 2015.

  40. christine pincince Reply

    It such a struggle for me to make gold every other year and silver between that i know i am out of the game totally with this new Delta. out of loyalty i have never even checked other ways to get some where for over 35 years but now i will. I realize with these rules plus the new amex rules, it does keep the riff raff out of the sacred chambers so truly i am happy for them but i am out. this year i will try to get at least to silver and next year i will just spend my points that i was dumb to save in the first place. thank you for keeping us all up on the shenanigans

  41. Hurt the most frequent of flyers, however for myself Im not currently flying enough for it to hurt me.

  42. The changes will most likely hurt me as I take somewhat inexpensive trips to New York and Chicago so the Revenue based mileage earning will hurt. Delta would not be my first choice unless traveling for business where a short trip would equal an expensive ticket thus more miles!

  43. It seems to me, the new rules will make it more difficult to reach PM or DM unless you’re a frequent flyer at higher priced tickets, but maybe thats the point. Because of a recent move, ill be researching benefits of other airlines.

  44. Skymiles 2015 will definitely hurt me. If delta doesn’t change their minds I’ll aim for mid level medallion status on DL & UA and book whichever is cheapest most convenient. Done & Done

  45. It will hurt. We watch for low fares, and can’t afford to overpay. We usually have some flexibility in travel times, so paying full, full, full fare is not an option most of the time.

  46. It will definitely hurt international passengers that purchase the least expensive flights for long trips.

  47. I don’t think it will hurt us that much – not sure until I know what I will be doing next year.

  48. Will definitely hurt.. I received 8452 sky miles on a ticket which cost me $262.00. Granted diamonds get bonus miles, but its a no brainer! That was this month, this year!

  49. Alexander Ivanov Reply

    Delta has punished us for loyalty, but we will find a way to be even more creative!

  50. It won’t hurt because I don’t mileage run or go for status. I just redeem award flights.

  51. Hurt.
    Currently Diamond but not next year.

    I do long haul cheap flights like ORD-IST $$600
    and ORD-anywhere $600 –

    check my delta post at featuring mention of Rene of Delta Points and Delta migration to favor big business traveler at the expense of us Delta Points followers.

  52. In most cases I will get fewer miles. We’ll see about how many I will have to spend on awards.

  53. Currently a PM. Will likely end up a GM this year. Not going to push for PM again because of Skymiles2015. I will suffer a lot under the “new and improved” program. Likely not even make silver. I am going to start migrating to AA for status.

  54. Overall, I think it will be neutral for me (maybe a little on the “hurt” side, but not much). Most of my travel is for business, and I should get comparable miles credit in 2015. Most of my personal travel I use FF miles; whether or not I can get lower level rewards remains for those routes remains to be seen.

  55. claire Cates Reply

    Definitely hurt and I’m trying to weigh my options on switching to another airline. For instance a $1600 ticket to BCN I’m getting ready to buy for June, I get about 20000 miles this year but next year it will only be 14400. I could get the same ticket on other airlines this year for $1250. To get the same miles next year I’d have to pay $2222, forget it, I’d fly another airline. For a few hundred I’ll stick with Delta, but this is crazy. I’m booking all my miles with Delta this year and if they don’t change I’ll try to status match with another airline next year. Making the $ is not a problem for me because of credit card spend but ticket price vs miles is just awful with next years skymiles. (Platinum)

  56. Really depends on how much availability there is at the new levels. On the earning side it will definitely hurt (I’ll earn about 35-40% less) but who knows on the redeeming side.

  57. Skymiles 2015 Will Hurt miles I earn in the air which is a small percentage !!

  58. I think overall it will hurt me. I also think it’s going to drive business away from Delta. I believe this is going to reduce loyalty to Delta. The average mile savvy flyer will look for the best cost-benefit reward situation and choose which Airline benefits them the most. With credit cards spend I can get halfway to diamond so therefore I will just limit myself to get in the rest on Delta and then go other places where it makes sense to get the most redeemable miles. I’m not going to jump ship just yet but American is going to get a lot more business from me now.

  59. I guess it will not have much impact on me. I’ll qualify for DM with MQM’s and the spend is no problem as all my tickets are F and international BE

  60. Definitely hurt on the earnings side, probably hurt for redemptions. I’m expecting Level 1 redemptions to rarely be available so Level 2 becomes the new de facto “Saver” award. Not good.

  61. If the availability of lower level fares is reasonable, it will help me some. Most of my paid travel is for work, which tends to be higher fare tickets – and not necessarily really long flights…so I think that will tend to kind of equalize.

  62. I am fortunate enough to have much of my “paid” travel done on business. So using a higher class of fare will not hurt as much in the earnings department (may even help)> but I do expect problems when I have only enough miles for part of the family, and the rest are paid and earning less for the next time,.

  63. OUCH ! Will definitely hurt as I always purchase the very cheapest fares

  64. Skymiles2015 will definitely hurt me. I fly ~40k miles on discounted economy (corp policy) international flights each year plus ~5k on domestic flights (via FlexPerks points). This combined with 30k MQM from Delta reserve puts me just barely into PM status.

    Since my RDM are mostly from the int’l trips, I’ll lose about 50% of my RDM starting in 2015. Due to this, I’m looking at matching to other airlines: AA (I’m based in DFW), UA, AS. Probably will switch to UA so I can use miles to upgrade international flight on an occasional basis since this makes up most of my flying time. Used to be PLT on AA, but there was never inventory for upgrading TATL or TPAC flights via miles. Hoping for better on United (just scored mileage UG SIN-HKG on UA).

  65. Don’t fly Delta, and when I do I credit to Alaska, so don’t care. 🙂

  66. Skymiles 2015 will hurt the occasional traveler such as myself. I tend to travel for business but we are limited to the amount of money we can spend. This is highly unfortunate and I’ve already seen an airline like JetBlue taking advantage of this issue.

  67. I think there will not be much change for me personally but would have preferred redemption rates to have gone up

  68. There is no doubt it will hurt me. In fact it feels like a good kick to the plums!

    I travel 50,000 BIS miles a year purely for pleasure trips. All these trips are 95% of these trips are planned in advance with maybe a cheap trip to augment miles. Typically I have paid a bit extra to just fly on delta. Well this is going to change!!!!!

    One can only be loyal for so long!

  69. 2015 Delta Skymiles changes will certainly hurt on the earnings side – and tho the lowest level award requirements to redeem are still at 25K, the use of 1-way awards and greater availability of all rewards remains to be seen……

  70. Amazingly, it will help me, as I travel on a lot of last-minute trips at high fares, many of which are short distances. These trips in the past would have only gotten me 500 miles based miles (plus elite bonuses) and will now get me many, many more.

  71. Hurt. I won’t meet the spend requirements anyway. But Southwest is my primary carrier now that I live in TN. Delta service in Nashville (in my experience) is late more often that it is on time. I can rely on SWA.

  72. it will HURT me 🙁
    Oh delta… why oh why must you treat our relationship like this. I want to love you but you make it so hard!

  73. Randy White Reply

    I think the new rules will help me as less people will qualify for elite status, so I will have higher probabilities for upgrades. Also, the SkyClubs will be less crowded.

  74. On the whole I think SkyMiles2015 will hurt, most of my travel is through work where we need to use the lowest fares so it’s going to take me much longer to get enough miles for award tickets. I already have to “game” the system in order to fly Delta and the new SkyMiles is just going to make this harder.

  75. HURT! I travel to Asia a few times a year on a pretty discounted ticket so MQD’s I won’t hit. If I don’t hit the Amex spend I will be a lowly silver again because of the MQD’S. Mileage is not a problem, as i have a bunch of carry over miles this year from just missing the next level. Dreadful.

  76. It definitely hurts the program. I do not find any motivation to venture

  77. I looked it over and considering our (relatively) infrequent flying, I don’t see a big difference for us either way. So, chaulk one up for “neutral”.

  78. Since I am not super rich and care how much my employer pays for tickets from a finite travel budget, the 2015 delta program kills my flying on delta. I would earn a small fraction of the redeemable miles I now earn. Only those for whom the cost of airfare is no concern (because they pay for their own tickets and have megabucks or their employers have no interest in cost control) will benefit. Delta is no longer running a frequent-flyer program or a loyalty program. AA is introducing a new business class on their 777s that beats delta’s product hands down and will soon have the youngest fleet of all domestic carriers. AA status match for me.

  79. For now, not hurt too badly, as I have spent almost all of my miles. But a race to the bottom, followed by the other carriers, is bad for all of us points-and-miles earners.

  80. Based on my known travel for next year I’ll be up around 3700 miles in 2015. Mostly atl-ord, LGA, or dca rts

  81. I’m hoping it will help me next year but its still relatively confusing so I need to take the time to figure that out!

  82. I’m one of the rare ones who might actually be helped by SkyMiles2015 IF (and this is a big IF) Delta actually does significantly improve award availability as they are implying. I’m not holding my breath for it to be really significant, however. I expect that verbiage to be just PR to partially calm the outrage over the devaluation and diminution of the program.

  83. It will help me. I rarely fly Delta, so one-way awards will be a huge improvement (since I have so few miles in my account).

  84. I travel approximately 50% due to my job and my employer uses software to book flights to insure they pay the lowest fare. Last year I was lucky enough to fly Delta on every business trip I took. It appears that Delta does not value the fact that I although I do not pay full price for every ticket I still consider myself somewhat of a frequent flyer. Tell me what business does not want repeat business? Delta for one. In short, yes, this will hurt me. Bye, bye Delta.

  85. Just the sheer cost of complexity associated with all the hoops members have to jump through will hurt everyone. Maybe some will earn more miles, but the complexity is a (not so hidden) tax on everyone.

  86. Help, I hope! I think the one-way award redemptions will make SkyMiles much more practical for my purposes.

  87. It’s hurting me. I will fly much less on Delta in 2014. Southwest is a better option for me as my primary choice with Delta a secondary carrier. Used to be opposite.

  88. I have run several comparisons and 2015 is better every time. I do not fly short hauls. Flights are from East Coast to LAX or international. Definitely Helps.

  89. The change is ok for me. I fly @ 25 short trips (msp2mdw or msp2ind) a year which exceedingly cost a lot so it will be nice to earn miles at a better clip. Would like to see $ factored into medallion status more though. Frustrating to spend like a platinum+, at least in terms of MQDs, fly every other week and still struggle to make gold unless i do some running or have amex card…etc.

  90. Kathy Daigle Reply

    I haven’t studied it too much yet, but from the little bit I have learned I think it will hurt us. We are leisure travelers who fly just enough to earn silver. I had already decided that with the new miles + spend requirements we probably would not be able to maintain silver in 2015.

  91. Definitely hurts me as I always go frugal. Am starting to look at other mileage programs as I am afraid of what the redemption charts will reveal.

  92. 2015 will be good for me but I travel short distance and pay higher prices due to short notice.

  93. It’ll be ok for me. Not a ton planned for next year, so I can wait to see what pans out.

  94. It will affect me very little, a slight mileage degradation as far as I can see, but not much.

  95. I do a lot of last-minute business travel, so earning will probably be better, but I think redeeming will hurt!

  96. It will hurt me. As a 23 yr old traveler I try and find cheap tickets. I am a Delta Platinum this year and fly often to California from DTW. I try to fly to Cali for under $350 as often as I can.

    The change may help my father who is DM and may have to buy a $1100-2000 ticket to Cali last minute for business, but overall I feel this change will hurt 80% of Delta flyers.

  97. JetsetterFL Reply

    I think it will most likely help me – I do a lot of international travel for work…but let’s see how it pans out.

  98. I think it’ll hurt…unless the amount of level 1 redemptions are magically increased!

  99. I don’t fly a lot, but when I do, it’s Delta. I do everything I can (except go into debt with a credit card or pay fees on credit cards) like Skymiles Shopping and Skymiles Dining to earn more miles doing what I’d normally do anyway. Changing to a system based on dollars spent versus mileage flown is going to definitely hurt me, even with as little as I fly.

  100. In balance probably hurt a little, but not much. Depends on the flight. For the many flights I do from DTW-LGA it will help. Conversely, it will hurt on the long-haul discount flights, but since I don’t do many of those, overall I don’t expect it to hurt much.

  101. As a DM mostly business traveler, I think I will earn the same or fewer miles under the new program. It will all depend on the composition of my trips. I will earn more on my $1000 business trips to NYC, but far fewer miles on my economy class international trips where half the ticket price can be taxes.

  102. I will probably break even. I mainly Do many short haul regional flights plus 1 or 2 long haul each year.

  103. I fly grr to ATL a lot direct for $7-800 rt so it’ll probably help me!

  104. It will hurt me and I believe it will hurt most people. Delta knows people wont change airlines.

  105. I fly mostly through work so as long as the fares are competitive I should be OK.

  106. As someone who commutes from JAN through ATL to LGA weekly, home on Friday and back on Monday, it will definitely help me. Only Delta flies JAN/ATL, so of course the $$ spend is high, and I often buy First/Business ticket because it is some times less than $200 more.

    My annual spend on DL Reserve card is about $30,000 so MQDs are not an issue. This may be one case where I will see more upgrades on LURT class fares because others are losing status.

    But, remember this, what goes around comes around, or as we say in England, “What you lose on the swings you gain on the roundabouts”.

  107. It will definitely hurt me, especially on the ability to earn points by actually flying.

  108. Hurt, but I think the other airlines will eventually move to similar programs

  109. First off @DeltaPoints, I am confused why so many people are saying SkyMiles2015 will hurt their Medallion Status. Ok, maybe I’m not confused, but it sounds like many readers are. The 2015 changes only affects mileage accrual, and does not change how we earn status(from the current 2014 rules). I know you know this, but lots of people here seem to be missing that point.

    Now, on to the question at hand. I am not sure if it will help or hurt me in 2015. I usually fly a ton of expensive domestic flights, and a few cheap international trips. I will probably get more miles domestically, but I will loose a ton of miles from those long-haul international flights. Last year was my biggest travel year yet, and after calculating everything, I would have earned 30,000 more miles under the 2015 system.

    That was with $28k MQDs. Not sure if I’ll hit that again.

  110. I am guessing hurt, but we travel maybe 3-4 times a year, so hard to say on that minimal travel amount. I am a newbie to all of that.

  111. I buy mostly long-distance tickets, and I buy at least expensive prices, so I think the changes will hurt me.

  112. Definitely going to hurt except for when the boss let’s me book BE to Asia

  113. Hurt…unless it somehow improves overall award availability, since a good chunk of my miles comes from CC.

  114. I think the changes will hurt in the end. I do some last minute international travel for work which could benefit from it, but overall I think it will hurt.

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