ALERT: Time is running out to get the Suntrust Skymiles Debit card

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suntrust debit card

I can not tell you all the details but I very much trust my source that I have with this news regarding the Suntrust Skymiles Debit card (not my link btw). The basics are this.

1) Soon (i.e. before summer is over) you will not be able to get the card

2) Existing card holders can keep their card and earn!

I do not blog much about the card because I like to blog about non-targeted and open to all offers. This card, officially, you have to live in

AL, AR, FL, GA, MD, MS, NC, SC, TN, VA, WV and Washington D.C.

to be able to get the card. Sure there are reports of those outside these states getting them but there are also an equal number of reports of those getting their accounts shut down. This card can be a nice way to earn more Skymiles. Bottom line is this card is now a LIMITED TIME REMAINING to get it offer. If you have been thinking about getting it, soon-ish would be smart!

For Skymiles2015 let’s assume just for a moment that Delta is being honest and there WILL BE more access to the “lowest level” i.e. levels 1 & 2 award seats, then Skymiles will be worth more than they are now. The Suntrust card is just one of many that we can either earn or transfer to Delta (other than the Delta AMEX Skymiles cards themselves). Please don’t ask for more details as I have promised to not share more. Just know your time is almost up if you want to have and HOLD the Suntrust Skymiles debit card! – René

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  1. Thankfully, I was approved 10 days ago and I’m waiting to get my card. Unfortunately, I live in Texas and I am not sure how long I’ll be allowed to keep it open.

    Do you have any advice on how to slowly start using the card to minimize the risk?

  2. Rene,

    It looks like the monthly checking accounts fees and/or minimum balance required is prohibitively expensive unless this account would be your primary account.

  3. Suppose you have a friend or relative in one of the targeted states and you sign up and have them send the debit card to that address…based on WHERE you actually use the card won’t they eventually know you don’t live in that targeted state?

  4. Assuming you value skymiles opening bonus at 1.5 cents each to neutralize the first year’s fee, where is the value in this debit card after the first year when the second annual fee hits? Do you have a lot of big purchases via debit card, or is this really just good for MS? I’m guessing money orders would be the best way to maximize return?

  5. Last year, I was able to open an account while living in California. For the lowest level account, there is a $12 monthly fee that is waived if you maintain a $3K daily limit.

  6. Continental, US Airways, Alaska – all those debit cards went away a while ago. This SunTrust Delta card has hung on much longer than many of us expected. My suspicion is that it was in part because SunTrust had trouble passing the Fed’s stress test and wanted to do whatever they could to encourage people to keep deposits there. Sad to hear it’s being phased out.

  7. What do you (or your source) suggest to do if my ST Delta debit card is expiring in a few months? would they send one with an updated expiration date or should I accidentally let an alligator swallow my card and ask for a replacement?


  8. Regarding R’s question…if we sign up for an account now and get a card…how long will it be good for? So whenever that card expires we will no longer be able to renew it?

  9. I live in Arizona and have had the debit card for a few years.I signed up when they were offering 10,000 Skymiles. There was no problem signing up even though there are no branches in Arizona.It is a great card to use for paying income taxes as the fee for the debit card is very low.

  10. I live in Texas. I have had the card for 9 months. A few days ago, I got a certified letter from Suntrust stating that they were canceling my account. They did not list a specific reason.

  11. I’m from California and go to college in Alabama, but I don’t know if my dorm has an official address or not. Also, I’ll live in a different dorm building starting next August. If I go to a physical Suntrust bank in Alabama to open an account, then will I be able to open an account and not get shut down?

    How much time do I have to open a Suntrust bank account and get their debit card, before they discontinue it? I’ll probably not get a chance to do it until a month from now, and I hope the opportunity lasts that long.

  12. It’s too late. I was out of town, so went in this morning to sign up for an account, and was told that the Skymiles check card is no longer being offered.

  13. So, aside from “before summer is over,” do you any more specific estimation when the card will no longer be available?

    Also, if someone were to get it now, would that mean that the product is being discontinued (like the Alaska Air debit that used to be available through BOA, which is ending in May) and you’d only have until “summer is over” to accumulate points for the $75 fee?

    Thanks in advance

  14. @Essie – I was told not to publish the exact date so must respect that but let’s just say you only have a few weeks left as of RIGHT NOW! 13MAY2014

  15. Went to ST today and was told that tomorrow will be the last day (5/31). I can’t decide whether or not it’s worth the trouble, and tying up 3k to avoid the fees. I don’t quite understand how I pay my quarterly taxes, which require a voucher, through a 3rd party that takes the debit card. I also don’t understand how they can close your account for abuse when you are paying your taxes in a perfectly legal way. I haven’t seen anything in the terms that imply you can’t pay taxes with it.

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