I always say, it does not matter where you live. Let me show you what I mean.

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What an amazing deal (now gone). When deals like this pop up those who really want points book 4 or 5 or even 6 trips. If I did not have just about as many booked and most of the year full I would be doing the same. This deal out of Florida was a home run. Plus, as I always say, it just does not matter where you live when a deal is REALLY good as you just position.


This one I will be flying this fall. I will simply use my FlexPerks points to fly down, take the run, then fly home after the run. The position will be early, a layover, then the run with a redeye, then a layover and the return home. It will be two days of nonstop flying and I will hope for lots of upgrades. Here is why it is so worth it as the total cost will be less than 3.5CPM even with the positioning flight costs. How?

First the numbers. The run was just $208 and I just paid for that; Arrival points could work if you want this part of a mileage run free. Now I get lots of FlexPerks points free each year but even if I did have to earn my FlexPerks points, my max cost to get them would be $119 (see this link for the math). So even if paying, my max price was $327!

What I will earn with help from CWSI.net, in MQMs that are all that really matter for a mileage run, 5593+3646 = 9,239MQMs total for both trips.

Now, since Skymiles2015 is not here yet, I do get 8203+12584=20,787 that is worth at least $208 rebate value back. Thus my net cost is just $119 or a 1.3CPM to “buy” over 9000 MQMs. That, is how you do it folks.

Do I pay for my FlexPerks points? No, I hold 2 FlexPerks personal and 1 FlexPerk business. My wife has some too. If you have taken the step to freeze your ARS & IDA getting more than one card is not all that hard if you have a good credit score. When the fee hits I downgrade to a no fee card or cancel the extra cards. It is just that simple.

Like many of you, I fear for more changes to MQM earning with Delta in the next round of “enhancements”. I am personally banking both MQMs and Skymiles and will see just what happens next!- René

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  1. What is going to happen when Delta stop rollover MQMs? A valid question given the devaluation waterfall going on with the airlines.

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