SWAG Saturday: ~$50 Amazon Code & 10,000mAh battery power bank!

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

delta points swag saturday 10000mAh battery dual usb

I have come to understand that travel without extra power is not a good idea. Small power banks work great for your phone but big 10,000mAh ones are GREAT for tablets and such so I have a nice TOCCs Dual Power Vault that is one of the tiniest for the power it gives up for grabs this week.

46dollar amazon code swag saturday delta points blog

Not just power, but how about “almost” a $50 Amazon gift code (txs all for supporting the blog with my amazon links to give back).



While I have two great gifts up for grabs I have just one question but there is a catch 😉 but first the rules as each week are HERE if you are new to the blog.

Now what you have to do. This week is NOT Delta but as we have seen often other AMEX cards can be better for Delta flyers. So for a chance to win BOTH prizes you have to tell if, if you were to chose from the above cards, what ONE card would you pick and give me at least one reason why you say so. Then I will use tomorrow night [EDIT: Monday night] to pick from those who followed the rules – René

Gold-Platinum-Reserve Delta SkyMiles®
Credit Cards from American Express®
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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Responses are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. It is not the bank advertiser's responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered.

René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. Costco takes Amex, plus 2% back on Costco purchases. With my kids it’s like free milk every week…

  2. I would choose the AMEX Premier Gold Rewards card since it awards 3X Membership Rewards points when purchasing airline tickets.

  3. Amex Platinum: Priority pass, skyclub lounge access for yourself, 200$ back from airline annually, free global entry, 40,000 sign up, etc… Platinum all the way!

  4. Deltasegmentflyer Reply

    Platinum Card since that is what I currently have but for the future will look at other options.

  5. The AmEx Premier Rewards Gold is for my needs. I don’t travel enough to warrant the annual fee of the Platinum.

  6. Three months ago I would have said the Platinum, but now I would say the PRG for the x3 (x4 through Amex) on flight spend.

  7. Between the two, I’d definitely pick the American Express Premier Rewards Gold card. The $450 annual fee for the Platinum would certainly not be valuable to me, but rather 3x points for air travel would!

  8. I think I’d go with the gold. I like the 3x airline points aspect plus you can’t go wrong with the grocery benefits either! Annual fee much more reasonable as well.

  9. I think I’d have to go for the Gold, I like the first year waived annual fee and 175 thereafter, and the 15K miles boost with 30 K more spending. The 3x miles for plane tickets, 2x for gas and groceries make this even more attractive to steer your spending in those areas to. I already have an Amex Reserve so I don’t need another 450 dollar annual fee.

  10. AmEx Premier Rewards Gold for its category multipliers. A perk definitely missing from the Platinum.

  11. I would still go for the Platinum card. Their purchase protection program is spectacular on this card.

  12. I choose the Amex because it’s the only cc that Costco takes. Gives me more value than a Delta cc.

  13. Amex Platinum I’d say. Amex Blue is the worst in my experiences by the way.

  14. Amex Plat.
    free global entry, priority pass, airline free credit, gogo.. etc etc etc

  15. Jeff the wanderer Reply

    I would choose the Platinum card. I love the extra benefits and the service on the platinum line is top notch.

  16. Bruce Rubin Reply

    Go for the gold. Annual fee is less and gives 3x on travel.

  17. AMEX PRG: Groceries, lots of groceries and bonus points. No brainer.

  18. BenTraveling Reply

    The Platinum Card – particularly if the Global Entry fee and $200 airline credit are utilized.

  19. The Platinum card because the airline credit it puts it in the ballpark of the PRG for cost and I like the lounge access of the Platinum card.

  20. Have the business plat… But thinking about switching now that they’ve weakened the benefits

  21. For now I’ll go with the Preferred Gold Rewards but I look forward to the day when I travel enough to make the Platinum worth the fee!

  22. Michael H.(oldfox) Reply

    I would go with the Amex Platinum because of Priority Pass, Global Entry fee paid, and airline credit. It’s still worth it.

  23. If I had to get one of those two I think it’d have to be the Platinum Card, the club access and $200 Airline fee credit make it for me.

  24. AmEx Premier Rewards Gold. the annual fee of the Platinum is not worth it for me.

  25. The AMEX Premier Gold Rewards as I just received a targeted offer good for 50K points after 5K in spend in 90 days. Not the best but I don’t need the Platinum for anything right now.

  26. Amex platinum, because I use the benefits. SPG gold, delta credits, Hilton gold, lounge access, global entry, etc. I miss 3X airfare though.

  27. I’d pick amex it’s more versatile than delta meaning it doesn’t tie you down to one particular airline. Plus given how every hotel and airline seems to be devaluing their redemption charts, delta sky pesos might as well be worthless (not too far into the future going at this rate. ) Plus Amex platinum gives you access to lounges

  28. The premier Card’s Annual fees do not make it a worthwhile card for me. I like the American Express Rewards Gold and the flexibility of Membership Rewards points it offers.

  29. Russell Heater Reply

    I like the AMEX Premier Rewards Gold Card for the triple points booking airfare.

  30. I’d go with the Platinum Card – the $200 airline credit is great and the priority pass membership is nice.

  31. AMEX Plat for me. Love the benefits including MR points and DL SkyClub access. Since most of travel is DL, I use the DL Skymiles Plat to earn SkyMiles and to max out in MQMs as well. Use the AMEX plat for other things to earn MR points.

  32. Platinum – no question about it. Here’s why:
    I just finished a cycle with this card and benefited greatly. First year fee starting March 2013 was $450. I got $200 worth of Delta e-Gift certs in 2013, all credited back. I got my Global entry fee paid ($100). I then got another $200 in eGift certs for 2014, and cancelled right before the 2nd year fee kicked in. The best part – this was the 100k MR points offer, which I got. I spent about 25k points for hotel rooms, put 25k SkyMiles in my account, and got a $500 gift card for my favorite home store. I also enjoyed the other benefits of SkyClub access, etc. But the cash benefits just can’t be beat.

  33. I would get the Amex Platinum: Skyclub lounge access, $200 back from airline annually, free global entry!

  34. Gold for me. Lower fee and easy to get bonus points. I get lounge access through other cards, not worth the bigger fee.

  35. Sam Malesky Reply

    I would take the Gold, because I don’t need the pricey annual fee.

  36. I’ve had and canceled the plat card. Next Amex for me will the Prem Gold for the lower fee and bonus categories

  37. The Platinum Card – club access and $200 Airline fee credit more than pay for the annual fee!

  38. Right now PRG. I don’t need another $450 annual fee. BUT, if I get rid of the reserve card then the Platinum might make a lot more sense.

  39. American Express® Premier Rewards Gold card, it has a more reasonable annual fee and the bonus categories are ones I could use.

  40. Platinum, of course. Maybe it’s not head and shoulders above, but at least it looks fancy!

  41. AmEx Premier Rewards Gold for its category multipliers. A perk definitely missing from the Platinum

  42. I would choose the Amex Premium Rewards Gold because of the bonus point categories, and the fee for the Platinum is not worth it for me.

  43. Def the gold for the bonus categories. Easy points at grocery stores!

  44. Platinum card because of $200 airline credit and also global entry reimbursement.

  45. Go for Platinum as a Delta flyer…Sky Club access and $200 airline credit!

  46. I would definitely choose the Gold Card. The bonus categories would be a huge earning boost, and I’m not sure that I’d use enough of the Platinum’s perks to make the extra cost worth it.

  47. Platinum – 60% more pts for 33% more $$, 2 x $200 credit in the first 12 mos. no FTF, lounges, what’s not to love?

  48. Platinum hands down Global Entry,$200 airline credit priority cloud and sky club membership
    Ans the new 40,000 sign up bonus!

  49. my amex gold business card gives 5% on all fedex shipments, it adds up fast

  50. Randall Kellogg Reply

    The Platinum Card from American Express
    They offer admission to the Delta SkyClubs for the cardholder, as well as their own lounges.

  51. The Platinum is still a pretty good value but I would choose the Gold for the no annual fee the first year and the 15,000 point annual bonus after $30000 in spend

  52. BOShappyflyer Reply

    Amex Plat for lounge access and credit for global entry!

  53. I would say the PRG as the travel and grocery bonuses work pretty well for me.

  54. Maurizio Stella Reply

    Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express
    3 times the points on flights and no annual fee the first year

  55. I would choose the Gold – I like the first year waived annual fee and the 3x miles for flights.

  56. American Express® Premier Rewards Gold card since the annual fee is lower, you’ll be able to earn a huge signup bonus for hitting spend requirements on the card, you earn 3x on airfare purchases, and at some point AMEX will tease you with another promo to UPGRADE to the Platinum card for a ton of MR points.

    Upgrade to the Platinum from the Premier Rewards Gold card, use the $200 airfare credit to buy Delta eCerts @ $50 / each, then downgrade the card back to Premier Rewards Gold.


  57. I would pick the Platinum card because of the access to the airport lounges. I love to take my time in the lounges before my flight

  58. I choose the Platinum, if you travel through DFW and LAS, those Centurion lounges rule! Plus the airline fees, GOES refund, free roadside assistance and concierge/travel help more than make up for the fee in my humble opinion.

  59. Amex Platinum for sure because I love all the extra benefits you receive with it. There are to many to list but it makes up for the 1x miles extra you lose by not getting the Gold.

  60. I would take the Platinum card for the $200 airline fee credit and the lounge access!

  61. Amex Platinum offers many more benefits; I’d pick that one (although we already have it).

  62. AMEX Premier Rewards Gold (which I already have). $450 annual fee for a Platinum card is just too hard to stomach for me – I don’t pay for bags and don’t need a Global entry and always running late to/through/from airports domestically to warrant a lounge access.

  63. Amex Premier Rewards Gold; better bonuses on the travel categories and I don’t use the extra benefits the Platinum card gives enough to justify the higher fee.

  64. Platinum card for lounge access, Global entry, Hilton and Starwood gold status, rebates for extra airline purchases.

  65. Gold. Rewards are better, and I’m not really interested in any of what the platinum has to offer. I’m fine with other cards for lounge access and all the other services seem superfluous. I’ve only called the concierge for the reserve card once in the last 2+ years because we needed tickets to a concert and I ended up getting better tickets for less on stubhub. So of the two I choose gold.

  66. Artem Klimov Reply

    I like Platinum Amex because of the lounge access when I fly and flexibility to transfer points.

  67. AMEX Platinum for me. I do a lot of solo travel for work so the lounge benefit still works for me. I also make good use of the $200 a year credit on Delta by buying $50 eGift Cards.

  68. practically a $250 vs $175 question, have to say platinum based on lounge access.

  69. The platinum card for service alone, the $200 airline credit and priority pass don’t hurt either.

  70. I like the platinum card because of lounge access and global entry.

  71. I would go with the gold card for the 3x points for airline travel.

  72. If I could only pick one, I’d go with Platinum. I’d love to get Global Entry, and the 40k points and $200 airline credit take away the sting of the $450 annual fee.

  73. I would go with the Premier Rewards Gold, because the bonus categories match very well with my spending.

  74. I like and use the benefits from the Platinum card frequently.

  75. AMEX Platinum for Skyclub access, $200 credit, National Car Executive Status, and Hilton Gold Status.

  76. Platinum card, because of perks of lounges and statement credit for global entry and airline spends. Totally makes up for the fees.

  77. The Platinum for SkyClub access, Priority Pass, $200 airline fee credit, and SPG gold.

  78. Platinum – the lounge access helps with travels, and I can justify the high fees due to the extras offered.

  79. The Platinum Card because of the extra benefits for travel. Plus I don’t use AMEX for normal spend anyway.

  80. Platinum for the higher signup bonus, lounge access, and precheck

  81. I would choose the platinum card because of the free global entry and the airline credit.

  82. I love the benefits of the Platinum (Priority Pass, SkyClub and free Global Entry).

  83. Young_Tho®ough Reply

    Platinum no question is a must have even if you decide to go get the gold too lol. Forget the one time benefits the card annual fee is offset by domestic and limited int’l skyclub access, Priority pass select (going away?), one time locking your keys in the car and $200 airline credit. I know I don’t pay a $ for this card every year. Better than the no annual fee card that give you nothing. Give me enough to compensate my fee and then some.

    Just can’t figure out why they won’t offer me that unbranded reserve card!

  84. Platinum Card – I travel a lot and it’s nice to have the concierge when things go awry.

  85. Howard Blevins Reply

    Gold for me for 3x multiplier. Already have Sky Club access and GOES paid for so platinum bake to me is less.

  86. Life without AMEX gold is Am e X and Old. What a great card with great benefits with low or no fees.

  87. Premier Rewards Gold card, which I am waiting for a great sign up bonus, because of the 3X on airfare

  88. The platinum card, it has some pretty nice airline perks plus no foreign transaction fees

  89. Platinum card for the sky club travel and all the special offers for spends.

  90. Amex Platinum because of priority pass, Skyclub lounge access, 200$ back from airline annually, free global entry/TSA Pre-check.

  91. SPG Amex, have been eying it for a while to give me a leg up on attempting to reach elite status. Maybe start of next year.

  92. Gold, as the Platinum fees are a bit much considering my usage. Waived fees are good!

  93. Amex Platinum for Global entry, club access , $200 airline credit and spg gold!

  94. I would go Gold. You cant beat the Airline or Grocery benefits you get with it.

  95. I would go with the platinum because the lounge access!Plus, the benefits outweigh the annual fee, hands down!

  96. Deltaflyer Reply

    I would go for the Gold. Lower annual fee and don’t need most of the benefits from the Platimum.

  97. American Express platinum, I have paid my annual fee with the airline credit and all the “offers” for credit back.

  98. Amex PRG is a no brainer for me. 2 point/$ on gas/groceries. 3pts/$ on airfare!

  99. I’d go with the AmEx Premier Rewards Gold, because I love the bonus categories. I love to travel after all, so 3x on airfare is great! And everyone needs groceries.

  100. I like the Amex Platinum and have been considering it. I like the prestige it gives, plue all of the perks including the $200 airline credit.

  101. Anthony P. Reply

    Amex Platinum for the Priority pass, skyclub lounge access, $200 back for airline cost and free global entry is great benefits.

  102. Platinum for me. Even with the annual fee, the benefits are superior!

  103. Amex premier.. it has more flexibility to earn points + fee waived for first year + bonus for reaching spend and there are other ways to get lounge access if the need arises.

  104. I would go with Gold as it has the lower annual fee and the bonus points for airline purchases.

  105. Amex Platinum. Great value. Great customer service. Skyclub access, $200 back back for airline cost, Global Entry fee, and soon unlimited Boingo WIFI. Also 2x points when booking via Amex Travel. Also still able to use at skymilesshopping to get Amex MR points in addition to the merchant points at the site.

  106. I would go for the Gold Card since the $175 annual fee is much lower than the $450 for the Platinum.

  107. I’d choose platinum for the lounge access, statement credits, and amazon prime.

  108. I’d take the gold. $450 annual fee is too rich for my blood. For me, the benefits < the fee.

  109. Definitely the Platinum card for the rental car benefits, Fine Hotels & Resorts, and lounge access!

  110. Platinum hands down for lounge access. Would have not made it today from TPA-ATL-DCA if it werr not for the helpful people at the lounge desk rebooking me several times.

  111. Easy choice – Platinum, for lounge access. My new employer gave me a Corporate Card (boo!) and I am required to use it for all my company travel (hiss!).

  112. I currently have a MB platinum, but I’ll decided if I want to keep it after my year is up In July. The cutting of some of the lounge accesses is making me reconside

  113. AMEX Platinum Card – the $200 airline credit and the lounge access

  114. Gold…because I may consider keeping it, but the platinum fee is too high!

  115. Mike Bennett Reply

    Before this year I would have chosen the Platinum card. But with the recent cutoff of access to the AA and USAir clubs and the end of complimentary Delta Skyclub access for guests traveling with you, this card has less value to me. I would now choose the Premiere Gold Rewards card for its 3x points on airline purchases.

  116. I’d take the gold…since in already have a platinum, more MR reward points never hurt! Hooray points!

  117. Platinum, even if they are getting worse, who doesn’t want those perks

  118. I’d go for the Premier Rewards Gold, since I have a Delta Amex reserve card. That way I can maximize the flexibility of membership rewards points, which also includes Delta miles if I choose!

  119. I’m thinking of sticking with the reserve card because I can just barely get to the $60000 spend for the 30000 MQMs and I’m hoping to finally use the companion cert that comes with it. May not be logical but I’m stubborn. I do have a question, however: husband has to buy his business-related tickets through his companies travel agency. The tickets are always purchased with the reserve card. Will he get the bonus miles for having purchased with the reserve since it isn’t purchased directly at

  120. I would choose the American Express® Premier Rewards Gold card because of the no annual fee for the first year.

  121. I like the AX Blue as it gives points that convert to credits for travel related purchases.

  122. Platinum for the club access, and I like the concierge help occasionally with tickets

  123. Can’t go wrong with any AMEX product – I would still choose the Platinum for its benefits as they are indeed worth the cost.

  124. GetToThePoints Reply

    The Gold version as it is cheaper and also for the bonus categories such as 3x points on airline spend.

  125. Platinum – status has advantages and I love the advantages I can get with this one

  126. Shawn burton Reply

    AmEx Platinum – $200 in fee credits, lounge access, and 40,000 points.

  127. Platinum… I think the club access and $200 airline fee credit more than make up for the annual fee.

  128. Would love to get the Amex Platinum card. Thinking about it, but the fees are still pretty high. Need to derive a lot of benefits from it.

  129. Platinum will be my choice as I am not that excited about my current Select.

  130. Platinum, for the perks offered, especially the $200 back and lounge access for my wife (when she isn’t with me).

  131. Gold for the to maintain Reward points account. I just got the Delta Reserve so I will not renew the Amex Platinum which was giving reward points as well as lounge access.

  132. Platinum – club access, no foriegn transaction fee, Global access, $200 credit – better card for international travel

  133. Today, I would say the Platinum card for the lounge access and airline credit.

  134. Simply the lounge access on the plat, cant beat having a good rest at a lounge!

  135. Platinum card….to receive Gold Starwood status as long as u hav the card.

  136. Platinum for all the lounge access. Now that Delta makes it harder to get family and friends into their lounges, it helps to have multiple AMEX cards for the desk rep to use.

  137. Gold for lower annual fee, 3x on air purchases, and I do not fly enough to get value from Platinum lounge access.

  138. Plat for me. While the loss of most of the lounges is devastating, the Priority Pass helps. And Amex has to up the benefits to offset the lounge losses in order to stay in the game — for example, free boingo hotspots is an upcoming benefit.

  139. dotti cahill Reply

    Plat amex for lounge access/$200 credit on delta/ use of reward pts for travel/ global entry…. been our card for 40 years…miss the new deals for sigh ups…though

  140. AMEX Premier Gold Rewards for the 3x points (4x through AMEX) on airline spend and the 2x categories.

  141. Amex Gold because of the lower annual fee and the 2x points on groceries.

  142. AmEx Platinum due to all the awesome amenities. The annual fee more than pays off through access to the Centurion Lounges throughout the year.

  143. AMEX Platinum is tempting for the Lounge Access but I think I’d do better with the Reserve card for MQM bonuses and higher upgrade priority. I find myself usually 1 or 2 spots away from the UG and I think the DL AMEX Reserve would probably bump me up one or two spots to secure the UG.

  144. I prefer the Platinum card because of the statement credit, lounge access (even without AA lounge as that is taken care of with another card), global entry, and looking forward to the hotspots new benefit. This has kept me a Platinum card holder for many, many years.

  145. The platinum card bacause of the purchase protection program and other features.

  146. I have and use the amex plat. I spend more on airfare and travel than gas & groceries.

  147. Platinum. Moved to Platinum after having AE Gold for several years and found perks like Global Entry, special hotel deals, & airline fee reimbursement to be worth the extra cost.

  148. Gold. The cost of the platinum is a bit too much in regards to the benefit I’d get.

  149. c2.explorer Reply

    platinum for all the travel benefits – lounge access, global entry, etc.

  150. Amex Platinum: Priority pass, Delta skyclub access, $200 airline credit and free global entry make this the better value, even considering the high annual fee

  151. Platinum card – 40K points, $200 credit and lounge access (not only Delta) is a good deal.

  152. Tess Vismale, CMP, DES Reply

    Platinum is the color that binds me to Delta. The 40k points, $200 air credits and lounge privilege make flying enjoyable.

  153. Charlotte N Reply

    AMEX Platinum, hands down. I’ve been a member since 1993 and we’re both happy–AMEX Platinum and me. I have never had them refuse to reverse a late fee charge in all those years, although an incident last month made them scold a bit.

    There is not another card in the market that really allows you more than the normal 25 days to pay. My statement closes on the 20th of the month and I have until the 19th of the following month to pay. That’s a good six days longer than any other credit card.

    If you cruise and pay with Platinum, you get at least a $300 shipboard credit and when you call, you speak to a real live human, most of whom have been exceptionally well trained and all can think independently without reading from a script.

    It’s not like the old days when you could barely finish dialing before someone answered but it’s still very good for the industry. Also, I found the fare for a complicated routing via Delta/AF that was significantly less than on Delta.

  154. I would go for the Gold card for the category spend bonus points.

  155. Platinum for all of the benefits like $200 for spending on airlines, Priority pass, etc.

  156. GM Jeff Mc Reply

    Gold…don’t think the extra annual fee would be worth it for me.

  157. Hubby has the platinum for the club access. I don’t need that because I have a lifetime membership (thank you NWA). Think I may try the gold for the 3X.

  158. Amex Plat due to the ability to gain privledges with delta. Still worth getting the little extra

  159. AMEX platinum card for the club access, global entry and airline credit

  160. AMEX Plat. has the best benefits – $100 GE reimb., airline $200 reimb., etc.

  161. 3x rewards points for delta flights + costco shopping makes the AMEX an easy choice for me!

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  164. AMEX platinum because of the free global entry and the Starwood Preferred Guest Gold status.

  165. christine pincince Reply

    Platinum for the flex of the points and the club access

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