Portland to St. Maarten, Netherland Antilles Maho Beach $433 & 9290MQMs 4.7CPM – weekdays

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coach pdx-sxm

delta-com coach pdx-sxm


delta-com pdx-sxm

This is just sorta an update, as many dates are open for Seattle still, but wanted to make sure those in PDX were also aware of this. But also look at the 1st class options. Yes you are paying a much higher 8.7-ish CPM but it is all 1st class and worth it to some for that much flying and that many MQMs and RDMs & notice you will have to overnight in SXM (not all bad). Here is the coach info:

Cost $433

9,290MQMs & 4.7cpm

Bookable on Delta.com

DM yields is a HUGE 20,903 Skymiles per CWSI.net, PM & GM 17,826 and FO 11,141

If you have never been to Maho Beach you have to go once in your life! 🙂 Also, if you are willing to route via ATL rather than via LAX you can get upgrades on ALL legs by avoiding the JFK-LAX one (for a slightly higher CPM)

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