Some reminders on redeeming FlexPerks points to get max value & perks

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I just booked my FlexPerks positioning flight out to LAX for my Swedish mileage run (one of two this year). It is amazingly simple to “earn” your way to a very inexpensive reward ticket with FlexPerks personal or business cards. The new card bonus is nice on top of that as well (that you can get multiple times even if you already hold the card btw). But when it comes to spending your FlexPerks points, there are little things to be aware of to get the best perks.

The first one I have already blogged about and that is working with phone reps to get the highest fare class seat to get as close as you can to the each price level for points that is say $400 per ticket. This way, for upgrades, you are in the highest fare “bucket” possible to hopefully jump ahead of some other medallions.

use flexperks points to buy a delta ticket earn mqm rdm mdq

Anther way is finding flights; if you are maybe working on paying for either a mileage run or a positioning run – understand the search engine. There are times will show routes that the Travelocity search engine FlexPerks uses will not. Once you find what you want on and it does show at the price you want, you can search point to point with FlexPerks. The result, much like Delta with an award ticket, the two legs that both show 20,000 point availability, when you combine them, will net out at 20,000 as a total.

rene flexperks statement

Lastly, be sure, the day you fly, to buy on a $50 e-Gift card with your FlexPerks card and then after the trip call US Bank to get your $25 credit back for “airline allowance” for incidentals the day of travel. Unless you want to buy something else on-board like food & drinks for $25 that is.

90 days to pay yourself back for award travel

The only other thing to always think about is to only consider FlexPerks for a ticket at least $300-400 to get MAX value for your points. If you are only looking at say a $200-ish ticket it is much smarter to just pay with your Arrival points. Also, if you are short Arrival points at the time of purchase it does not matter as you have up to 90 days to earn enough to “pay your self back” for the ticket you got. A sweet Arrival perk.

Either way, either method, you are earning Skymiles, MQMs, MQDs, Skybonus & CrossoverRewards (if you have them). It is all about MAX value so think each step along the way! – René

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  1. For the $50 ecerts. Does usbank do one per itenerary? Or one per travel day? Ie on a round trip can I get two certs and get reimbursed? Or just one?

  2. Thank you Rene. That’s what I thought, but it’d been a while since I redeemed, and on my last redemption I just bought the one. So I’m glad I didn’t give up a free $25 last redemption!

  3. @steve – yep. I think it would be a good move to upgrade it to $25 each way or allow $200 bookings for 10,000 points (could do 2x one way often that way).

  4. Hi Rene, I redeemed FP for 2 rt DL tkts with my Flex Perks card (20,000 FP each), one for me & one for my partner. Can I buy a $50 DL GC on the day of travel from & submit 2 $25 reimbursement claims since I redeemed for 2 tkts? Is the FP $25 claim limited to one per passenger, or one per itinerary?

  5. Looks like FP wised up. I bought 2 delta.dumb $50 eGC with my FPV from USB but the description on my FP stmt says “Delta Airgift Card Ca.” Don’t think I can get $25 back from FP for airline allowance any more.

  6. @Rick – You 100% can get 1x$25 credit per ticket if you buy a $50 e-Gift card. All you do is buy it on day of travel, then when you get home call US Bank and ask for the travel credit (don’t TELL THEM you got a gift card) and you will in 4-6 weeks get the credit of $25 back on US Bank statement. Do it all the time!

  7. The cc transaction description didn’t used to be as specific as now. When I tell USB that my $50 purchase which is listed on my USB cc records as a GC now was really for lounge access, you think they’ll bite?

  8. @Rick – I did one just recently ie a few month ago and just said, as posted before, I wanted credit for my travel credit and nothing more. Stay simple.

  9. can you combine flexperks from 2 diff accounts under my name?
    i want to close 1 account but not lose the points. any trickery (like citi’s TY points) when you close an account, its points expire in 90 days?

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