It’s BACK! 6.6% via Barclays portal or 4x & Delta AMEX points

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Without rehashing what is already posted, the 4x bonus (worth 4.4%) is back today at the Barclays shopping portal. Read all about directions HERE.

If you have spending to meet on your Delta AMEX card travel card you can confirmed, as I posted HERE, use that to buy the gift cards, earn the 4x as well as Delta points for buying the gift cards. So no you don’t have to use your Arrival card at the portal but you have to have an Arrival card to use the portal. Another choice is TopCashBack as they are back to 3% as well if you don’t have an Arrival card.

one vanilla visa

Then, once you have the custom gift cards you can go to your local CVS or other store that sells a Visa Debit card that can be assigned a PIN and then load those to BlueBird. Very simple and a great way to knock out MQD exempt spending! – René

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  1. Don’t have a Arrival card, but just want to see if I have this straight….
    1 – Buy AMEX gift card at TopCashBack (no purchase fee + 3% cashback)
    2 – Use Amex gift card to buy Vanilla Gift Card at CVS, (savings from topcashback offset the $5 purchase fee)
    3 – Load Bluebird with vanilla card.

    Is there any other catch that I am missing?

  2. @Tom – spot on other than point 3 load to bluebird AT Walmart as you can not load online with gift cards. Oh, and get an Arrival card 😉

  3. Geez! I still haven’t received ones from the last round!! I am kinda worried about that though…all of the charges for the CC’s used have disappeared…not pending, or cleared. Gonna wait a day or two before I jump in again.

  4. I’m talking about my cards!! I ordered right at the end I guess…got order confirmation on 1, and a shipping confirmation on the second (both on Friday) so I am hoping they both show up at home today! If so, I’m jumping right back on and getting more!

  5. I ordered mine on 4/10. Took a phone call because I never go an order confirmation. Finally got them 4/17. I understand that it may take 1-2 months or points to post but it isn’t showing as a recent transaction on the shopping page. Is that what others experienced? Shouldn’t it already be there even if the points haven’t posted yet?

  6. Hi Rene – thanks again for all the great info! Just a side note, there is a $5k within 14 day purchase limit on AMEX gift cards apparently. I was making my 2nd recent AMEX gift card purchase (to bump up my Delta Reserve AMEX spending, and get 4x Barclaycard arrival points to boot), but this 2nd order was declined. Some googling led to the information about the unwritten $5k/14day personal gift card purchase limit. Also, the 14 day calendar is in effect even from the date of declined purchases – ouch! Hopefully the 4x offer will still be in effect for me when my time is up again! THANKS again for all the great info!

  7. Barclays is shutting down accounts who are frequently using Arrival or any other Barclays cards for making AMEX purchases.
    A friend of mine purchased $25k purchases in the last 3 months ($5k * 5) and 2 days back all his 3 cards were closed with no explanation given.

    Do you have any reports similar to this?

    I am thinking of avoiding Barclays cards ..or may be limit them.

  8. @Nvtech – holy cow talk about abuse. YES I hope they shut ones like this down. Pigs get fat and happy HOGS get slaughtered. There are limits and that is why if, and not saying someone should, go that big, mix it up. Plus, my guess is they were NOT using the card for all sorts of other spend. I do and others should too!

  9. So if I got $5000 in April (ordered them April 10th) and paid for them with my Amex PRG. When would be a safe time to order another round? Would love to get the points but don’t want to do it at the risk of getting shut down from Barclays.

  10. @Kathy – the key is mixing up the spend. if you are ONLY doing this, could raise flags. otherwise you should be fine. I also use some other sites like TopCashBack now and then to spread risk.

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