A sorta final update about Delta food vouchers & the company’s thoughts.

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bump meal voucher issued by redcoat delta airlines2

Devaluation after devaluation. Cuts to SDC & dropping our +1’s from Skyclub and on and on. We have taken it to the chin this year (and last) in big ways but “most” have taken it. Having said that, it is amazing to me the uproar that the change in handing out $6-20 food vouchers has caused. The only thing that I could think of that would truly drive flyers for good to another airline would be the announcement of an end to Woodford onboard (I would end the blog that day for sure)! So I reached out to Delta for a firm and final quote on the matter and was presented this:

“Our Airport Customer Service teams still have the ability to issue meal vouchers during some circumstances including denied boarding. Involuntary denied boarding compensation has not changed and we comply with the entirety of the DOT regulations around this area (as we do with all DOT regs).” – Delta Corp.

So, in you and me speak, I think this means if we gripe loud enough and to the right person (like a red coat) we can be part of the “some circumstances” crowd. Not getting enough Delta cash to grab even a sub when bumped really disappoints me since we are helping them out of a jam. I will press a bit, but once the improved food bits come to the Skyclubs I will just go graze on those and call it good.

have one on us for delayed flight

Another reason the company gave for this change in offering food is the expansion of the HOOU carts all over the place to make distressed flyers happy. They said:

“You may have seen snack and beverage carts that read “Have one on us” in your travels which are the result of feedback – both scientific through customer survey data as well as anecdotes. They’ve told us loud and clear that these gestures during a delay are a more meaningful gesture. And there are no hard and fast guidelines here – some airports will provide bagels and coffee in the a.m. or pizza for customers inconvenienced by a delay. Airport Customer Service teams are getting creative and customers have told us they appreciate the personal touch.” – Delta Crop.

I have heard more and more reports of pizza. Who does not love pizza? I don’t think a “snack basket on wheels” makes up for a sub or a burger when I want some food, but this is what Delta thinks is best for customers. To me, if we read between the lines, all this truly means is this will net cost the company LESS money than the old way of food vouchers. This is my guess but a good one I think.

So there you are kids – the sorta final word on bump food vouchers from Delta. Bon Appétit! – René

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  1. Hmm…sounds like one of those situations where people who ask/insist/stand their ground can still get a voucher for food, especially when IDB or VDB…but Delta is not going to be as forthcoming as they were in the past….

  2. Delta’s stand-your-ground policy states that a person may justifiably use persuasion, manipulation and certain strong-arm tactics to obtain meal vouchers without an obligation to retreat in hunger.

  3. These devaluations/changes are coming so fast it is impossible for the vast majority to keep up. The vouchers let us choose what to eat, and delta was supposedly into customer choice (not…just cutting cost). I hope you are joking about ending the blog if Woodford is discontinued. I assumed it will be discontinued just like Glenlivet was.

  4. I VDB’d in SLC last week and found out about the meal voucher ax from a nice red coat there. I couldn’t believe that cut that out. She was so embarrassed she told me to write. ‘They still listen to diamonds’

  5. Educate me – what are the DOT regulations that delta is complying with concerning meal vouchers because if IDB?

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