Sacramento to Philadelphia $250 & 6222MQMs at 4CPM – Weekday Delta Mileage Run!

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sfm to phl

delta-com smf to phl

As Donkey said, wow – let’s to that again, we just did this yesterday the other way. Yes we did. But wanted to take a chance to answer questions and hope you are thinking as I am. Most runs, work both ways. If you see me put up a start and end city, look the other way if you live in the end city. I will try to post what I think it the best route if I were flying it as well as the CPM. So look at this again from SMF this time:

Cost $250

6,222MQMs at 4CPM

Bookable on

DM yields a healthy 14,000 Skymiles per!

Now this is a redeye, it is weekday only (that I can find anyway) so not at great as the one from PHL on a weekend for so many readers. Not says this is not a better run from a numbers stand point just from a human standpoint. Anyway, I think I have made my point – look both ways before crossing the mileage run 😉

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