SWAG Saturday: $100 of travel stuff you need to have!

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lots of swag delta points blog swag saturday giveaway

This week let’s just have some fun! I like these “toys” when on the go. I don’t drive much but find an auto/airplane power inverter useful when Lisa drives and I am on my laptop. With power ports on jets sometimes yes and sometimes no a 10,000mAh power brick (& a tiny spare 2600mAh one just in case) is a must.

So you want a chance to win. The rules are HERE and don’t change week to week so be sure to check them out. Then, for a shot with, I need something simple from you to qualify.

delta points monthly news letter

This past Wednesday was Newsletter day but was a bit overshadowed by all the events going on the rest of the week. So, what I would like to know is what was your favorite post from April for a chance to win this week! – René
Editorial Note: Any opinions, analyses, reviews or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any card issuer.

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. The post titled “The Delta bait-N-switch pricing is getting worse and worse – please be careful”. I’ve found this happen to me many time and I was happy to see you as outraged as I am by it.

  2. My favorite post from April WAS the April 30 Delta points newsletter. It puts everything important together in one spot.

  3. My favorite post was the one regarding the 6.6% back buying Amex Gift Cards. I have capitalized on this great offer!!

  4. I really enjoyed seeing your opinion and reasoning with 30 MINUTE CONNECTION and definitely enjoyed 6.6% Back on Amex Gift Cards.

  5. Mike Palmer Reply

    I liked when you asked us for blog ideas. Hopefully you’ll fulfill them!

  6. Rene,most weeks I feel like we should be giving you swag as you make us much more competent in Delta and other things.

  7. Young_ThoRough Reply

    Not sure ink 60k is back fell into April so I’ll say

    Always pay your Barclay’s Arrival card fee with POINTS!

    That’s was the tipping point. Got to get this card.

  8. “Wanna know what it takes to start, run & make money travel blogging?” Was an interesting look at the work involved.

  9. I liked the April 30 advice on what to do when a bank tells you no on your card application.

  10. I enjoyed the post regarding DL’s bait and switch pricing. The comments on that thread were great, to!

  11. I would say the one about why don’t hasn’t been winning at the Freddie awards – because they violate our trust. Trust is so important in any relationship, and though it may be pretty freely given at first, once someone violates it it’s awfully hard to get back.

  12. I really enjoyed and used the advice in the post regarding using the Barclay’s portal to buy Amex gift cards. I am about to do it again, clearing off minimum spend on yet another travel credit card. My family of four will be flying out on a vacation this fall using points for our flights and hotel. Thanks Rene!

  13. I really appreciated your post, “150,000 AA miles for $339….” With devaluation, (many) more points/miles are needed to realize the same aspirational redemptions.

  14. Don in ATL Reply

    I was enlightened by your Delta is Playing Bait and Switch. But I also liked your Chicago Seminars 2014 because I signed up. Thanks.

  15. Should you ever click the word CHANGE on – a very helpful post.

  16. Always enjoy your blog, but the bait and switch discussion especially good!

  17. Hey, Rene…

    While I definitely enjoy all of the posts, and quite honestly have no idea how you can do it all…. I found the DL ‘Bait & Switch’ article, along with everyone’s comments, quite interesting… because I’ve definitely seen it too!

  18. I liked the recent post on Delta’s lack of loyalty to us, their loyal customers.

  19. Deltasegmentfly Reply

    The don’t hit the change button. Advice came in handy this week and a friend ended up getting a first class ticket for $83 by calling in.

  20. My favorite was “I like the “new” Delta 717-200 jets”. I fly regionally and was thrilled when I began to board more 717-200s and fewer CRJs. The tone of your post accurately captures the good vibes I feel every time I step foot on one!

  21. The post on the nasty things that happen when you push the change button. I read it and still did it to check options on a delayed flight this week. Why didn’t I take your advice! Flights changed and lost my seats just by checking. Took a Sky Club Agent to fix everything.

  22. I enjoyed your Sunday Reader stories – Chris takes a DeltaMilageRun to Gothenburg Sweden. Enjoyed reading how he maximized the bumps and played the game.

  23. “Why Delta did not win at the Freddies 2014 – TRUST” was my favorite.

  24. iwantmoremiles Reply

    Delta’s bait and switch pricing.I wonder if other airlines are doing this.

  25. My favorite post was the one regarding the 6.6% back buying Amex Gift Cards; best deal I’ve seen on that!

  26. BOShappyflyer Reply

    I enjoyed the tip on redeeming arrival points to lower annual card fee. With various fees for different cards, it’s always good to evaluate how to lower them (and if they worth keeping from time to time!)

  27. My fave was the post about the recommended minimjm connection times at various airports. I found it tremendously helpful.

  28. The post on “not hitting the change button” on the website. I found it very informative!

  29. I liked your post asking for ideas for the blog. Made me really think about what I wanted to know!

  30. Lawrence Wolfson Reply

    I love rookie Wednesday posts the best because I learn a lot from you.

  31. The Exposé on bait and switch priceing getting worse on delta .com !

  32. I liked the post about “150,000 AA miles for $339….”. Really good information.

  33. Lawrence Wolfson Reply

    I love rookie posts every week the best because I learn a lot from you.

  34. Now, this is a hard question since I really “enjoyed” (since some were not about “pleasant” changes) many of your April posts. I guess if HAVE to pick it will be 6.6% back on Amex gift cards.

  35. John Price Reply

    My favorite was when you said we could pay our Barclaycard fee with points. Who knew? And, I just paid my annual feel, so now I’ll offset that cost with points. Thanks!

  36. I liked the article about clicking on the “change” button. I have done this many times to see what will come up, have even changed an itinerary this way. I will definitely be more prepared in the future

  37. DVMonthego Reply

    April 29 Rookie Wednesday: Should you click on the word “Change”? was top for me. Even tho I am Delta Diamond I learned stuff I didn’t know. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  38. Clicking the “change” button. never knew that. thanks for the info.

  39. Enjoyed them all, but my favorite was “always pay for your Barclay Arrival card with points”. A great idea I didn’t know about!

  40. I enjoyed the post on maximizing your value when redeeming flexperk points

  41. The bait-and-switch post was my favorite on this blog although I read all of the MR posts with great interest.

  42. all your posts are great BUT the one on times at hubs the best thanks for helping al lof us flyers

  43. Bernard Levinson Reply

    My favorite post was from yesterday: the complete breakdown in trust because of the behavior of Delta and the changes that undermine the entire program.

  44. Liked the tips for flying Delta post…learned a few things in that…

  45. I liked when you wrote about travel blogging. Thank you for all your insights and information.

  46. I also liked the post about buying Amex gift cards. Thanks for the great tips!

  47. This post – Earning 5% back this month at home improvement stores – EZ way.

  48. I liked the “150,000 AA points for $339”, and in fact went and applied for both!

  49. I liked the post on loyalty. It is hard to break up with an airline when you have put so much effort into the ‘relationship’ and they constantly break your heart.

  50. Sharon Jones Reply

    The Delta “lack of loyalty” post…. sad but informative

  51. I liked your Rookie Wednesday post from 4/23 about dealing with inconsiderate passengers. I ask myself this question nearly every time I fly.

  52. Your post on not clicking on the “Change” button when reviewing tickets on For someone who does not fly Delta that much, it was an eye opener.

  53. Definitely, the “Delta bait-N-switch pricing is getting worse and worse – please be careful”

  54. I liked “Should you click on the word “Change” – very informative

  55. it was a tie between why delta didn’t win anything at the freddies again this year (TRUST!) and the post about you taking a trip just to check out the lounge because, well, that is something i would do ; )

  56. Delta’s “bait & switch” made me recall last year when my ticket price jumped $583 with the click of the mouse to confirm & purchase. I don’t trust Delta at all since then!!

  57. I liked the April 10th post, notifying us that as of April 13 the Sky Club bonuses would no longer be available. You saved me the hassle of running from another concourse down to the test Sky Club in the A concourse, just to find the bonuses were gone. BTW, I really liked the sandwiches and soup. Didn’t get a massage, though.

  58. “Wanna know what it takes to start, run & make money travel blogging”

  59. My favorite blog post in April was your request for ideas about future blog topics. I suggested a topic!

  60. The news that my just arrived Barclay’s Arrival card could earn me 6.6% on Amex Gift cards. Now if I could only load them onto Bluebird without another gift card purchase. I miss VR. But you are right back at us with alternatives. Thanks Rene.

  61. I liked the one about dealing with the bank saying “no” on an application.


  62. Since I am very down on allegence to Delta, the AA 150,000 mile deal is very attractive.

  63. The bait & switch article. I had just experienced it on the website and had the price almost double several times. Your article confirmed what was happening to me.

  64. Since I am down on Delta, my allegence to the brand is deminishing. Therefore the 150k miles with AA was very compelling.

  65. The Delta bait-N-switch pricing is getting worse and worse!!! It’s happens quite a bit. Usually I take a screen shot of the pricing and call in to make the reservation. They’ve always honored the lower price…so far.

  66. Uri Hadelsberg Reply

    The post from April 30th with American Airlines’ 150k sign up for their cobranded credit cards.

  67. Thomas Zook Reply

    I like the IROPS (irregular operations). I LOVE when things go wrong. As a million-mile flyer, it has happened often enough. These times are my most pleasurable because I look forward to what adventure awaits. I have a few stories.

  68. I read your blog time occasionally and hope to win some swag sometime. I am not a DL person as primary program. Yesterday, I was trying to get a friend a domestic RT ticket to come visit us. Neither AA or UA had no saver awards on the right days and I value their miles more than DL (no offense). Reading your blog reminded me to check DL. I was surprised to find usable flights on DL for 40K Skymiles which is 10K less than UA or AA wanted so I booked it.

  69. Wayne Robinson Reply

    My favorite April post was about the 100k AA points offer. The only thing holding me back on getting the Bank CC was the fine print: Must NOT be used for personal charges. BTW…Why would they care?

  70. Definitely the bait and switch article…happened to me several times!

  71. The bait and switch article was my favorite. When are they going to get a clue that this wears on our trust?

  72. I appreciated the “should you click change” post because I’ve had a lot of change opportunities recently and have wondered if hitting change screws things up. Usually I don’t because the change is so minor that it doesn’t matter but your post was very helpful for future reference.

  73. I thought the one about ever clicking change on was useful…

  74. What does it take to: “start, run, and make money writing a blog” was mu favorite post by you in April. My friends all say i should make the leap and do it, but I am still looking for a “theme.”

  75. Delta iplaying bait-N-swich with pricing again was my favorite post. You can’t trust these airlines as fas as you can throw them!

  76. The tips of what you do before you fly–tho if you do all that before every flight, you’re way more organized than I!

  77. The post entitled “Rookie Wednesday: Should You Click on the Word ‘Change’?”

    I was just looking over my reservation moments after reading that post and would have clicked “change” otherwise!

  78. I liked the article that talked about the Uber promotion. I went to San Francisco and used Uber for the first time. Great service!

  79. I found the article titled “The Delta bait-N-switch pricing is getting worse and worse – please be careful” to be very helpful. I’ve got a possible trip coming up in late July (if I can get the pricing I need). Looks like I have to be more careful than usual. Thanks, René!

  80. Although I fly a lot it never hurts to receive Tips from others what they do before they fly. In this case, Rene’, your tips were useful to me.

  81. phill gold Reply

    I loved the 110k AA deal, which i got and cant wait for the miles to fly in.

  82. I enjoyed reading the article on starting a blog the most, although “Don’t hit the Change Button” will probably be the most helpful long term.

  83. As an amex-er, I liked your post on 6.6% back on amex gift cards. 🙂

  84. The post on the bait and switch pricing was both enlightening and frustrating.

  85. I like the one on “what does it take to start, run, and make money writing a blog”. I read it expecting a bit more technical info (not so much the “money making” thing), but found other insights instead.

  86. Definitely enjoyed your post on the B 717 delta is now flying. I have flown this several times on my frequent EWR-ATL route. I’m hoping the 717 will soon replace CR2 on the LGA-DTW route. That’s an awful flight on a CR2 but it’s marginally better if you can secure seat 1ABCD

  87. I’ve got to go with the bait and switch post. I’ve had this happen to me as well so while it’s incredibly frustrating it was good to see that you were putting it out there.

  88. It’s a toss up for me, the bait and switch article and the article regarding the new boarding process.

  89. When you push the change button, very bad things can happen. Great advice! Who knew you could lose your seats just when you are trying to check things out!

  90. Pretty much any post where you honestly slammed delta for their increasingly anti-loyal policy moves

  91. I liked the idea of flying to DFW just for a lounge visit and maybe some mqms for good measure. If you run into any Amex brass we could use one of their lounges at MSP. Hey a guys got to dream.

  92. I enjoyed your “should you click on the change” button post. It was very timely as I just had it happen that very morning and I was wondering what I should do. I called delta and they changed by flight to a better option for free! Thank you!

  93. My favorite post was about thr purchase of amex gift cards. I am big into MS spending and always looking for these opportunities

  94. My favorite was the one that talked about Delta’s failure to win anything at the Freddy’s.

  95. My favorite was the one about starting and making money from a travel blog. Good insight into the real world.

  96. I liked the April 15th “tips” post. It confirmed various things I do, and mentioned a couple I hadn’t thought of (such as using the HOOU coupon for a snack box, even when I do get my upgrade). Thanks!

  97. Ending CRJ flights is a personal annoyance of mine, and I agree they have to go

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