My new shiny Delta Reserve Chip-N-Signature card has arrived!

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rene new chip-sig amex delta card

As you can see I got my new Delta Reserve Chip-N-Signature card in the mail. I like the new logo look on the card. Who can get the card? If you have any of the Delta cards now, Gold, Platinum or Reserve airline travel cards you can request one. If you are applying for a new one (feel free to email me for a link) you can also request one after you are approved. There is no fee for this upgraded card.

Why get one? This is not a perfect solution. In many places in the world they use Chip-N-Pin cards and readers. That is when you are say at a restaurant, you don’t have to surrender your card and hope the staff does not clone your card or something while it is gone. No, you put your card into the reader, enter your pin, and don’t even have to sign a slip. Very secure. This one is sorta between those two as you still have to sign the slip.

Another reason is there are some vending or other machines that will ONLY work if they can read the chip on the card. Again, this is not a perfect solution and I promise there will be a flood of comments that in this place or that a Chip-N-Signature card did not work. OK, but if you don’t have a Chip you have ZERO chance at working so why not get it as it is a free upgrade for just a few minute phone call.

Also keep in mind AMEX has eliminated the international up-charge as of 1MAY2014 for using your Delta AMEX cards so there is no good reason not to use this when outside the USA. A very smart move for AMEX.

Lastly, as a reader pointed out to me in e-mail and as a good reminder, if you want to bring your +1 into the Skyclubs the fee is $29 with the Delta AMEX cards not the OLD $25 discounted fee before 1MAY2014. – René
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  1. I’ve been waiting for this. They were supposed to call me when they were available. Thanks for posting! I can’t believe how far behind in technology the US is. Most places in Europe swipe your card in front of you with the small handheld device and don’t take your card to an area out of your sight to process where they can copy clone or do something else with it.

  2. A couple of things: Can you choose your own PIN if you get a chip? I know that with my Diner’s Club/MasterCard, I could not choose the PIN. Second, I got to experience the loss of +1 on my American Express non DL Platinum Card this past Saturday. Also, the $29 fee is for a single entry to a SkyClub. If you want a Day Pass (24 hours), that costs $50. So really, if you are making a connection and need a SkyClub twice or more on the same trip (either outbound or return), it has gone from FREE to $50.

  3. That’s sweet. I will be receiving my Delta Platinum Amex with Chip-N-Sign this week. Any recommendations on the best Chip-N-Sign Visa/MC? I heard Visa/MC is more widely accepted than Amex in Europe thus need to get one for travel there next month. Thanks.

  4. I asked for the chip replacement last week and was told it was not yet available for the Delta Reserve!

  5. I asked about this and the Amex rep started to read me some legal mumbo-jumbo about this change to a CHIP being irreversible (I could never go back to a traditional-swipe card). I elected to pass and do some more research.

  6. Did you notice that the “SkyTeam” designation was missing? Irrefutable proof that delta plans to leave SkyTeam next year? I think so.

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