SWAG Saturday: iGo Noise Canceling Headphones up for grabs!

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last weeks winner of swag sat on the blog

I think I have had my 1st senior moment as I approach 50 years old (yeah I know, just wait till I am 60 or 70). No really, I had some issues with last weeks drawing on Sunday eve so I moved it to Monday then I just forgot to do it. Ruh roh – sorry kids! So, here is the winner for last week! It is #98 Lance who really liked the post asking if Delta is doing bait-N-swich pricing with their broken website. Congrats Lance and I will contact you soon to get your prizes on the way.

igo active noise canceling headphones

So let’s see if I can do any better this week and not make the winner wait a week 🙂 I have up for grabs a set of the headphones I use when I fly, that is an iGo Noise Canceling set that works for me. Plus I will toss in a bunch of other DeltaPoints SWAG as well. The rules for the weekly drawing are HERE if you have never ever seen them.

Then on to my quick question for you. It is all about INK BOLD & INK PLUS. I just went for and was approved for the INK BOLD as the old one I had was a MasterCard and the new one they have is a VISA so I was eligible to get the 60,000 points plus 5,000 for spend netting me 65,000 total Ultimate rewards points. Joy! BTW if you need a link and want to support the blog just send me an email please and I will get it to you.

So my question for you is a simple one, do you have an INK BOLD or PLUS card? Yes or No? That is all I need. If you want to share more like I had the MasterCard and am going for the Visa etc. etc. you may, but all I need is Yes or No. – René
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  1. No. Would love to have to have it but I think I have too many cards already. 🙂

  2. NOPE. We put 99% of spend on AMEX Res. Card. The rest goes on Visa Sig Hilton Honors card.

  3. No, cannot justify getting either since I don’t have any type of my own business.

  4. I got a Visa ink bold several weeks ago before the 60K offer. I messaged Chase and they will give me the additional 10k after I complete my spend.

  5. Yes to the plus, but its MC version so I am thinking of going for the Visa version now

  6. Ink Plus. Got approved for the extra 10K after messaging Chase since it is a fairly new card.

  7. Yes, and I Luv, Luv, Luv getting 5 times points by shopping at my local staples store.

  8. Yes. Had the Bold but cancelled before fee was due. Still have the Plus. Plan on getting the VISA version of the Bold since I can get the bonus again.

  9. No. I put all my spend on the Delta Reserve (through your link 2 years ago!)

  10. I have an InkPlus and my husband has an InkBold. Both are Mastercards so technically we are eligible for the bonus associated with the new VISA version.

  11. Nope, neither one. I have Amex Plat & Reserve. Made my spend for the year but am working on my husbands spend now. Maybe later this year?

  12. I had the Ink Bold, but downgraded to an Ink Classic since I have a Sapphire Preferred

  13. Neither, but the hubby had the ink plus and I applied the the bold for him a week ago and got it approved! Yay!

  14. I do not have the INK Bold or Plus. Love my Carlson Card and Barclays Arrival. I’m still building cards. They are in my future.

  15. I don’t have either, but I would love to take advantage of this offer!

  16. I have neither now. My wallet is already too big, and feels like I received a penicillin shot in the arse.

  17. Don’t have either. Reason? With the impossibility of buying VR cards with a credit card, makes it hard to get minimum spend done when you don’t have a legit business.

  18. I have neither card. I enjoy the 2% cash back FIS card with no cash back limits, or categories.

  19. No, but debating once since I already have the Sapphire and Sapphire Preferred.

  20. No, I don’t have either of the INK credit cards – might be a good addition for my travel and business needs!

  21. I have an Ink Nold card but it is a Master Card, so I might apply for the Visa version!

  22. No ink bold, but need to apply for a new card soon and its a contender. Thanks!

  23. Nope, don’t have one. I’m happy with my Delta Platinum AmEx, my Costco AmEx, and my Capital One Venture VISA.

  24. Just applied last week. Since Delta has diluted their FF program I’m branching out. All my spend used to go on my Platinum Amex. This year, I switched to reserve and discovered Vanilla Reload so 60 K spending would have been a breeze. I already hit 30K but…. things change. With Skymiles 2015 and the loss of Vanilla Reload, I’ve decided to branch out and begin to accrue miles I can use on any airline. I’ve got a Barclays’ Arrival Card and I hope I get the Bold Ink too. Waiting…..

  25. Nope, I dont have either. I do have the AMEX Delta Reserve and the AAdvantage Executive (Master Card).

  26. No, not at this time, though I am thinking about it sometime soon….

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