What are the best GoGo deals for Delta flyers right now?

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3 gogo choices delta-com

All the outstanding 2013 discounts links that got you one month of Delta unlimited use for $28 are now dead and just send you to GoGoAir.com. So we are left with what Delta.com and GoGo offers us – sorta. First GoGo:

gog pass choices

Here is their list of prices. All of them are for all types of devices unlike the past when they broke them out mobile vs laptops. Having said that, there is still a 24h mobile device only option:

phone 24h pass only 8 bucks

I will get into why this really is one of the best options soon but keep THIS $8 mobile link in mind as we go on.

24hr discounted pass on delta-com

If we start at Delta and we want a 24 hr pass we can get a $2 discount over the GoGoAir.com price of $16. Not a huge discount but still a savings.

1 full year delta gogo

Also at Delta something not an option at GoGo is a one year pass or to be specific a 365 day use pass. As you can see it is basically $40 a month and if you are going to use GoGo on Delta for 10 months or more this is a better price than the monthly Delta Traveler pass rate.

Now let’s get to the math. First off the cheapest choice for short term use is the $8/24 hr mobile only pass. If you have an Android phone it is simple to use THIS trick to either via USB or BlueTooth to just get your internet from your phone to your PC. I think there are I-Phone options that are similar so if any I-Phone people can chime in please do to help readers. To see how good a deal this is, you would have to fly and use GoGo more than 6 days or more, that is 6 / 24h periods to get to the price of the Delta $49.95 one month Traveler pass. Or, for the yearly, more than 60 days. You can see the real simple value of this choice.

Also a data point, a reader told me but I have not verified that buying any pass from Delta.com will NOT code as a Delta purchase so I doubt you can use this for say AMEX non-Delta Platinum card airline travel reimbursement. If you have another experience this year please comment below on the blog. – René
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  1. Rene,

    To connect to your iPhone with either an iPad or computer just turn-on personal hotspot on your iPhone and then have your other devices search for the hot spot just created and logon using the wi-fi password for your hotspot, easy.

  2. Rene,

    I have not tested with GoGo. I have a trip this weekend and will report back. The iPhone can also use bluetooth or the USB connection along with the WiFi option. I have noticed other hotspots while on Delta come up when I went to login to GoGo so I suspect it must work. I just never had the need to try it but now with the new pricing it would be worth it.

  3. @Graig – please test lost and do speed tests etc if you can an maybe do a Sunday post for me and I will send you a bunch of SWAG as a thank you?

  4. @ Craig thanks. Let us know if you can make it work. My experience has been that with an iPhone, I can only create a personal hotspot for other devices or a bluetooth connection for other devices, when the input signal to my iPhone is the cellular signal (LTE) from my carrier (Verizon). It doesn’t seem to work for me when the input to my iPhone is Wifi (such as GoGo). Let us know what happens.

  5. Don,

    I have tested it on my home wifi and the hotspot worked great. Gogo may not have the bandwidth. I will know after Friday’s flight.

  6. Rene, after a 4 hour delay because of weather in Newark I was able to test the iPhone and GoGo going to my iPad. I was able to make the blue tooth connection but the sign-in to GoGo screen came up. I assume from this that GoGo was able to tell that a different device was trying to gain access. It does not look like we can use the cheaper $8 mobile phone 24 hour pass and work on an iPad or I anything. Maybe you PC guys will have a different outcome.

  7. I’m interested to hear how this turns out. Also, Rene, I can’t find that smartphone-only option on the Go-Go site except for your link – where did it come from?

  8. Rene, yes we have a GoGo app which is what I used to login with my iPhone. I will play with it again on my return flight on Sunday. So in your experience you logged on with your phone then through blue tooth you logged in with your computer or tablet through your phones established link.

  9. @Craig – yes, with my Android. I could log in with GoGo app for the $8 one, then use EITHER the BlueTooth or the USB teather and was able to use both my phone and laptop at once. Only small issue is phone will drop connection after about 30 min if you don’t refresh it once then good again.

  10. Rene, still no joy on my return flight. I get a message that says “Joining the network GoGoinflight will disconnect personal hotspot users.” I do not have the proper cables with me to try and tether to see if that would work. I did run across another option for GoGo. I called in to cancel as I won’t be traveling for a few weeks after my subscription runs out. The very nice agent suggested I put my account on hold so I could keep the $39.95/mo rate. If I cancel and restart the rate goes up to the new $49.95 rate. I can put my account on hold for up to 3 months and restart with a call anytime. Since I will be doing MR’s the rest of this year plus normal travel this should work out
    great for me.

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