How to get – six $400 Delta mileage runs a year for $94 each!

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As I return from my Delta mileage run today, unless I get bumped again that is (follow me on twitter to find out), I thought I would share step by step how I did my positioning flight to Kansas City. You will hear me say again and again where you live just does not matter and here is why – for $94 out of pocket I can afford to position to a start city AND earn points along the way for doing just that.

I don’t want to cover the run itself today since I am in the air as you read this but the simple math and a little effort. The key tools you need are:

1) Get a US Bank FlexPerks Visa card

2) Find a grocery store near you that sells Visa Debit Gift cards $500 each with pin

3) Either spend the gift cards or work on a way to liquidate them like via money orders

That is our shopping list and what you need. You see FlexPerks pays 2x points for shopping at grocery stores:

flex perks card perks

Now, as long as you find a store that sells $500 Visa Debit Gift cards you are getting 1,012 Flex perks for each card because most will have a $4.95-$5.95 activation fee. So, say you get one for $505.95 or 1,012 points. Go home and set the PIN if needed (some you do it with 1st purchase some beforehand). Buy 20 of these over two months and you have 20,240 points or enough for a free ticket up to $400.

visa debit gift cards and flexperks card

Lastly, as you can see from the FlexPerks screen shot above, you also get $25 (one time per trip – not twice) per trip for airline fees and incidentals and more. I use mine to buy a $50 e-Gift card on WITH MY FLEXPERKS CARD THE DAY I FLY so I have that to use for my next run. After I get back I call and request my $25 credit and in 4-8 weeks that goes into my account.

The net result is MAX out of pocket is 20x$5.95=119 minus the $25 credit = $94 all in for my positioning flight up to $400 to start my run. I can fly almost anywhere inside the USA for that much (in coach) but as on this run I tend to upgrade as a Diamond Medallion.

So there you are. There is no reason with a little bit work and effort, that you can not have six positioning flights paid for each year this way! – René
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  1. Very nice detail steps. My only concern is buying 20 GC from grocery store. That’s $10k over 2 months. Will that
    raise a flag with US Bank?

  2. @Jim – you do want to mix it up with other spend clearly! Also, this is a MAX example. Unless you need 6 trips a year dont go full out.

  3. Since these points are worth 2 cents apiece, I’m going to assume that it’s better to pay the annual fee in cash ($49) rather than in points (3,500). Because at $49, you are essentially paying 1.4 cents per point that can be redeemed at 2 cents value.

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