SWAG Saturday: 34,000 More Arrival points + hello Chip-N-Pin & 120 days to redeem!

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arrival plus new features

For us as Delta flyers we seem to be used to only getting bad news and when we hear the word “enhancement” we know something bad is on the way. This just is NOT the case when it comes to the Barclay’s Arrival+ card. Their enhancements are just that – huge improvements to an already outstanding product.

I called yesterday to request my Chip-N-Pin card but what most impresses me is the change from 90 to 120 days to redeem your points. Stunning. You can now pay for even more travel items and have up to the better part of 4 months to earn the points to pay for that charge.

rewards boost

Plus, as you can see from the above, getting 4x from buying AMEX gift cards takes only a little over a month to post (sometimes up to 8 weeks). But no problem with the 120 day new redeem rules. How sweet is that.

For us as Delta flyers we can either use an Arrival card or another card like a Delta AMEX and still earn the 4x and then the points on whatever card we use for payment. It does not get much better and I love using these points to buy mileage runs as well as hotel rooms.

impulse steinhausen watch

But this is SWAG Saturday right? (Rules HERE btw). You bet it is. So how about this, for a chance to win this very nice silver color men’s Impulse Steinhausen Dual time zone watch tell me what your favorite feature of the Barclays Arrival card is and I will then use Random.org to pick the winner Sunday night! – René
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  1. With all the hotel/airline points we usually earn, it’s good to have a card where we can use it for other “travel” related expenses. Such as taxes/fees when booking awards for flight or even points+cash for hotels, hostels, food/beverages billed to your hotel room, amtrak, and more.

  2. Of course the CHIP especially for payments when traveling Internationally

  3. The chip-and-pin would be my favorite feature. Can’t believe that we’re the only holdouts on this technology …

  4. love using it to pay for my award ticket taxes, cannot beat the extra 2% refund either

  5. I enjoy the linked travel community where I can get more points for sharing my adventures.

  6. I loved the card already, but I now LOVE that you have 120 days to redeem your points!

  7. The signup bonus!

    Can you elaborate on the 120 days? I am not following this…

  8. Just returned from an overseas trip and it is definitely the chip technology.

  9. The fact that I can redeem points for my monthly commuter train pass as travel!

  10. I like the chip. Everyone in Europe has it…but I don’t when I travel to EU.

  11. Earning 2% on everything, with the additional rebate on points used for travel.

  12. 4x on AmEx GCs offered regularly. Effectively makes this a 6.6% cash back card for most spend.

  13. I like the rebate on travel redemptions — really starting to like this card more. I added this one last year.

  14. Favorite feature: ability to choose a non-brand hotel and use Arrival rewards to pay for it.

  15. 4X bonus miles buying AMEX Gift Cards! Helped me meet my 60K AMEX personal reserve spend in just 3 months and let me start on the next 60K with my business reserve card.

  16. It now includes taxi, train, etc. for the travel categories. I used for the taxi in April by mistake, but all the sudden it showed up in the rewards section.

  17. i love that they expanded the definition of travel expenses and intend to test that this week.

  18. Mostly used for other travel since my AMEX is what I use for airline tickets.

  19. 2X the points and one the chip and pin as I’m in Italy right now and had the card refused
    Because of no chip!

  20. The Chip and Pin – definitely a plus for international travel. Will be a treat.

  21. Since nobody has mentioned it, I’ve found the TripIt Pro subscription to be really handy.

  22. I love a way to use points to offset incidental travel charges. (Parking, shuttle, etc) Starting at $25 increments with 10% back. It makes Arrival my everyday spend card.

  23. The fact that you can pay with points after the actual trip took place. Love that!

  24. My favorite feature is that the valuable points are so incredibly easy to redeem!

  25. The Barclays Arrival card is great because it is the most flexible for redemptions. Love that I can use the points for basically anything that comes up in the travel category.

  26. I love everything about this card so I am having a hard time choosing— I love that I get 2x points on everything, not just certain charges and then I can redeem for so many different travel expenses. My new favorite card!

  27. The gift card bonuses are outstanding and really make the points add up quickly, and help with manufactured spend for cards!

  28. No foreign transaction fees plus chip and pin make this a great travel card.

  29. Chip and pin. Because it will make things so much simpler when I am in Europe.

  30. 2.2% net return on everything. Combined with the bonus shopping portal options, unbeatable!

  31. I think the extended period to redeem rewards to 120 days is the best feature

  32. I think pin and chip is fabulous
    And about time! Barclay is a leader

  33. If exclusivity in approval isn’t a feature then i must say CNP trumps the CNS cards available.

  34. I definitely love the fixed value points. Though not always as lucrative as an award ticket, Arrival points are flexible and great for hotels that don’t have award systems. Not to. Mention that you need to be diversified!

  35. I appreciate the “no surprises” and great flexibility when redeeming points.

  36. I don’t have the card yet, but it is looking VERY INTERESTING. Obviously the chip and pin is a big plus for European travel in addition to the no foreign transaction fee; but the redemption flexibility is what catches my eye, especially for the type of travel we frequently do. Guess it’s time to do it !

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