NYC to Europe & onward $138 mistake fare still live but I am not going!

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What started as a mostly Skyteam round the world trip for under $1000 that I blogged about the other day has morphed into a most of the way around the world for $130-ish as my fellow BA blogger PM&M talked about yesterday. You should take time to read what others have done and said in the main FlyerTalk thread that started it all.

This is a Priceline issue about fuel taxes it seems. There are a bunch of things about this one to consider.

1) Don’t call the airlines

2) Don’t expect points but you may earn them

3) You must book beyond your entry point in Europe but you don’t have to fly the rest

4) You will have to find your way home as it is a ONE WAY deal

5) This could become a bit of a mess

So there are the main points. This is a great value even if you have to burn say AA points to fly one way home (or some other means). Delta may or may not award points so just be happy if you get them. The rest of the ticket can be a “throw away” that is you just don’t fly the rest of what you have booked. This is NOT illegal, but if you do it too often the airline can get most upset at you. Lastly the airline may cancel these, but you will be able to fight them if a PNR is issued and you have a ticket at some point.

Just don’t book hotels for a little bit until the dust settles on it and it all washes out to make sure you are confirmed going. Do keep this in mind for PointBreaks night coming out this Tuesday.

I will not jump on this one for mostly personal reasons. To me, too much work even for the reward. If I lived in the NYC area maybe, but even then I am just about all booked up this year.

Are you going to try for one of these? – René
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  1. If a ticket is issued on these, you’re good to go. The DOT has made this very clear in the past several years. Since this touches US soil we’re pretty good to go. Remember the last time Alitalia tried to cancel mistakes (was it Cyprus?), what a mess that was! I booked one trip in Nov for $163, and that’s good enough for me.

  2. @Chase – oh sure I expect, if you do have a “ticket” issued you will be all set. But always better to make sure before booking say non-refundable hotel rooms etc.

  3. this is NOT a mistake fare. It’s been around for a long time now as a hidden double fuel dump that someone released to the general public and now everyone is picking up on.

  4. I booked one for March 2015: LAX-JFK-BUD/BUD-AMS-NRT for under $400. With SM2015 I won’t earn many SkyMiles but I hope to earn MQMs. But even if I don’t, it will be great fun, visiting two cities I’ve always wanted to see. Never thought I do them both the same trip 🙂

    I will hopefully test out Delta’s one way awards to get home. Maybe even do a stopover in HNL if they allow it.

  5. I’m in for one for Thanksgiving week, just going to drop the PRG-NRT leg and fly back from MXP or FCO.

    Any way to use AA miles to fly back to JFK or BOS without routing on BA?

  6. @Matt E. I’d try US air back from FCO via Philly

    I really want to book something on this but I just don’t have the time to fit this into my schedule. Also a little worried about flying that far in coach which is not my favorite.

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