SWAG Saturday: All about the “repurpose” of travel toys.

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delta air lines amenity kit from business class delta points blog

I love airline gifts. Most of them are kinda cheesy and if you were paying for this kind of “quality” you would be sure to move on and look at other options. But that is not to say these little bits are not useful. What do I mean?

It really is all about the repurpose. Sure we do use kits sometimes on flights but many times I just toss them in my bag and take them home to use for other things. What things?:

  • Kit bag for laptop & other power cords. There are 1000+ options to reuse a good airline kit bag for all the adapters we travel with.
  • Airline socks to put on when I polish my shoes. Ever get yelled at for polish on a “good” pair of socks by your wife? This is a workaround for that I have found.
  • Stocking a guest bath room? Our guest bath always contains extra 1x tooth brushes from airline kits for when guest stop by unexpected.
  • Lastly, from Westin, their shoe shine cloth is like a pocket and very soft. I put a small thing of hand sanitizer in the pocket and wrap it up. I have found 1 drop on my tablet screen cleans it very well with that and the Westin cloth!

swag saturday tech giveaway two power banks auto power and usb power

I could go on and on but it is SWAG Saturday and I am asking for something HARD this week. The rules, as always, are HERE if you have never seen then. Then, for a shot at ALL the travel swag you see above, a travel auto power adapter, a 10,000 mAh & a 2,600 mAh battery brick and lastly a card to dual USB adapter, I need you to tell me this:

How do you repurpose an airline, hotel or other free kit (tell us). What have you found you like to do with your free “stuff”? – René

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. The round red Delta kits are perfect size for your travel electric converters and their multiple adapter plugs.

  2. I use one to store my cameras all the cables and accessories that go with each .

  3. Nick Mogen Reply

    I bring back my unused inflight amenity kits and give them to homeless people at our soup kitchen. They like having a small kit with essentials for cleaning up.

  4. When family comes to visit I always have toiletries for them to use and I also donate a bunch of the toiletries I get from my hotel stays to homeless shelters.

  5. I use the pouch from an AF travel kit to hold my travel makeup. I was surprised that it can accommodate full size products ( makeup brushes, powder, mascara, etc).

  6. Got a couple good sleep masks from turkish air. Use them in call rooms at work when I need to sleep a bit.

  7. +1 for airline amenity kits AND hotel shampoos/soaps to homeless shelters

  8. iwantmoremiles Reply

    I use the shampoo/conditioners for guest. I frequently toss the lotion in my purse. Very useful when my hands or legs are dry.

  9. I use the hotel shower caps to wrap my shoes in when packing for a flight. This keeps dirt and polish from getting on my clothes.

  10. GetToThePoints Reply

    I use the kit bag itself to keep loose stuff from rattling around in my car. Great for organizing stuff in your console.

  11. Use the kits to hold vitamin and medicine bottles for month long trips. Use the shower caps when I henna my hair and to keep camera dry in the rain.

  12. As has already been mentioned, I too use the toiletries in a guest bathroom and also use one of the kit bag/cases for toting around misc. cables, etc.

    But, I must add… that I have been wearing (and, washing, of course), a pair of slipper socks with the grips on the bottom for several years. I don’t recall if they were from a Delta or NWA flight, but I think I got REALLY lucky on the quality. No holes in them yet!


  13. Pretty much the standard stuff. Have a airline pouch in my work back pack with all the cables & a wireless mouse and my RSA token. Use the kits when we travel to keep each person’s charging cables, batteries, etc. together. Each person is responsible for their own pack when we leave and at each stop.

  14. The eyeshades I got once, my kids use as a costume element.

    You know what I think is a great giveaway? Delta playing cards! I got a tiny deck in a snack box or something once, and we still use them on trips to play Go Fish and so on.

  15. i take soaps and shampoos form hotel stays to the local homeless shelter

  16. Bill Young Reply

    I sometimes give them to my grandchildren, who think they’ve gotten a great prize!

  17. I give them to a local church that hands them out to people in need.

  18. I use the unused shower caps as large bowl covers to store leftovers in the fridge.

  19. The slippers and toiletries are great for guests. I also give the kits to my son to use when he travels.

  20. my “kids” are adults now, but they still look forward to getting the travel kits I collect on a multi flight trip.

  21. I use the bag for misc. electronic adapters. my wife uses them to carry makeup, etc. we have a couple kits in the guest bathroom.

  22. Used to store all the mobile devise cords, plugs, adapters, earbuds, etc. at home and when travelling.

  23. christine pincince Reply

    the only time i get a kit sadly is on the way out of the plane past first class and if someone left one i quick pick it up as one delta lady told one time the open ones they just toss so didnt mind if i picked one or two up. i love them and use the socks all the time and put the little things in my carry on for ladies room trips.

  24. If there is anything in them I can repurpose, I usually do that. More often than not, I give them to my young nieces and nephews, who get great delight in having an air kit from Qantas or South African Airways or some other foreign carrier.

  25. Always gave them to my children, but they dont want them any more. I have left the last few on the plane.

  26. We save up amenity bags and do several things. Many times the contents of the bags along with the extra soaps, lotions and shampoo form hotels go to soldiers overseas in care packages. We then use the kit bags for holding small items and candies etc for children’s Christmas presents or birthdays.

    Usually on an international flight I can snag as many as 3 or 4 kits that are unused.

  27. We reuse the bag to store small items for my children when they travel (a small deck of cards or pencils or crayons for drawing, etc.)

  28. European phones, internet usb keys and chargers in a long zippered pocket from Air France, GPS, holder & cords in a United pouch, earbuds, sleepmask and pillow cover in a smaller United pouch. We make good use of the swag bags, and right now they’re all packed and ready to take off for Venice!

  29. I’ve been letting them pile up in a drawer, but after having read some of the previous posts about giving them to homeless shelters, I’m going to take them down there. Great idea!!

  30. stacy jordan Reply

    When I get free stuff from hotel, i save it and then donate it to the homeless veterans drive at work. Free airline stuff I give to family when I visit them. They don’t like the Delta red blankets.

  31. Cables, easy access to quick change of undies after a long haul flight, and the storage of the small mementos we collect while traveling. They all wedge in nicely on the edges of my sole bag to maximize space use.

  32. Most of my relatives have gotten full amenity kits for little gifts. From the 2000 era, I initially liked the Delta triangular cases, but after getting a bunch, found that they weren’t a convenient shape for storing. Later leather pouches were more adaptable for stashing adapters and cords. I like using them as cases for little gifts for friends or family. Grandkids think these kits are great. I loved the l’Octaine (?) lotion that used to be included and kept these in purses and desk, and of course in carryons. I scavenged the kits for the useable items (lotions, Chapstick, earplugs, headphones) and donated others. I still have a stash of assorted kits in a drawer waiting for ideas for interesting reuse.

  33. DVMonthego Reply

    Use a re-purposed zip bag for travel clock, phone stand, belt, suspenders – all of the small stuff that floats around a suitcase.

  34. The first class kits are great for donating to the local homeless shelter (unused).

  35. Jonathan LIen Reply

    I keep 2 bathroom cabinet draws full of hotel soaps and shampoos that I use for when guests are staying here. They get the Marriott treatment every time.

  36. I like to take all my freebies from the hotel and bring up to the cabin. When we take a bath in the lake, it’s nice to use travel size items!

  37. I use the bags for electronic items when I travel to keep them together

  38. Mine gets used anywhere/everywhere. Some for guest bath, some items(moisturizer) for myself, the kits for future travel bags (small misc things, cables); and most go to our local homeless shelter…especially toothpaste/brushes, shampoo, socks even, etc.

  39. I beubg the toothbrushes to school so the Special Ed kids I work with can practice good oral hygiene after they eat.

  40. Flying today from a visit to our daughter & family. Our grandsons are big into Pokemon trading cards and the empty travel kit bags are great for storing their cards.

  41. I bring them to church where they then bring them to the homeless shelter.

  42. We work at a local homeless shelter cooking a meal each month for the residents and bringing amenity bags and hotel soap and shampoo that I collect on my travels. My colleagues at the hospital also contribute for out monthly visit

  43. I can always find a use for empty kits: jewelry, electronics, medicine, small souvenirs…

  44. Thomas Zook Reply

    I use the bag in my car to put nail clippers, small mouth wash, dental floss, etc.

  45. I use the bags for storage of smaller items. I save the toothpaste and lotions to use on upcoming trips. I love travel size stuff!

  46. BenTraveling Reply

    I use the small toiletry items when I travel. I’ve given out nicer unused complete amenity kits to friends. The Delta Tumi kit is rather sharp.

  47. The empty bags I use for storing cables, etc when travelling; the contents are usually donated to local charity.

  48. I use the bags for cords and camera supplies. My favorite things are the collectible buildings from KLM.

  49. Most of the above (donation, guest room supplies), plus I use unused (of course) shower caps as food covers for picnics – generally short term/temporary covers. I have also used the socks as shoe covers for traveling.

  50. We keep a small stash of toiletries for when we run out between store visits. Also will start using the bags for cords…thanks for the idea!

  51. I currently use the amenity bags for my travel cable and adapters. When my kids were younger, I also used them for all their portable game cartridges (like DS3), and my daughter has used them for a pencil case at school.

  52. I give the toothbrushes, small soaps and shampoo to a homeless shelter.

  53. I use the empty bags to carry adapters and small cables when we travel. (@Robert – I love those ceramic buildings from KLM too!)

  54. I use the amenity kit bags to hold various items during trips.

  55. I’ve never gotten an airline goody bag but I gave a lot of my hotel “SWAG” (along with a ton of other stuff of course) away on a mission trip to Honduras this summer. The shampoo and lotion bottles were very much appreciated in the tiny remote village we visited.

  56. Luke Coyne Reply

    I use the toiletries for camping or guests. Bags are good for chargers and small parts.

  57. I use the carrying bag to hold my electronic stuff (chargers and such); fits easily into my backpack.

  58. I like to use my guest room bathroom like a hotel room. I have soaps, shampoos, mouth wash, razors.

  59. Nishanth Ch Reply

    A couple of hotel amenity kits as sets for the guest bath and the rest are donated.

    hotel slippers as house slippers for guests

  60. I get gift bags at the dollar store and package the extra I get from hotels, etc. and give them to the women’s shelter.

  61. Stack them on a table and wait for results of this thread to see recommended uses…

    Currently have 12 sitting here unopened.

  62. Two majors uses. For the carry on only trips and storage for good that have actual value.

  63. The Asiana eyeshades I use for most of the Delta flights when the female flight attendants hurt my eyes because they are just way too old to fly or to large to fit down the aisle without breaking a shoulder or two.

  64. I use them to make my red-eye mileage runs a little more manageable. Should come in handy for the 3 LAX-SEA-ANC-SEA-LAX MRs coming in in the next couple of weeks! 🙂

    They also make a great send-off for the Chinese exchange students we host to make their return journey a bit easier.

  65. I usually re-purpose travel sized things in our spare bathroom for when guests stay over. I have also sold them in a garage sale when we accumulate too many things.

    As a general question…the last two times I flew with my family, my son (he’s 7) has asked for a red Delta blanket, and then snuck it in his backpack. We find it at the hotel or when we get home. Are these intended to be taken off the plane? I always assumed they were re-used, but they are awfully thin to be washed and re-packaged. Just curious what others think!

  66. dotti cahill Reply

    I use some of the stuff for guests but usually donate the socks to the shelter. if the kit is cute i can use it as an evening bag… -one of them has handles and cute strips –it is a great evening clutch..

  67. My son uses the Skyteam t-shirts from Delta overnight kits. Although the fabric has been getting thinner recently.

  68. Young Thorough Reply

    I stay with a stocked closet of toiletries for my future travels and for weary and forgetful travelers who stop by …particularly for my mom. The sock s are definitely a stable item in my every day flight bag as are the eyeshades. And I try keep a fully spare fully stocked kit for my buddy pass friends who may end up intercontinental in last class.

  69. I give amenity kits to soldiers I see where I work. I also give kits when I book a flight for an employee which has an annoying itinerary. ThNks!

  70. We use our stuff to give the extra touch when we have guests and a lot of soap, shampoo goes to the abuse shelters.

  71. I’ve used them to assemble “stocking stuffers” or “thank you” spa bags for teachers or other service industry people. I also take all hotel amenities and donate them to women’s/children’s/homeless shelters. I wait until I accumulate about 100 items (which is easy to do with all the travel I do) and take them to the shelter.

  72. I use the zippered pouches for electronic power cords, and the mini shampoos from hotels I use when I am staying someplace more affordable or rustic.

  73. I use multiple Westin cloths, and each holds a stash of money in different currencies. This is how I keep it all together and not mixed up. Then when I am packing I grab the currency for the place I am going to.

  74. I use the Business Elite bags to store all my electronics (camera, iPod, GPS) and cables.

  75. I love to protect things like my mobile phones in the soft shoe shine mitts!

  76. I put the small bottles of shampoo, conditioner and lotion in our guest bathroom for visitors to use.

  77. I like to repurpose my airline amenity kits and unused hotel bathroom amenity products by donating them to a local homeless shelter.

  78. I’ve got one that perfectly fits my digital camera and another very nicely fits a phone charger, power adapters, earbuds, etc. for when traveling abroad.

  79. I use the pouches for medicine kits on trips with meds and vitamins. Another is for stuff I need on a flight before they turn off the fasten seat belt sign…also use pouches for the kids on road trips: each has a pouch with crayons and markers and a little pad of paper for coloring…

  80. We have a group that meets every summer, and we gather our hotel amenities and donate them to a local shelter.

  81. My guest bath is stocked with hotel soaps, body wash, shampoos, etc. as well as airline toothbrushes in case anyone forgot anything!

  82. I always pack my shoes in hotel shower caps, to isolate dirty shoe bottoms from clean clothes.

  83. I donate the airline kits and its contents to our church. They distribute them to local Nursing homes. Thanks

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