Minneapolis/St Paul to Dallas/Fort Worth $238 & 3274MQMs at 7.3CPM Weekend Delta Mileage Run

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msp to dfw
delta-com msp to dfw

Call this a selfish weekend lounge run at a high end of acceptable CPM but it is on a weekend, you get 24hrs in DFW to go to the Centurion Lounge and enjoy! At least something for MSP hub captives to think about. Here are the numbers:

Cost $238

3,274MQMs at under 7.3CPM

Bookable on Delta.com

DM yields 7,368 Skymiles per CWSI.net!

Personally I would do this if I had say a $50+ voucher to burn and some hotel points (& access to the Centurion lounge too). That would bring it down to a fun weekend getaway. Oh, you could spend some time in Dallas too I guess 😉



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