30,000 SPG offer is back via referral! 35,000 total SPG points after spend!

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30000 spg card deal back

It looks like you don’t have to wait until August this year as the SPG 30,000 point offer is back via referral bonus deal (35,000 total points after $5,000 in spend). With this deal I get 5,000 points and you get 30,000 after you spend $5,000 inside the first 6 months of card membership.

friend wants you to earn 30k spg

Some bits. Under the new May 1st rules for AMEX you may NOT get this bonus if you got the bonus before. Also, if you have “Opted Out” to get e-mails from AMEX this link will NOT be send to you. Lastly, if it has NOT been 365+ days since you canceled your last SPG AMEX you will NOT get the bonus.

I love SPG points as they make staying at SPG hotels such a value. Not to mention you can send 20,000 SPG points to Delta and you will end up with 25,000 Skymiles.

Want to get in on this deal? Send me your e-Mail with your name and I will send you a custom link for you to get in on the 30k deal! – Rene

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  1. If you have SPG Personal Amex, would you be able to refer yourself to the SPG Biz Amex?

  2. @MSP – no you must have the BIZ to refer a biz. There are some bloggers who have the biz and can do that at BA. I only hold the personal one now.

  3. “Lastly, if it has NOT been 365+ days since you canceled your last SPG AMEX you will NOT get the bonus.” Is this specific to the business or personal card. If I currently have the personal can I get the business version. (I had the bus card 2-3 years ago)

  4. @Brent – it is per card. So, for example, if you have not had the personal card ie canceled 365+ days ago you can try for the personal but there is risk you will get zero under the new 1MAY rules. Same for biz. If you canceled 365+ days ago you can try for the biz but same risk. If you have an EIN or another business there is a better shot but no 100% there either.

  5. Do you know how long the 30,000 offer will last? I just applied for two other cards last night.

  6. @Adam – referrals must be made by June 30th and the application must be approved by June 30th as well for the 30k offer

  7. Great! I have the personal card. Is the link you will send good to apply for the SPG biz card?

  8. I’ve never had a SPG personal and have the SPG biz from last year. Is getting the personal this year a gamble because of the new rules?

  9. @Andrew G – no risk at all reg: new rule. It is PER PRODUCT and the personal and biz are NOT the same product. I will shoot you a link. Txs – Rene

  10. Is this offer only for the personal card? Me and wife both have that. We would need a link for the SPG biz card. Is that possible?

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