SWAG Saturday: Bluetooth headphones up for grabs this week!

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bluetooth headset

This week how about some headphones. These are lightweight, rechargeable and will sync up with most devices that work with Bluetooth to let you enjoy music etc. with no cord. You can get more details from the MFG. site if you would like.

Delta Points Swag

Also included this week, some Delta Points swag as well. Not to sound like a broken record (what’s a record?) but the T&C and rules are the same each week and are HERE.

On to today’s question. Very soon US Air will be no more as the airline becomes one behemoth airline under the American Air name. We should know Citi has been chosen to be the main card to provide points to American flyers. But, for a short time longer, US Air points are still an option that will become AA points at some point. The current solid offer is:

tinyusaircard➲ The US Airways® Premier World MasterCard®

  • Earn 40,000 bonus miles after your first purchase and payment of the $89 annual fee*
  • First checked bag free on eligible bags for you and up to four companions on domestic US Airways operated flights
  • One companion certificate good for up to 2 guests to travel with you on a US Airways operated flight at $99 each, plus taxes and fees
  • Priority boarding Zone 2 on US Airways operated flights
  • Redeem miles for award travel on US Airways and American Airlines booked through usairways.com or US Airways Reservations
  • Earn miles on every purchase with 2 miles for every $1 you spend on US Airways purchases and 1 mile for every $1 on purchases everywhere else
  • Please see terms and conditions for complete details

The Annual fee for this card is $89 per year.


Between this and the 100,000 point AA card (not my link at bottom of page) you are talking, after spend, over 150,000 points! Not all bad on two cards. My question for you this weekend, for a shot via Random.org to win this week’s swag is:

  • Are you adding US Air points while you still can?

Yes or No is all I need but as always if you want to add more you can. Have a great weekend everyone! – Rene
Editorial Note: Any opinions, analyses, reviews or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any card issuer.

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  1. Yes but only when there are spend bonuses associated with my US Airways MasterCard.

  2. Yes, I have the AA card and I think the US Airways card would be a great addition
    While they last.

  3. I have a few thousand miles in my USAir account. Not adding more; waiting for them to convert to AA. Just got the Citi AA card so working on my spend to get those miles.

  4. Of course I am but I think I am tapped out on USAir cards for now.

  5. Very unlikely, have had more miserable experiences with US Air than unremarkable ones.

  6. Yes, they are the only airline that flies nonstop from PHX to OGG (Maui), so we’re using them in August. Delta is pretty useless to get from PHX to anywhere in Hawaii without extra stops.

  7. Yes. I got the Barclays USAir MC about 6 months ago and my wife got one last week!

  8. No,,,,,, Barclays has tightened up on issuing cards. I can’t get another from them since I have the Arrival card.

  9. I have no plans to go for USAir miles – I would rather have other cards.

  10. Yes, got the personal card last year and recently got the business version.

  11. I am keeping my points from expiring so they make it to the AA transfer.

  12. Nah, no new cards right now. Have too much required spend just with the ones I have.

  13. Yes. I got both cards and promptly booked Cathay Pacific first class To AsiA

  14. I’m sticking with Delta and Southwest for now until they drive me away. Living in the Atlanta area, they are just convenient!

  15. Don’t think so. Just blew my US miles on a flight to Rome, so nothing left.

  16. Yes. Still have the old Bank of America US Air visa and just applied for the Barclay MC last week. I’m pretty much tied into Delta and Us Air because of the regional airport I live closest to.

  17. I intend to spend a little time to look into it and see if the unwaved fee could be worth it

  18. Yes I tried to get the card but as I had one years ago and closed it
    They turned me down!

  19. No I collect UA points with my star alliance trips and America West heritage just makes me avoid both of these guys as much as possible.

  20. I added this card a month ago as an alternative to Delta on some vacation flights. Since I do not travel for business anymore and have lost Medallion status, I am now shopping price and flight times again with more diligence.

  21. No, I’ve got 2 US Air cards already and need to preserve my Barclay’s opportunities for their other cards.

  22. Yes, when not flying Delta out of MSP. The prices are sometime more competitive.

  23. Yes. They recently gave me a 15k bonus for $750 a month spending for 3 months.

  24. Yes. My local airport served by Delta and US Airways. While in the past I have concentrated almost solely on Delta, their new 2015 rules have me looking harder at the USAirways/AA product.

  25. No. At this point my next Barclays card will be the Arrival World MC. (I’ve had two USAir cards in the past 18 months, though.)

  26. No, I’m working on UR points and then will try for the AAExecutive card.

  27. Heck No.

    While I don’t have an issue per se with AA, I will not give US Air a dime of my money/ I had switched from Delta to Usair when DL was only offering 1/2 mqm on discounted fairs. I had my status on them for a couple of years and they screwed me over one too many times. I was trying to get home for my son’s birthday and the ticket counter changed my flight, but printer had jammed, so they told me to go to the gate with my previous boarding pass. Get to the gate and GA wouldn’t let me one the plane, she refused to even look me up, let other people on and then closed the doors.. Plane left with empty seats….

    I bitched had her to the point where her boss came over and gave me a lunch voucher and an apology. The same GA was at the services desk, when I asked her for the status of my upgrade on the original flight and she looked me up.

    She looks at me and says, oh I was supposed to let you on the other flight, now it shows you missed your flight and your original seats have been given to someone else… She rebooked me in a middle seat and said “I would write a letter if I were you”…. Havent flown them since….

    My Avis rentals went to US, just to prevent the 100k plus miles sitting there from expiring. I havean AA card from citi.


  28. Nope. I probably should, but I’m focusing all my spend on my Delta Amex to get the MQM bonus.

  29. No, hoping the points I still have convert to AA points soon, so I can continue getting the newspaper for points.

  30. yes, at least from credit card spend. i got the us airways card just after the merger was announced… will wait until the account merge with AA and then afterwards get an AA credit card.

  31. No, I thought about it but decided that the new AA won’t serve enough routes with better and/or options than DL/B6.

  32. No, don’t use those carrriers. Thinking of adding Virgin card since miles are usable on Delta.

  33. They have the best reps for confusing them into cheaper awards – so yes still building

  34. Of course ! Whereas I have not flown US Air for some time; this is a great way to add to AA account. Also applied for 100K offer from Citi. Now for some serious spending (thank goodness, the US Air card only requires “first spend” and the annual fee.

  35. Nope, already have one and just opened a Chase Ink, so that’s all for me for a while!

  36. have the AA card, will get the US Air also. Might cancel when the annual fee is applied.

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