Reminder: We still can’t trust Delta.com when it comes to KLM seats!

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This fall I will be flying KLM and am stuck back in coach for this flight up from Amsterdam to Gothenburg since I could only use my Global Upgrade certs on Delta segments. Now I could have used them on KLM had I been in a very high fare class, but I am on a deeply discounted coach fare (thank you NAI) so coach it is.

Delta has been working on upgrading how we can interact with Skyteam partners on Delta.com. However can you really trust what you are seeing on Delta.com? One positive change has been that we can now use our Delta PNR for reservation number to pull up flights on KLM when you have an Air France or KLM flight.

klm-com showing my REAL seats picked by klm

But notice what happens when I look at that reservation and my seat choice. They are not the same. We just cannot trust that what is displayed on Delta.com will be your seat choice on KLM. The only way to make sure, or at least hope you get the seat you want, is to confirm it either on KLM.com or with a KLM phone rep and then make sure it is displayed properly on the web site.

Lastly when you do go to check in either on Delta.com originating from the United States or on KLM.com where you will be redirected to if starting outside the United States, that you verify your seats have not changed. As a plus it does appear that my entering my Delta Elite number on the reservation on KLM.com, that is my Delta Diamond number, KLM has recognized me as a Skyteam elite+ and auto selected Economy Comfort seats. On this specific flight really not a big deal because business class and coach class are all the exact same seat on this Embraer 190 regional jet and it is a very short flight.

As a side note, I am going to touch on several reminders you may have forgotten about this week as the summer travel season gets into full swing! – René
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  1. that’s annoying but not surprising. United & Lufthansa are the same (back when Lufthansa even allowed you to choose seats), if you want a specific seat you should pull up the flights on the website of the airline that’s operating them.

  2. So I have 3 intl’s coming up where I am on KLM from AMS onto my final destination (and the reverse on the route). My first two on KLM seems to show my selected seat fine in Delta.com. Are you saying I should verify by checking KLM.com?

    My third flight that was just booked last night kept losing my seat selection on the KLM flights. But it appeared each time that I went back in that the Seat I had selected the previous time was then taken. I tried this about 3 times and gave up after that. Each successive time all the previous seats that I had selected were marked X. So I decided that there was some kind of snafu going on.

  3. @VC3 – yes, you should ALWAYS confirm with KLM (and a reason to sign up for a flying blue account as I linked in the post). If it shows the same on KLM.com you “should” be fine. If not, call or tweet (via DM not in public clearly).

  4. I had a KLM EC seat, which I confirmed at the transfer desk in AMS but on my return trip I was assigned row 53 and no EC seats were available. The KLM FAs were very apologetic, and I got a Deflt Blue Amsterdam house and some amenity items out of it. I would think having a KLM agent at the transfer desk confirm a seat would be enough but it wasn’t in this case.

  5. Hi can I link and if so how my flying blue number to my delta account. Please?

    Oh dear I am concerned now 🙁 I have 3 flts rt on KLM to Scandinavia via ams

  6. @Nina – do this:
    1. setup Flying Blue Acct.
    2. look up your PNR at FB and track it
    3. put your DELTA elite number in the record
    4. check your seats
    5. if need be DM KLM via Twitter for help with seats.

  7. Is there anyway to select seats/view seats for Alitalia??

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