Should we add Jennifer Lopez to “Delta Passengers Hall of Shame” thread on Flyertalk?

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jennifer lopez puts feet up on a delta jet

Oh J-Lo – what were you thinking? I mean, sure you have some nice designer socks, and as far as feet go yours are cute, but we at Delta sorta have this “thing” about where we put our feet. Don’t believe me?

delta-pasangers-acting-bad from FlyerTalk and more

At FlyerTalk, a small frequent flyer board very few read (well maybe not small), there is this thread called: “Hall of Shame: Photographic Evidence of Disgusting Acts by Delta Air Lines Passengers” where you will find a photo or two of mostly Delta passengers behaving badly.

another jerk who should not be allowed to fly delta 1st class

And again like the class act above, that is one of the newest additions the wall of shame, we REALLY don’t like it when you put your feet on somewhere other than the floor or in the case of a night flight the spot your feet go on a full flat bed seat; that does NOT include the rest of the seat back as Delta cleaning crews do not swab down the entire seat after each flight.

So what do you think kids – is the mega star Jennifer Lopez deserving of addition to the Hall of Shame now? Is it OK to put your feet up on the seat back or the wall? – René
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  1. Although celebrities, I.e. Martha Stewart, are perceived as best candidate to publicize punishment of certain behavior, they are never the worst offending weasels. Cut JLo some slack.

  2. no it should not be added, there is no face picture to go with the “bad behavior”. The account could have been hacked? the photo could have been posted by somebody using her phone if it really was her. Not enough proof to point finger at her.

  3. Personally I just WISH I had enough legroom to have the option of putting my legs up like that!

  4. Apparently leg room is an issue in bulkhead. Put your feet wherever, you paid for that right in first and coach. Just don’t give yourself a pedicure.

  5. When you can pay to replace everything you put your feet on it’s a pass. And if you silently are wishing you were that bulk head you mustn’t hate.

  6. @ttxtri – uh, it is from her twitter account, with a photo of her boarding pass, and she says via google translate:
    “I love Brazil! I am so excited to join @ pitbull @ claudialette to celebrate the World Cup. # JLoAKA”

  7. Would love to know how that other ticket got a hand written upgrade to BE… I have had many a trip where no one was interested in my companion joining me in BE forcing both of us to economy. Thoughts? Also where is the swag Saturday entry?

  8. Who cares about her having her feet up. Her entire seat needs to be disinfected from the rest of her cooties.

  9. I’m cutting J-Lo some slack. Super nice person and very professional on set. I accidentally touched noses with her while resetting a prop (turned and went to run off stage without looking and ran right into her). I couldn’t apologize enough but she was super easy going about it. She shot the live song segment in the rain too. Told her band (Marc Anthony’s guys) to stop complaining and man up. Behavior like that in entertainment is rare and is appreciated.

  10. What? Of course I’m going to put my feet up if I have the space. Rene, I assume you are a lucky fellow who is roughly average sized. I’m on the short side – and my feet don’t touch the floor on flights. If I scoot forward until they do touch the floor, my back is twisted painfully.

    Try this as an experiment: put your dining table chair up on little blocks for dinner. Depending on your height, even bricks will accomplish this – just enough so that you cannot comfortably rest your feet on the floor. And eat dinner. Your legs will start tingling over time and after just half an hour you’ll find yourself restlessly moving your legs back and forth to try to get circulation back into them. Just imagine the discomfort you’d feel after even a relatively short flight.

    I NEVER impact the passengers in front of me (I’m quite careful to be very careful about how I put my feet up) but you’ll see me on every flight I am putting my feet up whenever possible. I have a small folding stool that I use occasionally, but it tips and frequently collapses. So putting my feet up is my standard.

    Before we judge other flyers (and I’m speaking here as someone who flies weekly, at a minimum, frequently on Delta, which is why I follow your blog)why don’t we just start from a baseline that air travel tends to be uncomfortable and not fun these days. I’m supportive of passengers short, tall, and everywhere in between doing what they can to make it a bit more tolerable – as long as they don’t impact those sitting next to or behind each other.

    In terms of the people on the next flight – again, finding pretzel crumbs, spilled drinks (sometimes sticky), and assuming the presence of all sorts of icky germs, I usually bring handy wipes. I assume the passenger after me would be more icked out by the sticky drink someone might have left than my stockinged feet.

  11. @Gilbert, @Rene, I checked with a friend who is a gate agent on international flights and he says the handwritten boarding pass is so the upgrade does not appear in the computer. This means it was done under the radar — for whatever reason. It would be ironic or stupid if J-Lo’s tweet caused an investigation by DL and some employee gets in trouble.

  12. @Don – YES! There are many things that happen to me that I would NEVER EVER blog, tweet or saying anything to anyone EVER about. Sad!

  13. Here, here to the short passenger. I too am vertically challenged. My thoughts are, that if you’re not barefoot, food is not served off the bulkhead wall and the bottom of your shoes are relatively clean, having trapsed through the airport terminal to board the plane after walking on commercial carpet and a durable floor product, why not?
    The pictures of bare feet on the top of the seat in front of you is offensive and disgusting.
    Applying nail polish or nail polish remover is grounds to get removed from the aircraft……..parachute complimentary.

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