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This morning we got to “enjoy” J-Lo with her feet on the IFE on a Delta jet in business class. I am very anti-feet anywhere but on the floor. The guy above from the thread at FlyerTalk just takes the cake IMO as one of the worst EVER!

For me there is something about flying that makes it is more than just a bus ride. I guess I am old enough to still think of flying as romantic and special. Maybe I am just out of touch.

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Anyway, on to this week’s SWAG Saturday and I am giving away TWO prizes this week that is TWO winners will each get a Beats urBeats In-Ear Headphones and some Delta Points SWAG as well.

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I have to say the rules that don’t change from week to week are HERE if you have never seen them. Then on to what I want from you for a chance to win via

I want you to tell me: “what you think is unacceptable behavior on an airplane”. Keep in mind the blog is “PG-13” so keep it clean please. Just what is something you think a person should NEVER EVER do on a Delta jet! – René
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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. Ken Rosenbaum Reply

    Coming on board with a raging cold or some contagious illness.

  2. pass gas!! OMG you should get up and use the bathroom but do not sit next to me on a 10 hour flight and let it rip!!!

  3. dotti cahill Reply

    little children using the rest rooms in BARE FEET what are the parents thinking that is disgusting. The other day chicago to atl i saw this but the floor of the bathroom was wet with blue water and whatever else… yuckkkk
    otherwise people too large to go down the aisle with tats hanging off them and 5 carryon bags…that is gross tooo

  4. I agree they feet anywhere other than the floor. Worse is dirty diapers anywhere other than the trash. I’ve seen dirty diapers in seat pockets. Gross!

  5. Cutting ones nails is horribly wrong and too common! Who would do that in public??

  6. Leaving a mess of crushed peanuts/baby’s cheerios/pretzels all over the floor

  7. Clipping toenails. Lady setting across the isle from me in first. During boarding she stopped in the isle and removed her shoes and put on sandals while everyone waited. Then proceeded to clip her toenails during the flight. Worst thing I have seen on a plane. Completely unacceptable behavior!!!

  8. People wearing overstuffed backpacks as they walk down the aisle. They then turn without a care in the world and nail a sitting passenger in the face with the overstuffed backpack.

  9. Should not eat enough junk airplane food to have to open ur buttons to feel comfortable

  10. Feet don’t bother me, so I don’t really find it gross, just rude. Changing diapers is definitely unacceptable. Leaving them for FAs should be illegal and a fineable offense along with improper disposal of any biohazardous waste.

  11. I’ve seen people touch the stewards/stewardesses inappropriately many times…I’ve even see a passenger smack away a stewardess once from touching his plate of food!

  12. People sitting in the rear of the plane storing their carry on bags in the overhead bins at the front the of plane as soon as they board taking up space for passengers who still have to board and may be sitting in those seats.

  13. Putting gum in places like under your seat or the magazine holder/pockets.

  14. I’m not a fan of people who steal bin space in First but are sitting in the back.

  15. Moving stuff in the overhead bin that doesn’t belong to you. Ask before you move it.

  16. I do not like seeing little kids hanging over the back of the seats and staring, especially when these kids should be buckled in, and I have kids.

  17. Flying with a cold! Just because you’re sick doesn’t mean hundreds of other people also want to be!

  18. So much gross stuff people do! I’d have to say the grossest thing I’ve seen is someone who took off their shoes and socks and had their feet all over everything.

  19. Kicking the back of the seat in front of you or pushing your knees into the back of the seat in front of you.

  20. I understand you have middle seat but you don’t have to aggressively claim both arm rests ie your elbows protruding into my gut

  21. Michael H.(oldfox) Reply

    Allowing your kids to do whatever they want on the plane. Ughhh…..!

  22. Throwing up in the bag and not hastily removing it from sight/view/smell.

  23. I once saw a guy snap his 1st class wet towel like he was in the locker room in high school. Then, he thought he was super funny so he was doing to people as they walked by.

  24. Not controlling your children! I understand you cant stop them from crying but you can stop them from kicking their seat, throwing things, and being a general pain in the butt.

    Being Rude to staff & other flyers.

  25. I say not changing a diaper is worse than changing them. If mom or dad does not change the diaper, we will have to listen to the kid screaming the whole flight in addition to dealing with smell of the diaper’s contents.

  26. The only time two people should go into the bathroom together is a mother helping her young child. Otherwise, bathrooms are for one person at a time.

  27. #25, #28, and bare feet.

    Shoving things into a seat back is bad. but so is dropping your seat in the lap of the person behind you.

  28. So many true answers above…. and hard to pick. Hygiene, using the first open overhead rather than one near your seats and uncontrolled kids rank high, but not controlling where your bags are as you walk down the aisle (and running into folks in the aisle seats) one of the worst!

  29. Karen Kirkham Reply

    Talking loudly on a cell phone (before/after flight) and parents that let their kids kick the seats in front on them.

  30. When you are away from your seat — having parents allow their kid to climb onto and stand in your empty seat and/or to start handling your headphones or other personal items. Yes, it’s happened to me and it’s especially gross after the child has been crawling on the floor of the aisle and you’ve seen them touching the floor, seats, and who knows what else on the plane.

  31. Playing a game on the back seat IFE and hitting the screen so forcefully that I feel every bounce. I’ve had this happen twice, both times by adults, and my seat was not reclined one bit.

  32. I agree with anything feet or personal hygiene related. And put some deodorant on.

  33. What really annoys me it parents who don’t control their children and let them scream, kick seats etc… I was on an international flight, last year, and there was a couple with two children and the only entertainment they had brought for the children was a single iPad with a couple of games. The the children were therefore bored and screamed the entire flight. I don’t blame the children for this but the parents for not providing appropriate entertainment.

  34. Bad hygiene (i.e. not showering prior or wearing deoderant) or people who have their volume cranked up so loud everyone else can hear

  35. People who talk so loudly on their cell phone you can hear them from anywhere on the plane

  36. One should never monitor other’s behavior that doesn’t impact you. For example, getting upset that someone puts their feet on a bulkhead, or uses the lavatory in bare feet or socks, only makes the trip unpleasant for the one getting upset. They should instead focus on all the skin they’re sloughing off for others to breathe every time they shift in their seat, or perhaps reflect on the hundreds of tiny mites crawling in their hair and eyelashes…

    Most importantly, one should never be rude to FAs.

  37. Either clipping ones nails, or abusing the friendliness of the Delta FAs/ Both are completely unacceptable.

  38. taking fair of personal hygiene issues at the seat (cutting nails, diapers, etc). If necessary, this should be taken care of in the bathroom.

  39. I sat next to a guy who never got the clue that I wasn’t interested in talking to him. I put my headphones on and was looking out the window, but he kept tapping on my shoulder to get my attention. Very rude.

  40. blatant repetitive use of foul language especially in front of children.

  41. Bringing on stinky food and people who clearly ignore the one bag and one personal item rule!!!

  42. I’ve seen nose picking… Awful.

    Worst experiences

    – excessive coughing (2 smokers on 10 hr flight – nearly every minute or so clearing lungs)
    – the ‘speed recline’… 5’1 tiny woman pressing the recline button and jerking it back immediately at ding hitting man behind her.
    – inappropriate iPad videos.

  43. Body Odor
    Strong cologne
    Not sharing the armrest when I miss the upgrade and have to sit in Y+

  44. Mike Mellott Reply

    Talking loudly so everyone in the plane can hear you. Bringing foul smelling food on the plane. Before (9/11), bring your own liquor on board.

  45. being rude to the attendants is on the top of the list for me, those kind of passengers are the worst,

  46. I hate when people don’t stay in their own space and try to take over yours too. Elbows, newspapers, etc. – keep them contained people!

  47. File your nails, clean your ears, brush your teeth – IN YOUR SEAT….

  48. People getting trashed, it’s a plane not a bar for goodness sakes.

  49. Picking your nose followed by depositing the goodies on the seat in front of you. Has to be the worse!!

  50. I hate it when I see people changing a baby’s diaper while seated. I’ve seen it way too many times.

  51. Flying with TB or whooping cough or whatever it is that causes that horribly contagious sounding hacking noise. You know the sound. It concerns you on domestic flights, but makes you a little paranoid on internationals…

  52. Matthew Wilson Reply

    Answering a call before the plane lands and having a conversation. Yes – it happened just the other day.

  53. Watching a video or playing a game on your tablet or cell phone without headphones on. Even when the volume is down low, it’s still bothersome.

  54. 1. Most certainly feet on the walls. News flash – this is not your house. Do you do that at home? Didn’t think so.

    2. Rude passengers towards crew. Crew is here for our safety not for you to act entitled.

  55. Rene, I think I should win since you used my picture of the pimp and his girls.

    BTW, the one activity that has been irritating me the most is people who are traveling with their “NON” service animal, and playing with them in their seat. Instead of leaving the dog underneath the seat like they are supposed to.

  56. Being rude to a FA without cause. Just because you are in first class does not give you the right to forget your maners

  57. Relaxing (reading, watching a show, sleeping) while your kids are misbehaving.

  58. Deltasegmentflyer Reply

    1. Being rude to FA
    2. Hitting people with your bags and then being so clueless to not say sorry.
    3. Placing luggage in bins before your seat.
    4. Pushing by people to get off the plane before it’s your turn. We are all late for our connection.

  59. Don in ATL Reply

    1. people who don’t know how to properly cover a cough or sneeze 2. uncontrolled children 3. people who won’t share the armrest 4. morbidly obese people who squeeze into a seat next to me and parts of their anatomy falls into my territory.

  60. Bringing a kid on plane with NO snacks or toys to keep child busy
    When kids start screaming you should have something to distract him or her instead of just shrugging your shoulders

  61. Dousing yourself with so much perfume that my throat closes up every time I try and take a breath. And leaning into my space.

  62. Never ever put your bare feet on or anywhere near the seat in front of you. Especially between the seats or window.

  63. people who are impatient when entering and exiting and are rude about it and also people who don’t respect peoples space

  64. iwantmoremiles Reply

    I am finding it hard to pick just one but I will go with cutting your toe nails.

  65. Shoving dirty, used tissues in the seat-back pocket for unsuspecting future travelers to find!

  66. I am guilty of this one…
    Watching an airplane inappropriate movie. I had the “Wolf of Wall street” DVD and popped it in my laptop to watch. Within the first 5 minutes, movie over. A bit too much “skin” that the lady next to me got a bit creeped out. Airplane inappropriate for sure if you have seen the movie. The movie was a bootleg DVD from China so it was just released in the theater so it wasn’t cleaned up for the airplane yet.

  67. Please shower up before flying. Nothing worse than your seat mate having a case of bad BO!

  68. I personally hate when people eat takeout food in their seat. It’s usually something smelly. When they eat prior to take off there is no where to throw away their trash.

  69. I am appalled by the parents that ignore the behavior of their children. I am not talong about infants etc but rather the age that know good behavior from bad. Like when the 4 year old sitting next to parent behind me can’t stop flipping the tray up and down and up and down. Then the parent is shocked when I turn and ask them to stop.

  70. Hogging the armrest! Especially if you have a hairy, beefy arm! Ewww!

  71. Passing gas with out even attempting to go to the restroom to do it.

  72. If someone doesn’t fit between the two armrests and moves the armrest up so that they can spill over into yours.

    This happened to my sister in law, I’m surprised that she didn’t ask for a refund or some partial credit for having to share her seat wit a stranger.

    The seat space is personal space there is no gray area other than the lowered armrest that is shared.

  73. Basically just being too loud or taking up more than your fair share of space. I also hate when people have their headphones on too loud – it’s your music, not mine!

  74. Barefeet and putting your feet up on seats or bulkheads… its a public place, not your living room.

  75. Sleeping on the passenger next to you (particularly when you are complete strangers).

  76. I could say FLY, but really not much more than has already been said.


  77. BenTraveling Reply

    Letting your dog sit in the aisle in the way of passengers and the flight crew.

  78. I think it is really annoying if people talk super loud so that everyone can hear it…

  79. Brushing your hair while seated…especially women with long hair. Feet are at the bottom of your body for a reason, and should stay on the floor as well.

  80. Coughing and spreading germs everywhere without regard for others

  81. I agree, many inappropriate things, worst is exposing the entire plane to your virus!

  82. Not making this one up.

    Changing clothes in the aisle (in Business Class no less)shortly before landing after an all-night flight from the US.

    I’ve seen this happen more than once in the past few months. Trust me, no one wants to see your big fat gut without a shirt on, even just for a minute.

  83. I HATE when people bring on smelly greasy fast food to eat on the plane!

  84. If you would not do something in the presence of your kids or parents, do not do it on board the plane. Especially inappropriate video, games or music.

  85. Clipping nails out in the open. I can’t believe how often I have seen this!

  86. Talking so loudly that people around you can’t sleep on a red eye. I’ve encountered this so much on ex-SEA transcons that it messes me up for Monday morning meetings.

  87. I hate feet up on the wall, people clipping their toe nails, ugh, and putting up the armrest between you and a stranger. Thanks!

  88. Feet on the wall is bad (at least J-Lo has her shoes on) … but bare feet anywhere on the plane is just too disgusting.

  89. Blaring headphones so loud that 3 rows worth of people have to hear what you’re listening to!

  90. Clipping nails is something that is really gross, and I see it WAY too often! Some women seem to have a nail clipper on their key chain so they can clip nails wherever they are. Soooo repulsive!

  91. Talking loudly throughout a red-eye, so everyone within 10ft can hear the conversation

  92. Painting nails, spraying cologne/perfume on board, and bringing a crave case of White Castles.

  93. The middle passenger gets both armrests. That must be respected.

  94. Jeffrey Soo Reply

    I think that it is unacceptable to lift up the armrest in between your seat and someone else’s.

  95. The worst thing to me is hygiene. Smelly people. Dirty greasy hair, especially when it smells and loose pieces fall off clothing. Shoes off wil Holley, smelly socks and rotten, smelly teeth. Makes we want a contamination proof suit with a mask and gloves.

  96. I have to agree sitting in row 30 and putting 2 roller bags above seat 16 when they can see just about every bin open to the back. Then later someone comes to row 16 looking to stow a bag and has to go to row 25-30 to find a spot. Then fight to get back to their seat.

  97. Animesh Kumar Reply

    Couples should be not be indulge in intimate behavior in-flight as they are so many children.

  98. taking the seatbelt off the plane, so the next passenger does not have it…

  99. Encroaching on the passenger sitting next you because you can’t fit into your own seat!

  100. I don’t think you should ever be allowed to bring a roll aboard on board that isn’t going to fit in the overhead on the plane you are flying. But, we all know that that will continue as long as delta keeps allowing it.

  101. Patrick B. Reply

    I don’t like it when people put their feet through between the seats to the arm rest in the row in front of them. I’ve had feet appear in my seat space before on a flight wondered what the guy behind me was thinking if he thought this was acceptable.

  102. Body odor. Traveling when sick with nonstop coughing, sneezing, nose blowing.

  103. Carrying on a conversation with a person in the row behind you for over 30 seconds.

  104. Rupert Winchester Reply

    Bringing smelly food unto an airplane. I don’t mind if someone brings something like a sandwich on board but not smelly ethnic food.

  105. Uri Hadelsberg Reply

    Eating Chipotle with a lot of hot sauce preboarding or getting a frapuccino even though you’re lactose intolerant!

  106. no feet anywhere but the floor. come aboard dressed to travel-if you must change clothes then do that in the lavatory. don’t put your junk in my space. do be kind to the people around you.

  107. Tapping the IFE screen behind you so hard that you get irritated by it.

  108. Sat right in front of someone using an electronic cigarette a couple years ago on a USAirways flight out of Houston. He was clearly on something, all sweaty and nervous. I thought those were not allowed on flights, don’t know why they let him continue using.

  109. The double whammy. Bare feet where people are clipping their toe nails.

  110. Not making an effort to control unruly kids, especially the ones behind me kicking my seat back.

  111. Emitting bodily odors, from whatever source. Keep that to yourself, shower, put on deodorant, keep your shoes on, etc… It’s not OK!

  112. I find it unacceptable when I’m in the window seat & fully awake and the isle/middle seat pax reaches over and closes the window shade right in front of me. Grrrrr…

  113. Leave sound on when playing a hand held video game !!!
    Floss !!!!!

  114. Charlotte N Reply

    Reading the responses is scary! While I have seen most of these inappropriate and rude, thoughtless behaviors (missed the dirty diapers) on a flight, fortunately, they don’t occur that often. Plus, if flyers follow your advice, Delta Points readers will find themselves upgraded more often than not. Sure, people can be rude anywhere they sit, but the added space between and in front of and behind in first and business class provides an invisible barrier to many indignities from fellow travelers.

  115. I agree with many above, kicking the seat in front of you during an entire flight is the worst.

  116. The smell of strong perfumes is really annoying in such an enclosed space. People applying that stink juice while inside is especially horrible.

    A lot of people complain about feet but I’m not quite as grossed out there. I mean we all went through security where every passenger shared the germy floor in socks or bare feet along with people who wore shoes that have been who knows where and most of us don’t give it a second thought.

  117. In general terms, anything that is unacceptable behavior in, say a fast casual restaurant, is unacceptable in an airplane. More specifically, personal hygiene is just that – personal.

  118. Noise and smell are my two big no no’s on an airplane. Others shouldn’t have to hear or smell you because they need to sit by you.

  119. Noah Mark Blaustein Reply

    Looking toenails and putting on nail polish, is the worst!

  120. Noah Mark Blaustein Reply

    Clipping toenails and putting on nail polish, is the worst!

  121. Definitely people with bare feet walking all over the plane and then putting their feet between the arm rest in front of them. And the overhead space hoggers. They shove more than one bag in the overhead and their coats and put their bags in the first row over heads even though they’re not sitting there

  122. Biting nails and aggressively munching/pulling off cuticle skin by baring teeth and awkwardly twisting hand around for best angle which meant your elbow in my face, then spitting the results of this gross behavior onto the floor of plane, picking nose and eating it as if you’re invisible, and clipping your toenails then swinging bare feet around so your male companion in the seat next to you can give you a lengthy, while you lean back against the window making inappropriate sounds, foot massage. Said male companion then uses those same filthy hands to get FA’s attention my touching her bare arm. Yuck!

  123. Parents who allow their children to use the seats as a jungle gym, drum set, media room, cafeteria, or in anyway but as a seat

  124. Thomas Zook Reply

    To me, it is unacceptable for the increasingly ‘weighty’ flight attendants to plow their way through the aisle with disregard to who they knock around. Yes, FA’s move in the aisles more than passengers but it is still unacceptable for them to hit most everyone en route.

  125. Bare feet anywhere – at your seat, walking, or in the bathroom (yuck!).

  126. pretty much all of the above, but boarding while contagious is unconscionable to me.

  127. I think it’s unacceptable when people stand up right after parking at the gate and walk ahead in the aisle as far as they can.

  128. In response to &5 and 81: Slow people are the worst. Do you sit around with your thumb up your backside, then jump up at the last second, finally getting your bags down while everyone else has to wait for you? Do you walk slowly, not keeping up with the people in front of you? Then you are the rudest jerk on the plane.

    You want to not rush? You want to be relaxed? Great, let everyone else go, then take your time. But don’t waste other people’s time just because your time isn’t valuable.

  129. Other than truly outrageous behavior that would get a passenger kicked off a flight (such as getting puking drunk and violent or getting sexually intimate in your seat), unacceptable behavior on a plane is kicking off your shoes being in your bare feet, or eating a potent, smelly, homemade meal which stinks up the whole coach section! The sloppily dressed, causal passengers make bare feet even more unacceptable, and the air quality is bad enough as it is without a stinky meal making it worse!

  130. I agree that ANY type of personal hygiene (especially those listed above) conducted in the cabin is unacceptable behavior!

  131. Getting drunk, then talking very loudly to anyone and everyone. Any personal grooming, especially applying perfume and hairspray.

  132. I was just on a flight where the guy next to me was picking his nose the whole time, even changing hands to change sides.

  133. Telling me I can’t recline my seat… And if I had these headphones I could just not hear them

  134. Anything with bare feet is just unacceptable. And as someone who lives in a flyover state, I would like to ban camouflage clothing on the plane! jk

  135. I’m also anti-feet and I had a guy next to me take off his shoes for a flight that was less than an hour. I understand if it’s a redeye or cross country, but for an hour flight?

  136. A stranger putting up the armrest without asking. Just generally creepy.

  137. Not waiting your turn to leave the plane. The row in front of you goes before you, buddy. 🙂

  138. LarsErikNYC Reply

    I believe that the #1 “Never never do” is to board the plane if you’re contagious (i.e., you’re sick and could potentially infect others who must sit near you. Nothing I can think of is worse than that.

  139. Believe that somehow YOU and your needs and desires are more important that anyone else’s. Treat others as you would want them to treat you. You are NOT any more important than the next passenger!

  140. Larry Menter Reply

    Leaving food and trash in the seat pocket for the next flight’s passenger like me to find!

  141. Blabbing away on a cell phone while boarding and letting everyone around you in on your personal business or how important you think you are!

  142. Ryan Williams Reply

    What irks me the most with people on airplanes is when women decide to paint their nails, I don’t get it, no one wants to smell those fumes in an enclosed tube.

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  145. Definitely feet on seats (though bare feet on the floor doesn’t really bother me, that’s your own feet on the bathroom floor.).

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