What are you looking forward to from Delta this year and under #Skymiles2015?

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airfrance tweets back they do their best to give ff seats to skymiles

As we continue to march toward Skymiles2015 we are also looking forward to Delta living up to the promise to offer more award seats at low levels. Now I have not had much problem under the old Skymiles but with the improvements I hope for nothing but home runs! But that is with Delta award space.

AF new business class seats

What I am really looking forward to, and hoping for, is Delta working with their Skyteam partners to claw back some of the award space they once had, both Delta as well as in the outstanding NWA days.

new klm business seats

I mean both the AF & KLM new full flat products that are slowly starting to roll out look very nice and worth a try. But if Delta will not open up any award space it will be hard for us to enjoy them (yes I know I could pay for a ticket but that is not what I do and neither should you)!

va space open 1

What we are slowly seeing is some more award space, even at low level, on Virgin Atlantic. It has been fun reading the reviews about how good this experience has been for them. Most are saying it is nice and on par with Delta.

va seatmap of 747 on delta-com

They are saying some things are better than Delta while others they prefer the choices Delta has made. Bottom line is it is a good option if we can find low level space to use our Skymiles.

Now I don’t see Delta investing 49% in KLM/AF and I sure hope that is not what it’s going to take for them to give us a seat or two; I mean if you search for a flight to CDG in Paris you are going to be hard pressed to find a single seat over the water any day at ANY award price on Delta.com – that is an issue Delta NEEDS to fix in 2015! – René
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  1. @Jason – Me too the only thing that we need to know about how that will affect open jaw and stop over rules (i.e. for one way trips). There may be times a RT is still a better way to go to gain the “free” one way tacked on to an award(E11-post)!

  2. I’m looking forward to upgrading to 1st class using points on routes that are tough to get automaticly upgraded. Some of which may have already started. I still have 450k FF points to use up.

  3. I’m looking forward to the new posts on mileage runs, with the goals being least airtime at the highest price. “DTW to GRR for $6,000? That’s an awful fare! I’m getting in on that before it disappears!”

  4. I’m looking forward to the next poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Love those.

  5. @John – you need to use the right words, not sharp stick. You mean to say: “After feedback from our customers we have added the latest enhancements to the program” – yeah ok I guess sharp stick in the eye works too 😉

  6. I’m looking forward to burning all the skymiles I’ve earned previously and this year using the new improved award calendar for 2015 and switching all my spending to my new Barclay’s Arrival and Chase Ink cards from my Delta Reserve so the points I earn can be spent on whatever the cheapest front cabin TATL fare is that I can find. Looking forward to my last year as a Delta Gold Medallion and to trying new carriers. I’m a low fare leisure TATL traveler and long time GM and Delta doesn’t love me any more so why should I love them back?

  7. Saving money! Since I will no longer be worried about maintaining status and collecting miles I can now find lower cost tickets on other airlines instead of being loyal to Delta. Still trying to decide which airline will get the bulk of my business next year but I can almost guarantee it won’t be Delta. I will have 350k MQM’s with them over the last 2 years but I have been “enhanced” to another airline.

  8. I am looking forward the “more low level award seats.” However, I don’t really believe this is going to happen, because I already see (as in the past 2 months) low level award seats disappearing faster than the polar ice caps. I hope I am proven wrong!

  9. I’m looking forward to giving my business to someone else (I’ve been doing that for most of the year already).

  10. Looking forward to a drop off in Delta’s overall business so they become more customer friendly. Also, more seats once this negatively impacts Delta.

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