It is important to have your Sky Club card with you when you fly. Why?

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important to have physical delta sky club card delta-com

I have kept my old Sky Club card in my bag for a while now but have never pulled it out. After all, most times, the rep just scans my boarding pass and peeks at my ID and I am good to go so what is the point. Plus, worst case, I have my digital one in my phone. What else should you need?

Well as you can see from the screen shot from the page you should have it with you when you fly especially internationally when it may come in handy to have it to make sure you can get in (under the rules).

delta-com what skyteam lounges you can get into as a skyclub member

Also with the new Executive / Individual membership options just who may join you in even Skyteam partner lounges has been updated as you can see. But what if you lost your card or no longer have it? It is simple to replace.

my wallet at delta-com

Log in to and go to “My Delta” and then click on “My Wallet” and you will see the box to be able to request, free of charge, an updated card.

request lost skyclub card

Just confirm your information (that should already be up to date anyway – right) and the card will be in the mail in a few weeks. They also give you the option to print a paper version right away that in a pinch should work if you have a trip coming up faster than the replacement card will arrive.

Having said all this, another neat reason to always have it in your wallet is the Skymiles bar code on the back of the card. In the old days your Skymiles card had this but no longer. With this bar code, when boarding a flight, you can just scan that to board the jet. It really works – try it sometime! – René
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  1. If you have an iPhone, you can save a Sky Club “card” in Passbook – always available, and includes the bar code.

  2. @Scott – yes, as with the linked post, same with Android but notice Delta says the REAL card can be needed at times not just the digital ones!

  3. using a barcode to board always results in the same awkwardness for me…
    “BEEP BEEP” *print out*
    “Oh, Mr. Lewis! looks like you’ve been up-’re on this flight though”
    “Yes, that’s correct”

    Almost as awkward as the shoutouts to each upgrade by first and last name over the PA in PHL this month. Would have been just fine with being surprised boarding in SKY… *sigh* never complain about an upgrade i know.

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