$250 UBER referral credit up for grabs (you just gotta ride Lyft to get it)!

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Oh this is some really sneaky marketing by UBER. Check this one out if you happen to live in Atlanta, Chicago or Nashville. UBER wants you to take a ride on Lyft and then sell the driver to come and work for UBER instead.

uber a lyft driver 2

If you can do that, and the Lyft driver has had at least 5 fares in May, and then joins UBER and takes a ride before the end of June, you get $250 bucks in UBER credit to spend. I have not tested Lyft yet but do like UBER. Their rates are not always the best but I have used them both in the states and in Europe and love their customer service when you do need them.

This latest “drive” to get drivers is fascinating to me. It seems anyone can get in on the recruit Lyft drivers game and the link is HERE if you want to sign up and try to get some $250 UBER credits for yourself. Do notice if you refer more than two of these UBER will 1099 you so maybe stop at two. What do you think – great hiring idea or sneaky way to get new drivers? – René

PS – you can still get $25 UBER credit 1st time riders!

EDIT: The $30 credit offer is currently the best!

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  1. Hope this come to MSP! 🙂 Maybe I should get some friends to start Lyft Driver Accounts now and do a few rides under there accounts….always trying to game the system 🙂

  2. This is too sneaky to me, and if I was a Lyft driver, I wouldn’t want to deal with fares trying to constantly get me working somewhere else while I was trying to do my job. There is plenty of time off of the clock for that if I so choose.

  3. I really don’t understand this fear of 1099s. Option A: I get $500 in credits and don’t report it on my return (worth noting there’s a field for listing income not reported elsewhere…). Option B: I get $750 in credits and a 1099 and pay a 30% tax (let’s assume I’m in an upper bracket) and still walk away with …$525. So you come out ahead with three credits (and $700 after four credits). My guess is you’d still be writing about this if Uber was offering $175 per sign-up.

  4. @Scott – Just to be clear I get NO bonus myself at all for any of this either this one or the other one where you use the Delta code. I would never personally suggest anything that could get a 1099 for a reader but that is just me. For those who are risk tolerant they can go full steam. Not me!

  5. Brilliant but a little convoluted idea from Uber. The Uber and Lyft concepts makes me happy to be an American and a capitalist for sure. Most of the time my experiences have been so far better than the average cab it’s not funny. It’s just a better product AND has a great new marketing twist.

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