The shutdown of Vanilla Debit GCs at WallyWorld (what next)?

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one vanilla visa

The bad news is, a while back, Vanilla Reloads that cost just $3.95 each for a $500 card were shut down for purchase with Credit Cards at CVS. No problem, we switch to Vanilla Visa Debit Gift cards. They cost $1 buck more, that is $4.95.

metabank visa debit gift cards

Now, with confirmation all over the web, those have been shut down at Walmart as well. OH NO – PANIC? Not really. You see the MetaBank Visa Debit Gift cards that cost, say it with me, $1 buck more, that is $5.95, work just fine and I tested two just a few minutes ago at the Money Center Machine at Walmart.

So, we are now up to a whopping $59.50 to fully load BlueBird to $5,000 for a month or 1.2% cost. Well if you are earning from say BeFrugal the current low 2.5% plus points buying AMEX gift cards, and then use those to buy these gift cards, you are still coming out almost 1.3% ahead plus the points you earn on top of that. I can live with those numbers and know the higher 3-4% rebate deals will likely be back soon! – René

EDIT: Twitter follower WES reports that he TODAY did VDGCs from USBANK so those should be good to go too!
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  1. I was able to use two of the $500 OneVanilla Prepaid Visa Giftcards yesterday using the work around. Has something changed in the last 24 hours?

  2. Are there easy places to buy the Metabank gift cards? It was so easy before to walk into a drug store (C V S, Walgreens, etc). I don’t think I have seen those around.

  3. Rene – I have not purchased/used the MetaBank VGCs before. How is the PIN set?

  4. I used 2 $500 @ Walmart yesterday but had to use the work around an pick “Debit”. Worked fine then.

  5. Do OneVanilla’s still work on the money machine though? I just loaded some on to BB from there Monday.

  6. @Devon – I have not yet looked and it may be different by location. Check. Also other banks VDGCs could work like those from US Bank just have not tested yet.

  7. Any suggestions on how to unload 5K worth of One Vanilla’s now that WM/BB will not work? Can I purchase the Metabank VGC’s using One Vanilla’s online?

  8. @Jay – reg cards for online use and unload via Amazon Payments over 5 months. Or, buy MetaBank ones locally and eat cost to unload.

  9. Rene – When you say buy Metabank ones locally, can I use my OV gift card at my local CVS to purchase the Metabank VGCs, or is that cash only? I appreciate the help.

  10. There is no way around this at WallyWorld?

    Well there goes my ONLY reason for visiting Walmart, and you know since I was there, I would pick up a few items too. No more.

    At least I’m only sitting on a single black OneVanilla card at the moment.

    I’m predicting they will keep turning the screws on every avenue of Manufactured Spend. Remember the purpose of all these debit cards is to harvest fees from poor people. In the inverted world of credit cards, people who pay their debts every month and never run up fees are “freeloaders”.

  11. When you used the MetaBank cards did you still have to use the workaround and change payment? Thank you

  12. Thanks for the post! I’ve been reading FT to keep up with it all. I’m new to this hobby and enjoyed the challenges. I’ll have to learn how to unload the OVs I have now and discover where to pick up MetaBank cards.

  13. Tried it this morning 6/20 at Walmart with a Bancorp Vanilla Visa GC, the gold package sold at CVS for $4.95 for $500 and despite hitting cancel and changing payment type at the register to Debit, it wasn’t accepted saying, “Debit transaction Unavailable” where it worked just fine three days ago with the same method.

  14. @Rhys Yes, those cards are done at WM. You’ll need to find another outlet to liquidate.

  15. Be very careful buying Meta or any gift cards. Make sure that they were not tempered with – I mean opened and re-glue the card back and close the packaging after getting the card information.

    I bought one a few months ago in Vegas at a food store 215 and rainbow. After I paid and went to Walmart 2 hours later. I could not load it to BB. Come to find out, someone already use the card to buy another gift card at a CVS 5 miles away.

    I was told by the food store manager that It has to be an inside job. They took the info and put it back on the shelf and wait for someone to buy it. They already had another one made with the info.
    Make sure you don’t take the top one of the pack. Inspect it carefully and look for signs that it was opened before.

  16. Tried to load BB at a Walmart in Nor Cal where I usually go. The guy behind the counter always knows how to load, BUT…today, no go. He was surprised.
    I tried to buy Metabank card online but there is no option to use AMEX. Any way to purchase using that card?

  17. I know if you go to the counter they won’t work….I usually go to the money center machine and load 1500…if you do 2k u will get locked and need to get someone to unlock it so you can proceed…. So are money center machines not accepting debit anymore? Please advise, I was loading a bunch all week…


  18. Hi Rene, I read this over and over. I get the need to purchase the AMEX GC through portal for the CB but I am missing where can the MetaBank cards be found? Thanks!

  19. Can US Bank Visa gift cards be used still to load BB at WM? Anyone try this yet?

  20. I guess it is Paypal for now to unload the $1000 i have left for this month and the next $4000 to fulfill my 25K with Amex. Time to start strategizing on how to get that done.

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