Would you pay $34/hr for a “nap/work” room in an airport?

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I hate tight connections. I mean I loath them. When I happen to get a schedule change that moves me from say 2 hours down to 45 minutes I start to sweat. A little less so on Delta as I have to say of all the airlines Delta has been outstanding to me on being on time or making up time. Sure, I get that Delta is padding their schedules more than other airlines, but who cares, I say it makes the connections work. Fine by me.

One of the reasons I really dislike a tight connection is that it does not give me down time to enjoy the airport. Er, what, enjoy an airport? Have you lost your mind? Well, that is another topic for discussion but airports, if you are not just running from gate to gate, are great. Airport lounges, that you can get into free with cards like the American Express Membership Rewards “Airline Travel Card” or even a few times a year in the “The Club at ATL” with Chase INK cards that is “business credit card“. If you have enough time you can enjoy these kinds of breaks between flights. Have a long break, even take a refreshing shower all free as well as wifi and areas to work and plug in all your toys for a recharge.

But what if you are not smart enough to have access. Is it a good idea to rent a tiny room for $34/hr to get some work done in quiet or take a nap? MiniSuites says on their website:

“We are pleased to offer our passengers high-quality, convenient services like Minutes Suites,” said John Cugasi, director of Concessions. “Minute Suites gives our passengers an affordable, private retreat within the terminal to nap, relax or work.”

I agree getting away from the masses to a private retreat to nap, relax or work is good. Now as to affordable, I am not sure $34 per hour fits into my frugal travel plans as well. I mean, even Delta with their ridiculously over inflated new $29 per visit if you have the Delta GOLD or PLATINUM AMEX “Airline Travel Cards” is a better value than this. No you don’t get complete privacy, but for the cost I see more value.

Maybe I am just missing something here. You tell me, would it be worth it to you to rent one of these rooms for an hour or two on your trip? – René

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  1. I love the idea of a fully private area for napping at airports. It’s not easy for me to sleep in public spaces so on long connections, particularly on international trips, these could come in handy.

    They were supposed to get these at MSP a couple of years ago but it doesnt appear that it ever happened.

  2. I used something similar at DEL last week. I arrived into DEL from a domestic flight in the early evening for my 2 am BA flight home.

    You’re not allowed into the airport — even before security — until 4 hours before. The arrivals area has a nap’n’go place. It was about $40 for 3 hours. Better than standing outside the airport in the 110 degree weather.

    But at ATL? Nah, plenty of ways to kill a few hours even if you don’t have lounge access.

  3. I would actually gladly pay $10 on top of my SkyClub access if there was a treadmill at each SkyClub.

  4. I can imagine a scenario where it would be worthwhile for someone to spring for one of these rooms. 🙂

  5. Hi.
    This is just too funny.
    I just received am e-mail from Delta about a schedule change (which made my layover 6 hours in JFK) and after a loooong and useless call to Delta (although, I am a PM and the same thing happened last year and they DID issued me a partner ticket), I decided to research hotel/hourly room options. And here I am, opening your blog – and I see this post:)))
    Anyway, my question is – do you know of something like this in JFK? I do have an access to the lounge with my reserve card, but I am traveling with a 2 year old, and it is not ideal to be there for 6 hours after a 10 hour international flight.
    And to answer your question – No, $34 is too much per hour.

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