What are the “Unpublished” perks Delta “offers” to flyers?

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Medallions and other Delta high value customers as well as Delta CO-branded American Express “airline travel cards” all come with a lengthy list of published benefits. Last week I talked about million milers and how they sometimes are more appreciated by Delta than other flyers. However there is an equally long list of unpublished benefits, perks and advantages Delta occasionally or fairly regularly extends to flyers that will not appear on Delta.com or anywhere else (well, other than on DeltaPoints)!

Like what? There are a bunch, but here are a few:

  • Better access to low level award seats
  • Porsche rides gate to gate
  • Preferred baggage handling & trip tracking
  • Waived fees
  • Hotel vouchers
  • Food vouchers
  • Soft landings for medallion status
  • Medallion status itself
  • Even more hush hush perks

Many of these perks are sometimes extended to Diamond medallion or Delta 360 flyers that is those who the airline views as the most valuable customers and biggest dollar spenders with Delta. Others just have to be asked for and they will sometimes happily help or other times begrudgingly assist.

Better access to low level award seats is one of the many reasons I keep my Delta AMEX Reserve card “airline travel card” . I have yet to get the coveted Porsche ride between gates but I tend to book long layovers to enjoy Skyclubs (and other much better clubs) along the way. We all know Skyteam elite+’s bags get special handling, but there is even more beyond that as well as someone monitoring your trip (in case of issues to proactively fix them). Stuck at the airport – nope – you get a hotel voucher as well as food from Delta. Miss your medallion level by a a few (or a bunch) of MQMs? To me, it is amazing that you can spend enough with Delta or a Delta AMEX and you will keep your status or flat out have a nice status level gifted to you by the airline.

Now I know you are thinking and want to ask me what you have to do to get these perks yourself and what are the requirements; did I mention these are unpublished perks so the airline is very reluctant to even acknowledge they happen let alone tell lowly ME what is needed to get something that they don’t talk about happening (thus the graphic I chose above 😉 )!

Some of the reasons these are not published perks is that they are not always extended to HVC’s. But all of these do happen and sometimes quite often. Have you had some unexpected perks extended to you? – René
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  1. @René, I am not familiar with this one.. •Soft landings for medallion status can you please elaborate?



  2. Rene…I got the coveted Porsche ride a few weeks ago and was VERY happy to get it as i had a tight connection at LAX to catch the redeye.

  3. I once got upgraded because it was my birthday. (I had no status at the time.) The GA referred to it as a “birthday upgrade”, as if it was some kind of standard policy. So even if you have status, and maybe you’re low on the list that day, you never know – it might help. (Never hurts to ask…)

  4. I’ve gotten the gate to gate Porsche ride twice…both times at LAX. Could have used it at ATL when going from E to A or T…why is your gate in the connecting concourse always 32 or 1?

  5. Rene,

    I seem to remember a post about Delta “upgrade eligible” versus “upgrade requested”.

    I am Gold. Have a Delta Reserve Card. I just forget when/where I saw the post.

    Can you send me a link or go over it again?


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