Don’t even think about “lighting up” an e-Cigarette on a Delta jet!

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photo of e-cigarette use

I am the worst kind of anti-smoke person as I am an ex-pack-and-a-half a day smoker; I really hate cigarette smoke. Smelling it gives me an instant headache that lasts all day long and I quit over 25 years ago. Even sitting next to someone who just smoked is enough to cause me pain. So take this post from that viewpoint, that is from one who would be happy to never ever see a tobacco product ever again smoked by a living human.

deltaassist e-cig tweet 1

Enter a tweet from follower Christopher to me and to Delta Assist both telling about a passenger who “smoked” (it is not fire but vaping) an e-cigarette on a Delta Jet the other day.

deltaassist e-cig tweet 2

And then, reading from this multi-part tweets, we see Delta Assist stating Delta’s stand that e-Cigs are not OK on Delta jets.

you can not use e-cigs on delta jets per sky magazine june 2014

And if you look in the back of any of this years Sky magazines you will also see that Delta states that cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, as well as e-Cigs are not allowed on Delta jets (I cannot find any updated info yet on

Supporters of vaping strongly feel the vapor from their nicotine delivery devices has no ill effect on others. The science on this is yet to be proven and clearly being in the anti-smoking camp I am happy to err on the side of ban till we know. I’m not willing to accept the manufacturers’ marketing claims that these products are not harmful to others.

I also get the additional info Delta Assist shared, that is it could confuse people to allow these kinds of e-cigs and perhaps someone may think it is a real cigarette and decide to blaze up as well.

What do you think readers? Do you have a stand pro or con for these new e-Cigs? Do you feel they should be allowed in public places or say in an airport or on a Delta jet? – René
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  1. First let me correct a mis-quote. You stated “we see Delta Assist stating Delta’s stand that e-Cigs are not OK on Delta jets.”

    This is not what they are saying, they say the “Use” of e-cigs is not ok on Delta jets.

    Now on to your question. As a person who is considerate of others, I have no problem with the “use” of them not being allowed. Not only may it lead to some confusion to allow them and because of the unresolved science regarding the second hand affects, but because of the different flavors available with the vap style, some may find the aroma emitted to be offensive. No different than the person applying nail polish inflight or the person who hasn’t bathed.

  2. @Ledfish – I think use was implied in the post and tweet. Yes transport is OK. So is transport of snuff and real cigarettes. Use is the point.

  3. “No smoking” means no smoking and in my opinion smoking or using an e cigarette is smoking. Someone may try (if they haven’t already) to make an argument that e cigarettes and perhaps even medical marijuana should be allowed as a reasonable accommodation for a disability.

  4. Southwest has the same policy that does not allow the use of e-cigarettes on board

  5. Personally, I don’t mind (and actually enjoy) the smell of the various flavored vaping liquids, but I could understand how others might find them offensive and therefore their use should be restricted, not for safety, but simply for courtesy.

    Maybe they need to update the video and have Deltalina wagging her finger at an e-cig smoker!

  6. Congratulations on the quitting smoking. I also quit 33 years ago and I, like you, still get a massive headache even sitting next to someone who smells like a smoker. I’m hoping that e cigs are banned everywhere and not just on airplanes. Not enough is known, yet, about them.

  7. I seriously doubt that ANY domestic airline allows the use of e-cigs onboard. I’m pretty sure I would have said something either directly to the offending pax or for sure to a FA.

  8. I think e-cigs are banned from every domestic US based airline. I dont know about the foreign carriers though. That stuff smells. My other thoughts as follows. I am i the wholesale business (completely unrelated to this industry) I have seen the people that sell their stuff on a wholesale basis at trade shows etc. That is not a crowd I would trust. The term shady might apply. Now some will the same as the cigarette industry as well. I think these things will continue to be banned in many places.

  9. So because people may not like the smell these things should be banned? Can I get some of the obnoxious perfume and cologne people use banned from flights too?

    I haven’t had a cig in 3 1/2 years and have never tried an e-cig but it seems people are a little hypersensitive because it’s “smoking”. I’d much rather smell vapor for a few seconds than have to sit next to someone that overdid the perfume for a 4 hour flight.

  10. @DiamondDave – agree with ya on too much perfume and cologne. there are many who are affected by these. I try to only do deodorant when I fly personally.

  11. I’m an ex 3 pack a day smoker. The main thing lacking in most of these conversations is tolerance. Everyone wants things their way, regardless of the others’ feelings. That said, my take is to let them go at it if they want. Of course, I’d be ok with allowing smoking on flights again, even if I were unlucky enough to be stuck back in the fog.

  12. I have quit smoking using e-cigs so i am one of those vapers, however i DO understand that they are not for use everywhere. A crowded plane is one place that it should not be allowed. Even though my research shows that there is probably no harm to others, it is just a common courtesy to others to not force them to deal with the smell of my vapor, or someone’s heavy perfume for that matter.

  13. This has very little to do with actual smoking. It is more down to airline cost control. Bear in mind that airlines adopted no smoking policy long before countries made it mandatory.

    Apart from the obvious health issues, it wasn’t down to fire risk – all materials in an aircraft has a fire-rating of 30 minutes or above (ie hold a lighter to a seat for 30 minutes and it musn’t ignite).

    The real issue then and now is still the same – the cost of replacing aircon filters which are expensive and take time to fit (additional downtime for aircraft). I just wish the airlines would publicly admit it!

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