OH NO! I am locked OUT! Help me (insert your airline, hotel or car name here)!

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locked out of delta fly app

Blog reader and twitter follower Ryan had a scary issue happen when he was on the road. For some reason he got locked out. No problem, one would think, a quick tweet to Delta and they should be able to fix it. Right?

app issue

YIKES! Locked out for 24hrs? Now I get someone at Delta “IT” discussed this and said something like:

If someone is trying to hack a Delta flyer’s account we need to lock it long enough for the hacker to give up or to give the flyer time to be notified and questioned if it was them or someone else attempting to access the account. – not a quote btw

As it turned out Ryan was able to call Delta and verify Ryan was Ryan so all worked out fine. But this kind of thing is one of the frustrating things when traveling, that is to have access to all your data. Not just flight data but hotels and cars and such along the way since almost everything now has an app to store your info (also one of the perks of TripIt Pro I have found).

The Delta phone app is a great tool to use as long as you can get into it. This is one of the reasons it is always good to have a paper back up or at least do a screen shot and save that digitally somewhere on your mobile device so it can be accessed without an internet connection or logging in.

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The same thing can happen when you are trying to access your bank data or other such credit card information from a computer that is not your normal home computer / internet connection. The bank recognizes that the IP address you are using out of town is not normal and they want to verify you are you. This may or may not be easy to do. This is one reason I use remote login software so no matter where I am I am basically still running my home computer. The bottom line is: have backups, have alternate means of getting your data, have backups of your passport digitally saved so you can access it should you need to on the go. – René
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  1. I was in the middle of an eight-day, three-city trip this past May, with my wife on a concurrent trip to the final city, but arriving several days before me. We had also just booked a trip to Europe. Well, I’m sure you can guess where this is going: total bank freakout. I spent an hour in a men’s warehouse, trying to pick up a tux for a wedding while the bank’s security people interviewed me about the past two weeks of purchases, my identity and my travel plans. I’ve never had to worry about travel notices while traveling domestically, but I guess this was a step too far.

  2. I’m curious to know what remote login software you use. I’ve considered this myself as a means to not lug my laptop all over the place!

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