Tech review: 9300mAh Extended Battery for my Note2 Samsung phone

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I have had my Samsung Note2 for a year and a half now and am still in love with it. My only gripe that they fixed in the subsequent version is the sim chip is not “welded” into the phone so when I go to Sweden I could change it. The screen is big enough to do real work on and yet not so big I cannot use it as a phone etc.; my wife still thinks it is HUGE but she has an S4 mini so 😉 .

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When I first got my Note2 the battery lasted all day long even with heavy use. But now, especially when using the Bluetooth feature to share GoGo WiFi with my laptop to only pay 1/2 price for online access, I found myself relying more and more on my battery brick to keep my phone running all day long. Plus, my now used battery is not keeping a full charge even with just normal use throughout the day. It is frustrating to have to leave your phone plugged in all the time even at home.

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So it was time for a new battery and I wanted to look at an extended range battery. My choice was  this 9300mAh battery  and it is huge; my phone now weighs 12 ounces. That is a brick kids and it feels like a brick now! However, I cannot complain one bit about my new battery life. I can now use my phone all day long with heavy use and I am generally ending the day with at least 50% charge remaining. That is impressive to me.

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The battery even came with its own rubber case to enclose the battery and the phone giving a decent measure of protection. You actually leave the stock back off and just use the one provided. But if I were to drop it from any kind of height onto a hard surface I doubt it would save the screen. It does have a “grippy” feel and I do like it. All the bits like camera and such are unobstructed and the design is good.

Would I recommend this battery? If you are looking for a serious power battery that will last all day long no matter how much you use it, then YES! But if size is an issue to you (cuz WOW is this thing big) stick with buying a stock battery for your phone. Then again if you have a Note2 you are not the kind of person who minds a big phone right? – René
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  1. @René, what do you mean “welded” SIM Card? My phone is in Tmobile and I can change out the SIM Card at any time. I love my Note2, but am looking forward to the 4 when it comes out, hopefully in November. I changed the SIM card when I was in the UK last October.

    With Tmobile’s new Roaming program, I will never change the SIM card again. it is $.20 per minute to make and receive calls on well over 100 countries, Free unlimited texting and free unlimited reduced speed date (about edge speed)

    Does the new battery have the NFC receiver in it? It is my understanding that on this model, the NFC receiver is in the battery.


  2. @Gregg – the 1st early Sprint version had the sim as NON removable. That is the kind I have I hate to say so I can NOT use it when I visit Sweden. Other than than love it. No idea on the battery as mine works the same with stock battery and with the new one.

  3. Why don’t you also buy an original Samsung battery? There might also be an extended battery that fits into the original back for those times when you don’t need a brick :-D. That’s one of the thinsg I love about android phones removable batteries and memeoy card slots.

    @Gregg I have T-Mobile as well and recently in China my phone connected to the 3G networks while roaming! T-Mobile said the 2g is just the minimum speed that you will get! Freaking sweet. It is usually fast enough to make VoIP calls using line although it occasionally lags a bit but not bad for free!

  4. Yes… I guess, its also the right thing to buy a new battery. Once the case is like this, safety first is the best thing to do.

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