SWAG Saturday: $50 Delta e-Gift card prize this week!

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screen shot of a 50 dollar delta airlines e-gift cert from delta points blog swag saturday

What could be a more fitting prize than a $50 Delta e-Gift card. You can use this for any Delta flight, that is to purchase a ticket. This will work just like cash and lower the price of your ticket you buy in any class of service.

So on to the basics. The rules are HERE so you know and for simplicity’s sake I think I will begin to stick with the Friday PM time frame to giveaway the prize each week.

Sands of Time

We are just about ½ way through the year. My MQM totals are looking very good (to me) as I work toward my goal. I have booked a bunch of DeltaMileageRun’s to make sure I make it on top of all my other trips.

But the one thing that always makes me crazy is when in December each year someone emails me and says – eeeek – I am 3,000 MQMs short of whatever level and what do I suggest. Well I always start with the fact that the Delta Reserve card personal or business is the cheapest mileage run you can do from home (E-Mail me if you need a link). After that I say you should have booked something months ago when you had time to find a great deal.

So my question to you, for a shot at this week’s $50 Delta e-Gift card via is, what is your current Delta MQM total for the year. You don’t have to give me the EXACT number if you don’t want to, but keep it close like 65,000 etc. and feel free, if you want, to share what your goal for year end will be! This should be fun – René
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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. My MQM goal is 25,000 MQMs. I haven’t held status with an airline before, but it’s always been a goal of mine!

  2. I am at just over 55,000. My goal is to ‘re-earn platinum’ by the end of the year and I should make that, no problem. I am on the fence as to whether or not to go for diamond. These ‘enhancements’ are killing my desire to remain loyal to Delta.

  3. I’m at 26k MQM, 10k of those were from the Delta Platinum Amex. Unfortunately (for Delta), that will be my total mileage for 2014, since I made the move to Alaska and credit my miles there.

  4. Ooops. MQMs only about 12,000. Hoping to get to 25-30 at least this year. Thanks.

  5. 71,125 — Aiming for 150k to reach diamond again and have some MQM carry-over to 2015.

  6. I just cracked PM and will be DM by EOY…so looking forward to using your tricks and tips!!!

  7. Zero….but I’m beginning to wonder if Delta has the best domestic first.

  8. 22K at the moment. I hope to hit 50K by year’s end. I want the Gold card back!

  9. I have no goal. I’m not going to make elite status with all the award flying.

  10. I’m at 48,520 MQM, but only at $1,809 MQD! So without MQD I’d be almost Gold, and here I am without any status whatsoever! Working on it.

  11. Currently at 55k MQD’s but should hit Platinum this year. I’ve also hit the $25k on the Delta Platinum Amex for the MQD waiver.

  12. I’m at 66K. This year I made Gold which is the first time I made status with Delta. My goal is for Diamond this year. I think with some mileage runs planned, I’ll make it. Thanks to you!

  13. BOShappyflyer Reply

    Uh, zero. I sound like a slacker compared to everyone’s else. I am taking a bit of a break this year.

  14. Only at 13k but hoping to get up to 25k with some serious travel to make Delta worth traveling at least one more year!

  15. 23,000 so far, mostly due to Skymiles card. Should hit silver again this year, which gets me exit row (I’m very tall).

  16. My MQM is very low. I’ve only taken one flight to Europe this year. I don’t have an MQM goal, but I’d like to keep traveling.

  17. Michelle O Reply

    I am aiming for +150,000…in order to have MQMs to carry over for next year. I currently have 116,000, with several long trips booked.

  18. Rene,

    I have already reached Diamond for next year with a current total of 142,654 MQM and my projected end of year MQM total is 241,683. If I can MFS I could add another 30K MQM to the total.

  19. 89k so far. Don’t think I will manage to maintain Diamond, but that depends on work travel in the fall.

  20. Currently at 69k. However my AMEX 10k MQM boost should hit my skymiles account tonight for my first time as a platinum.

  21. Taking into account my booked travel and my MQM bonus from my Platinum Amex I’m currently about 10,000 off Gold. I have several trips that aren’t booked yet that should get me over the threshold. If not there’ll be a mile run or two to make sure…

  22. 65,906 MQM. This is my first year to give Delta all of my business. I flew AA almost exclusively in the past and was AA Executive Platinum. I should 75,000 MQM by the end of July and well on my way to Diamond by year’s end.

  23. With the help of threshold bonuses and manufactured spending on my Delta Reserve card, I just passed 113,000 MQMs. I’ll probably hit 160-170k MQMs by the end of the year.

  24. Personally, my MQM total is 0 and my goal is 0. I can’t remember the last ticket I purchased because hubby flies so much I either get a free ticket or I don’t go. And, he flies so much and stays in so many hotels, his idea of vacation doesn’t involve either though we are going to NYC for our anniversary, using a companion ticket and free hotel points.

  25. My total now is 0, just redeemed over 100,000 miles for European trip

  26. 20k waiting on 15k next week. From a reserve. Then another 30 from reserves and 10 from a platinum. I have a 12k flight to GOT last weekend of Oct.

    So platinum again looks on track. Made Platinum last year with a last minute MR in DeCember to Boise. Was a better deal than purchasing MQMs.

  27. My current total is 0. I used over 100,000 miles last year and my goal for the remainder of 2014 is 40,000

  28. ran it down to under 3k this year with 2 business class tickets to thailand from calif.

  29. I’ve earned Silver with Amex cards and a few flights so far!
    I need about 16000 MQMs to reach Gold, working on Amex bonus and a flight to UK in OCT

  30. Only 10k but I am not aiming for elite status since most of my DL flights are on award travel.

  31. 105,770 to date. I don’t have a goal… I just need to hit my MQD requirement for Diamond.

  32. Over 106K MQM currently. Met both MQM bonuses with
    my personal AMEX reserve and am on the way now to more MQM with my
    Business Reserve. Looking to bank as many MQM above DM to
    Rollover for next year. Cheers to you, Rene! Thank you for
    your tips, tricks, and advice!

  33. 83,000 MQM’s but not gonna go for Diamond rather just take the rollover for next year. I already spent 25K on my Delta Plat card so got the waiver (thanks for Vanilla Reloads earlier this year).

  34. My total is zero. But I have earned 39000 miles with sun trust and have three delta flights in the next six weeks.

  35. We’ve been very fortunate redeeming Avios, so I’m only at 5k.

  36. I’m at 76K right now and am shooting for around 110K by year end. Want to roll over as many as possible because of the changes coming in 2015!

  37. 40k so far…. would like to hit 75, but probably won’t make the spend so after hitting 50K and spend MAY switch up….

  38. Current 15K, Goal: 25K. Slow travel year. Should just barely make silver with amex bonus 🙁

  39. Skilled Travel Reply

    Currently at 20k MQM and planning to be at 50k by year end with some international trips approaching.

  40. im at 14,000 right now- my goal is 25,000 so i can make it to silver!

  41. I have 70K so far this year (all BIS miles), should easily hit DM this year.

  42. I am sitting at 43000 with a goal of 75000. I booked a few mileage runs after what you shared. Thanks much!

  43. Have 15k so far, will reach 30 in next few months. Isn’t it sad when your goal is Silver!

  44. Currently at 40,630. My goal is to reach Platinum status this year.

  45. I’d like to hit 25,000 MQMs this year. It’s not a lot and I know Silver status essentially gets nothing but it would still be fun to achieve!

  46. DiamondDave Reply

    I’m at 119k with 25k coming from my Delta amex. I will hit 125k in two weeks. At that time I plan to grab the global certs and then find some long trips in the fall to use them on. My goal is 200k this year to maintain Platinum into 2017.

  47. At 82k right now. Have about 70k more travel already booked, so should easily make Diamond.

  48. Sitting on 222K MQM right now, should hit 300K by the end of the year.

  49. I rolled over 8,000 and havent flown a paid trip on Delta this year due to the required spend for status.

  50. 27K so far, aiming for 50K+. Won’t manage Plat but hoping to have some to rollover.

  51. MQM is 117023. With my recent Amex purchase I will be over $50K for the year. Diamond is waiting for me now!

  52. At about 20k right now. Would like to double that by the end of the year.

  53. 23 K … hope to get gold with the help of spend on Reserve Card

  54. Currently at 30k and hoping to hit gold by the end of the year. Need to get those yellow priority tags back on my luggage!

  55. MQM’s don’t matter to me, as I use company paid, multi-segments trips and MQD’s to retain Diamond status. I primarily take 500 mile multi-segment trips about 60% of the time, and make up the rest on multi-segment, cheap mileage runs. Never seem to miss the 140 threshold

    Works for me

  56. 330,000 mqms all flying including 150,000 carryover. My goal is 480,000+ by year end.

  57. 40k currently. plan to get to 75. Never made DM, that last level is big hurdle

  58. My current MQM goal is 25,000 MQMs. I’m still far from reaching that, and I haven’t held status with any airline before, but I hope to succeed this year!

  59. I’m at 59000 got first mqm bonus on delta platinum Amex and will hot the other 10k after my 50k spend. I have the mileage run Toronto to hkg using avios to get nyc to Toronto.
    Also landed the one way mistake fair from jfk to Milan.
    On track to get diamond. Thanks for all the tips

  60. Currently at 86,000 MQM. End of the year should be around 170,000. Busy year. Currently at 286,000 with 200,000 rollover. Would like to rollover 3X Diamond.

  61. Claudia Davis Reply

    11K but its my slowest travel year in about 20 years with family emergencies and such. Aiming to get maybe 10K more as things settle down a bit in the fall.

  62. Deltasegmentflyer Reply

    70000 MQM’s goal 125,000 with close to 58 segments so far 3 more tomorrow but they don’t count.

  63. 53,000 MQM for the year. Goal is to get to at least 85000 (re-earn PM + about 10k for rollover). Shouldn’t be an issue getting there.

  64. 15k. I’m hoping for some, a lot, of end of year trips. Thanks

  65. Currently at 66K. Current booked trips and Delta Reserve bonus for hitting spend threshold will get me to 95K. Would love to hit 124,999 for the year for PM and a nice rollover for next year but I’ll need a few more mileage runs for that. Unfortunately, my available dates to fly are running out. Only August and mid to late December left. We’ll see.

  66. I’m currently only at 57,000 but expect to earn an additional 100,000 by years end.

  67. 215 k MQM which includes 116 k from carryover. Don’t really have a goal, but double diamond would be nice.

  68. Around 40K MQMs, with another 10K from Amex Platinum in two weeks, and Europe and the Hong Kong mileage run in Sept (38K in one month, my biggest ever).

    Assuming I can get Delta Reserve next month, I expect to make DM this year.

    Rene, how much do you think you spend on MFS each year (2%? 5%?)

  69. currently at about 36,300 looking to keep my GM. I have about 8k left on my Delta Plat Amex to make $25k which will bump me up to 46k MQM. I only need $149 DL spend for getting my GM.

    I am hoping for a couple of company trips to the UK booked on DL as Premium Economy on Virgin. this gets me First Class from FLL to JFK and then Premium Economy across the Atlantic. This adds about 1500 mqms each way with the bonus mqms for flying that fare class and not taking the direct flight from MIA to LHR.


  70. currently at 50k, but about half of that was rollover from last year. Goal is to exceed 75k to earn Platinum status

  71. I am at ~50,000 MQMs considering that I rolled over ~25k. THe problem is the MQDs – I am still only 80% of the way towards Silver. My goal is to remian at least a Gold (I am Platinum now, and actually didn’t get Diamond on purpose so that I could have a nearly automatic cshot at my GOld Renewal. But then along came MQDs…

  72. I am around 20,000 but hope to keep gold after my delta reserve bonus, work trips and maybe a mileage run.

  73. Currently over 220,000 hoping to hit 300,000 by the end of the year.

  74. I’ve only got 3k and have no desire to go for gold. Being in BOS, there is no need to have any alliance to just 1 airline.

  75. Young_Tho®ough Reply

    21k I don’t get the connections like I used to now that I live in ATL again. Digging for GM this year by MQM, AMEX exemption and miles boost

  76. Currently have about 55k MQM, my goal is to hit PM again this year and if lucky, DM.

  77. I’m at 52,500 and plan to go for 75,000 to make Platinum for the first time, after having enjoyed Gold the last three years.

  78. I’m currently just shy of Silver for next year in MQMs (and the Amex boost hasn’t posted yet). I’m hesitant to go all out on DL with the nasty SkyMiles 2015 coming, so not sure where I want to place my airline loyalty (if at all).

  79. I Have about 65,000, which is probably close to where I will end the year as, I don’t have any more paid Delta flights planned for this year (could change).

  80. My current MQM total is around 9,000. Most of my travel comes around the holidays and wedding season.

  81. Hah!, a couple of thousand. I hope I can squeeze in a run or two and get some MQMs from credit card to al least make silver, but it’s a been a bad year for travel for me.

  82. Uri Hadelsberg Reply

    Somewhere around 20k but I stopped using DL as my main carrier since their horrible award redemption tickets! Even though they have the best service outta the legacy carriers…

  83. Texas Yankee Reply

    This may be a duplicate post … originally I thought I ad 72000ish and my goal is 120,000 to get the rollover. But I just checked my account and the Delta amex 15000 bonus just hit and I have currently 86,800 which means the 2 RT to HKG will get me to my goal this year!

  84. 2k havent flown as much as i moved for my job try to expand my CC spending to save up for my honeymoon.

  85. 41K MQM, goal of Platinum. In my first year as Diamond, I haven’t found it to be a whole lot different than Platinum in terms of upgrades, etc., if your are flying thru major hubs there are so many Diamonds, it makes little difference.

  86. I am at 86,000 as of today. This year I am hoping to make Diamond for the first time!

  87. delta Dave Reply

    My MQM so far is at 72.5k with a couple of personal trips scheduled in October and a MR to ANC at the end of September. Oh and I also had the Delta reserve car tucked safely in my wallet with another MQM pay out in the next month or so so I feel pretty confident in being able to hit my goal in plenty of time before the end of the year.

  88. Currently at 107,000. Goal i150,000
    Where is all that revenue going?

  89. Charlotte N Reply

    At 98,000 MQM, thanks to South America in Jan, Mumbai in April, and putting all spending on Business Reserve. Still have trip to Europe in Sept and if all goes well, Singapore/Sydney in Nov. and Dec. Spending threshold made but I can’t see doing this again next year. Also a Million Miler and will make Diamond for first time so will see if that famous ride between terminals ever materializes.

  90. I’m at about 40k with two AmEx Reserve 15k boosts left for the year plus expected travel, I expect to be PM again.

  91. I’m at 38,000. By the end of the year anticipate being at least to 60 or so, which will give me gold for the first time as well as some nice rollover miles.

  92. I hit my Delta Reserve spend for the second time this weekend, at 58,000 mqm an several booked flights for September, I’ll see what i end up with…..

  93. 72k with at 150 goal. Been Plt for years and hoping for first time Diamond

  94. I’m at 95,000 MQM’s so far and am aiming for ending up with about 124,000 MQM’s by year end. Don’t want to make DM, just want to maintain PM status and roll over 49,000 MQM’s into next year

  95. 52K MQM. Going for a year end total of 135K MQM with 10K of those MQM coming from US$ 25K spending on AMEX Platinum.

  96. Susan Maraval Reply

    So jealous of all those diamonds or soon to be diamonds out there! I’m one European trip away from gold and have that booked in July. With my Amex 10K bonus I should make platinum easy this year. That 50K jump between plat and the big D seems so far apart. Maybe one day!

  97. Thomas Zook Reply

    I am at 8,400. I have lost my passion to be loyal to Delta.

  98. Almost 8,000 MQM so far this year and might aim for at least 25,000 MQM; however, crediting almost all of my Delta a-n-d American flights this year to my Alaska Airlines account.

  99. At 35,000 so far. Goal for this is is 50,000. Not that much travel this year 🙁

  100. Lost PM this year and flying on GM. Normally, I would be at 50,000, but only hanging on at 20,000. Those darn grandkids are cramping my style!

  101. My goal is to hit Silver (25,000 MQMs) this year! Not much, I know.. 🙂

  102. Currently at just under 100K MQM’s. Have flights booked so far that will reach me too 250K but I’m hoping to get too 300K.

  103. Manila Greg Reply

    I’m already over 150,000MQMs this year. Just tired of traveling (-;

  104. My MQM is 94k from business travel, some rollover, and 30k from spend on my personal reserve card. I will surpass 125k and get Diamond for the first time ever. I plan to add the business reserve to help me reach my goals.

  105. my goal is enough for a round trip ticket in the US, so I say probably 75,000 MQM

  106. I’m at about 30k mqms with another 45k planned to keep platinum for 2015. Spend is on track too.

  107. Kristina Feeney Reply

    I’ve not been able to fly Delta this year, so my MQM total is — sad to say — zero. I could REALLY use the $50 credit!

  108. Just received Diamond status June 14th. My spend so far this year is $29,562 and MQM must have counted toward the Diamond.

  109. Only at 6k and 2k mqd. I’ve given up caring about getting to silver and split my flights with other carriers.

  110. christine pincince Reply

    Only about 6k hoping to hit silver this year and after that will spend down points horded for years for some fun next year. then it will by price only and after being absolutely loyal to delta for over 45 years

  111. Only 2,500 so far. Two trips planned for the fall, won’t make any status this year. This only perk I miss is the free upgrade to the bigger seats in the front of coach.

  112. I have 20K rollover from last year and except to earn 30K via my AMEX Reserve card. It’s nice to make Gold Medallion without even getting on a plane.

  113. Hit my second $15k mqm bump from my AMEX DL Reserve card which puts me at 89k MQMs so far, with minimum goal of Diamond again.

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