KLM & Delta.com seat sync major improvements! Thank you Delta IT – good work.

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updated seats sticking at klm-com when codeshare

What you are seeing above is a seat map when I am logged in to my KLM.com Flying Blue account. It looks a lot like the snazzy updated Delta.com graphics that came out last month in case you missed it or have not changed your seats lately.

One of the really frustrating things about Delta & KLM, and has been a well known issue, is that you could just about NEVER trust the seats you picked on Delta.com would stick on KLM flights. Let me put this another way – you could ALWAYS trust you would not get the seat you had picked on Delta.com when flying KLM.

This seems to have now changed and in a major way for the good.

I had a lovely schedule change that left me with an illegal international connection and was able to switch to just the perfect flights (and this time even with a GU cert flights). I set about doing what I always do, that is, pick my seats on Delta.com, including on the KLM flights, then log in to KLM and see what seats I REALLY had. Shockingly, they were the same. My initial thought, and maybe yours too reading this, was that oh it is just because of the reissue of the ticket. Don’t expect that to happen again. I agree. But then…

I went ahead and went back into the reservation, changed my seats on the KLM legs, then went over to the tab where I was logged in to KLM.com, refreshed the reservation, and BINGO, the seats had instantly changed on KLM.com as well (I have to tell you I just stared in disbelief at the screen)!

This is again a MAJOR victory and it finally looks like we can, just maybe, trust that when we pick a seat on Delta.com for a KLM flight we can expect to get what we have picked!

Well done Delta IT – well done. I am impressed so far and hope it sticks at check-in as well. If any readers have feedback before my next trip please feel free to comment and advise.

Now the only downside that still is an issue is picking say exit or economy seats on KLM. Your status on Delta will not “light up” those seats like they do when you are logged in as a Delta elite flyer on Delta.com. This is where you need use and join Twitter. If you have not, please – Oh – please start doing so. A quick DM or direct message can most times take care of the request. – René
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