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HUCB – Don’t take no for an answer!

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you can always HUCB that is hang up call back

Last April my esteemed colleague Gary who writes the informative, and even now and then entertaining blog, View from the Wing, had a post about the most important words for all travelers to know. Since that was a LONG time ago, at least in Twitter years, let’s just call this what everyone calls it today, that is HUCB or “hang up call back”.

With our beloved Delta this is advice to live by. Why? Let me tell you, there is just about nothing reps cannot do (and this is a good thing). No matter what the excuse a rep tells you, there is a workaround to just about anything. All you must find is a rep who is willing to do what it takes to get done what you want.

This applies across the board btw. Matt who had a really fun, well for us not him, Sunday guest post yesterday showed how some reps will do the right thing while others will say anything to make you go away. I have had reps say the same thing as well. I have had gate agents say one thing and a SkyPub rep say the exact opposite and the other way round. I have had phone reps say impossible and the next rep say oh sure we can do that all we have to do is XYZ. At times you need to find a red coat supervisor; other times it takes the reissue desk on the phone when the live reps say no.

Also please understand we are not JUST talking about “breaking the rules“. Yes there are times you can get someone to do this, but what I am talking about is just having the rep do what is inside the rules but they are just not always willing to help you or just don’t know HOW to do it and the simplest answer is no. Or, as happens many times, the rep may not understand that you are allowed to make whatever change or adjustment you want due to status, situation or other issues like say a weather waiver is in place and on and on.

Are there limits to any of this? Sure. When enough reps say NO, you may be in a situation that really is a brick wall (but this is the exception not the rule). Or, the really worst case situation is that a rep makes a note in the record so all other reps see this and will not go the extra “yard” to get what you want done. So, just be cautious not to end up in this tiny penalty box. – René

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  1. Dr. John

    Why? Why should I have yo argue with a rep?

    All of this makes no sense. If Dick Anderson says “Delta has our back”, then why should a Medallion have to HUCB? Shouldn’t they do the right thing in the first place?

    I had a RC in a north east city give me a meal voucher a few weeks ago for an eight hour delay. She told me Delta gives them grief for giving them out, but she felt it was the right thing to do. I say promote this woman! She gets it!!!

    Other times, I just shake my head at unwillingness of a rep to help.

  2. Good Advice. Two days ago I wanted to book an Air France flight from PPT to LAX. I knew there were seats available via KVS tool and also the Delta website. First two calls both agents told me flight was not available, I thanked them for their time HUCB and it was third time lucky. Agent immediately found the flight,transferred me to the manual re-issue desk and the flight was confirmed.

  3. I always have issues getting Economy Comfort seats on KLM segments. After a ticket is issued, it takes a call to the DM desk for reps to get those seats for me. About 25% of the reps don’t know how to do this, thus – HUCB. And don’t call on a weekend! Weekend staff seem to have experience and training.

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