70,000 CHASE INK Plus public offer – BUMP THE BONUS today! 10k FREE!

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chase 70k offer

From: CYIN @ Flyertalk.com

Per Flyertalk there is a 70,000 public offer in the Chase branches for the INK plus card. You should know what this means!


If you got in on the 60,000 Point offer in May then you are inside the 90 day window where Chase will historically  MATCH  the current best public offer. Just send off a secure message to them via your Chase login requesting they match the current best 70,000 point offer since you just applied a month or so ago. You should have the points added in no time!

Also, if you have not had this card before, or had the OLD Mastercard version, it may be worth a visit to your local Chase branch for an application! – René
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  1. It looks like for this offer the $95 annual fee is not waived the first year, so you would essentially be paying $95 for the extra 10,000 points. Do you think that’s worth it?

  2. @Ryan – they are worth, even for a statement credit, $100 so you are make worst case 60k + $5. Now better value is to redeem for travel at 1.25 cents each so 10k is worth $125 or transfer to a partner for even higher return. Your call. It is a great deal.

  3. Is it necessary to go into a branch to apply? Can we just apply for the card online?

    Also, I’ve not had this or any Chase Biz cards in the past, I do have a Hilton Chase card I got a couple months ago and recently closed a British Airways Chase card. Would this impact my chances?

  4. @FlyingCajun – at this point we have no links (that I know of) on the web. you will have to go to a branch. having lots of chase cards is good – you may have to move some credit lines around to get approved but that is just fine!

  5. Attempted and failed – informed I have to open new account as the terms and conditions are different….

  6. I was approved for Ink/60K bonus account June 1. Just got around to activating card today and phone rep said I could not get the extra 10 K of the 70 K bonus because that offer was through in person branch visit sign up only. Also informed me that my 90 days to meet 5K spend for my 60K bonus expires Sept 1 (90 days from June 1) even though I activated card today July 25. Got to hurry up, I prepaid 1500 on my phone bill for 5x points, will do the same for cable bill, and then buy 2K of gift cards at Staples. Total for sign up 85K points. Not too shabby. You think it’s worth an email to Chase to try and get the extra 10 K from the 70K branch offer?

  7. I was just notified by Chase that my 60K offer included no 1 yr fee and the new offer is $95 for the first year. Different offers. Thus no extra 10K for me.

  8. Just got a “can’t add the additional points due to annual fee waiver” message. Replied saying I would be willing to pay the AF for the add’l points. Stay tuned…

  9. I tried and heard back today the same as above – different offer so they cannot give me the extra 10K points. Seems like Chase is cracking down a bit more than in the past.

  10. Thank you !!!! Sent email to Chase within 90 days of approval and immediately credited additional 10k

  11. What’s the $100 statement credit you mentioned? Is that something they offer if liew of waiving the first year annual fee? Does it have to be requested/asked for? Thanks for clarifying.

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