Delta Studio & GoGo video streaming – The good, the bad & the ugly!

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delta studio on delta-com

Delta is “giving something away free” – sorta – with the new Delta Studio! You can read about the press report HERE as well as the snazzy new web page with all sorts of buzz about what they are offering now free in the seat backs of 90+ minute flights as well as GoGo streaming to your hand held devices.

less delta love for android

Now there are some bits you should know. First, you do want to, if you have been living under a technology rock, download the FLY Delta APP for whatever device you have before you fly. After that, the plugins and players are download-able in-flight Delta says but if you would rather get them before hand the links are:

  • The GoGo APP for IOS is HERE
  • The GoGo Video Player IOS is HERE
  • The GoGo App for Android is HERE
  • The GoGo Video Player Android is HERE

(It would have been helpful for Delta to insert these links into the page but I guess that is why I am here).

fly delta app update 2-8 android

I have updated my Delta APP to the 2.8 version for Android but now the bad news. Initial reports are that the IOS player is buggy to say the very least. Success has been reported with the laptop plugins and running well. Clearly we know (and I know first hand) that Delta loves IOS – Android – only cuz they gotta! I run a Samsung NOTE2 that has Android 4.4.2 and my wife has an S4 Mini that runs 4.2.2. Both of these are NOT compatible with the BRAND NEW GoGo player. Joy – O – Joy!

no love for 4-4-2 android either

Also some other bits for you Android users. There are many times, depending or what phone browser or setting you pick, GoGo will think you have a laptop not a phone. So, I have found having the GoGo app installed is the only way I can use my phone as a phone for phone login i.e. to pay the $8 fee not the $16 fee for 24hrs of use.

This is a step in the right direction for free content. The larger question of what impact it will have on the reliable, but sometimes SLOW GoGo is a question we will have answered very soon. – Rene
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  1. Rene,

    Thanks for this. Here is my question. Do the seat back set have the same content as the streaming? I assume you would stream on flights without seat back screens? Also, if you get bumped to first at the gate does it know that so content is free?


  2. I would assume no GoGo impact, because they’ll probably put a small NAS device on the plane to provide the video content. Ask your contacts.

    For me, they could remove all the heavy & expensive IFE hardware as long as there is WiFi content. OK in-seat power to all coach would be great too.

  3. So a Diamond who can’t get an upgrade or a Economy Comfort seat will have to pay for some content?

  4. Renee, don’t feel bad. My Motorola is a 4.4.4 and the plug in does not work for my phone either.

  5. Thanks a bunch for the URLs! Apparently, the person in charge of communicating them was the same Delta staffer who ensured compatibility with all leading mobile operating systems. I am an information technology professional by trade who teaches web development. If I had to grade the clarity of the communication of how international passengers use their laptop to access the content on board, I would have flunked the student. Tomorrow, I leave for a 9-day business trip to London. Thanks to you, I now know that I need to have Chrome installed on my laptop BEFORE I BOARD!

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