SWAG Saturday: All Delta Points swag this week!

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delta points polo shirt black

This week is all about Delta Points swag. Rather than just a T-shirt this week you have a shot at a custom embroidered Delta Points polo shirt as well as a phone holder and luggage tags.

delta points phone holder and luggage tag

We are also back to the old normal rules to swag by and if you have not ever seen them they are here. The only kicker this week is I will pick 2 winners on Friday some time.

So what do you need to do for a chance to win? Super simple, you just need to comment on the blog below and let me know how you found Delta Points blog the first time. – René
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  1. I found Delta Points on Boarding Area, when I was a loyal Delta flyer and wanted more inside news and tricks on my then favorite airline!

  2. Hi Rene!
    So I found this blog via mile point b/c I’m a dedicated
    Sky team delta Lass 🙂 I’m so happy I was introduced to you
    You are a gem !
    I don’t happen to see a post below this 🙁 so I hope
    I’m not disqualified
    I adore your information,stories , and
    Your dedication to your bloggers!

  3. Google. I was researching the different levels of medallion status and Deltapoints was in the top of the list.

  4. Found your blog on Boarding Area.
    I’m a Diamond since inception and always seeking more ways to travel smarter.
    Thanks and looking forward to staying in-tune to deltapoints.

  5. I remember I was stumbled upon boardingarea for the first time, and as an avid Delta fan, Deltapoints caught my eye instantly!

  6. I found it via Google when searching for information about Medallion status levels.

  7. I found via BoardingArea, while trying to find inexpensive flights to Europe in 2012.

  8. I found it by accident doing a search on the BoardingArea. My lucky day!

  9. Emily E nailed it, I found you through Gary saying “no one ever has enough Delta Points”, with a link to this blog.

    Then I found DeltaMileageRuns, and now I’m flying to Hong Kong and St. Maarten, and making DM this year. 🙂

  10. Love your blog; found it on Boarding Area, which is a great site that I read daily.

  11. I was stumbling around FlyerTalk for more advise how to maximize my travel with Delta. There was a post that referenced this DeltaPointsGuy for advise. I’ve been soaking up all the great tips and tricks Rene has to offer. I look forward to reaching my first MM. Keep up the great work.

  12. Actually I don’t remember how I found this blog but I’m glad I did since the information here is invaluable to delta flyers. My comment on the blog below is that my android was also incompatible with the gogo video player.

  13. I don’t exactly remember how I found it but every since I did I check it a couple times a day.

  14. Found on a random flyeryalk post and followed the link and voilà, Ben a loyal reader since. Thanks!

  15. Stumbled across the boarding area website and yours became my favorite….instantly.

  16. Well today is the first time I visited your blog! And surely, any giveaway is a good one!

  17. I have no idea! May have been a search for Delta. May have been a link to someone on Boarding area from an article. Either way I am happy to be here!

  18. Truth be told, I’ve forgotten how I came to discover your fine blog, Rene. But I’m sure glad I did!

  19. Saw a reference in FlyerTalk. Have learned many valuable lessons from Rene and really appreciate the efforts to keep us informed.

  20. I was first introduced to Delta Points by an experienced FF on a flight from ATL to LGA.

    And thanks for ll the tips and info. I’m retiring in 3 months so I will lose my status (Diamond) although I already have enough carry over miles for next year to qualify as Platinum for 2016.

  21. Probably through boardingarea, but that that time you were still using a gmail address with a different name!

  22. I don’t remember how I stumbled across your blog, but I’ve gotten a lot of good information from it and enjoy reading it daily. Keep up the good work, Rene!

  23. You know,I don’t even remember how I first found Delta Points, but I think it was from a Boarding Area post on the Chicago seminars a few years back. I think.

  24. I stumbled across boarding area one day while researching points for airlines and then onto delta points.

  25. On flyer talk /delta best day ever for me to have the pleasure of following you and all you advice tks again Rene

  26. I first stumbled upon Delta Points while surfing the web, looking for parts and advice for my leaky faucet. Happily, I found Delta Points! 🙂 Sadly though, I still have the drips!! 🙁 All kidding aside, I love Delta Points and please keep up the good work!

  27. Noticed on boarding area, clicked through, browsed some of your posts and now receive the feed. thanks!

  28. I did a Google search for Delta mileage runs, and found this board linked from deltamileageruns (imagine that 🙂 ). By the way, has anyone noticed almost all mileage runs go through Atlanta, but none START in Atlanta lol. Thanks for all you do Rene!!!

  29. I found your blog while researching how to book mileage runs. You have tons of great infomation here! Still waiting to book my first one!

  30. I found this site mysteriously through a Google search and then added it to my favorites! I’m trying to at least keep my Platinum status so your site is VERY USEFUL!!! Thanks for putting this info out there.

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