OneVanilla VDGCs working fine with Amazon Payments!

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one-vanilla-visa gcs

Just as a quick update for those who happen to have easy access to OneVanilla Visa Debit Gift Cards. I can confirm there are no problems getting rid of the them via Amazon Payments.

register your zip code for one vanilla vdgcs

A few helpful tips to make your liquidating life simpler. Be sure once you have obtained them that you register your zip code on the OneVanilla card.

put 1st in the WRONG exp date for your VDGC then go back and change before payment to avoid one dollar hold

The next step. When you go to add the OneVanilla card to your Amazon Payments page they tend to do a $1 hold or test charge on the card. To avoid this just enter the card and the wrong expiration date as you see above. Then, go right back in and edit the card to the correct date and make the Amazon Payment and all should go well for the full amount you have on the VDGC.

Why even bother with OneVanilla cards you ask (vs preferably going direct with AX GCs you got from say TopCashBack earning 3% plus points on whatever card you like)? Well under most cases 7-11 stores will “code” as a gas station. So, if you happen to have a Discover IT card or a Chase Freedom card you can get 3x$500 of these for the current 5% bonus spend category and then over time (max $1000 per month) unload the One Vanillas this way! – René

EDIT: As a reader pointed out to me via email – be sure to REGISTER for the current month promo’s BEFORE you buy cards! 🙂

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  1. does it end up being added as a credit or debit card? Can you then add funds from your card directly to your account (to then withdraw to your Bank account) or do you still have to send the $$ to someone?

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