OneVanilla VDGCs once again WORKING at Wally world!

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one vanilla visa

Well I have some good news to report. Since I got a bunch of OV – VDGCs this month on my DiscoverIT card as well as my Chase Freedom cards (to get the 5% bonus at 7-11) I decided to test them at Walmart today (@ 2-ish ET) when I was there to deposit some other branded VDGCs…

walmart mc unit

Photo credit Frequent Miler here at BA

… and several of them worked just fine today for loading onto my Bluebird card at the Money Center Machine!

This really is great news on so many levels as most of us have EZ access to CVS stores nearby and mine is most happy to sell me large amounts of OV cards with my AMEX gift cards with my name on it (that I buy starting from TopCashBack or BeFrugal to get my 3% cash back)!

So there is the news. Will it work at all the Walmarts nationwide? I would think so, but please report back success or failure in your town! – René
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  1. Will CVS take regular cc for the VGC? If not, do you know who will? I’ve got 8 more weeks to rack up 10k on my Citibank AAdv card to get my bonus points.

  2. That would be nice. I actually tried one 2-3 weeks ago just to see if anything had changed and it dodn’t work. Gusess I will have to try again.

  3. I bought OV’s with cc the other day and was able to bluebird them the same day. ( bought at CVS)

  4. What’s the play with using your Discover IT card? I know it’s 5% back at gas stations, but with the fees isn’t it a draw?

  5. @Mike H – well $1500×5% = $75. Cost to buy 3x$500 VDGCs is $4.95×3 = $14.85 so…. you are making a kool $60 for a card that has no annual fee! You can do it 2x a year most years. Same with Freedom. Thus $240 free a year. Between my wife and I both holding both cards almost $500! 😉

  6. Interesting, I was able to use one Vanilla GC at kiosk but got denied on the second one. Glad I have a few WM’s to test at.

  7. Yahooo!!!!! Just unloaded $10k in onevanillas CVS–>WM. $5k for wife and me at CVS. Thanks for the info!

  8. Just tried OV at local WM no joy. Error 57. Same Kate worked fine for non-OV cards including a green dot prepaid I had picked up on a lark

  9. Does anyone know if OV cards work only in the kiosks or will they also work at the money center with a clerk?

  10. I bought 10k at CVS today and turned right around and was able to liquidated at Walmart this Morning.

  11. It took me a while to liquidate, but I paid bills at WM with OV this morning – $20k worth! It’s so nice to have this option again. I’m not sure how long it’s going to last though, so I plan to buy another $20k later today as well.

  12. Jackpot! Worked on local Kate just had to try multiple times. Decline decline suddenly 3 OV went thru in a row.

  13. No luck for me with OV, but closest WM does not have Kate, only register/CS load. Tried to load and kept coming up as credit card, not debit, even when trying to select the payment method on screen, so will liquidate 2 x $500 via Amazon. May try again at Money Center ATM at other WM. Good to hear working for others!

  14. My walmart doesn’t have a money center kiosk and the service desk denies knowing a kiosk exist in the Wally-World. No go on uploading at that service desk. Next WM is 45 miles away

  15. Datapoint for anyone still following this….

    Went to Wallyworld tonight. Kate was LOCKED UP when I got there. I asked a CSM to reset it, she did so. While opening it up, she was pretty verbal about how they hated these things they lock up every few days and seem to require a lot of attention.

    So powercycled and rebooting.

    I had no bloody idea these things take so long to boot! Some kind of Windows OS but periodically it would throw up a dialog and say this or that phase of updating or checking transaction log or whatever would take 10 minutes. I got tired of waiting and went shopping for a bit.

    Finally like 30+ minutes later I came back and it was JUST finishing up.

    Ran a few OV cards in, there were multiple declines but eventually they went in. I am one card away from hitting my BB max for the month. Trying to kick over the 2nd Delta MQM boost on my Reserve.

    So OV still working as of August 12th evening even for a Kate that’s been rebooted and presumably downloaded any code updates in the pipe.

  16. After being denied the first time, I was able to load a VDGC at a kiosk in SW Pennsylvania.

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