SWAG Saturday: 15,000 FREE Delta MQMs up for grabs to a reader this week!

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15000 delta mqms giveaway from delta points blog

If you are going to talk the talk you have to walk the walk, right? Most long time readers know I hold, not just one, but  TWO Delta AMEX Reserve cards  (one business and one personal) and have held one of them since the late 1990’s. Why? Hello – MQMs! You see, with that card ONLY you can, via qualified spending, earn 15,000 bonus Delta MQMs for reaching the $30,000 mark and again at the $60,000 mark and then I can choose to keep those MQMs or give them to whomever I want to. I want to give them to ONE reader this week!

delta plat card face

Now the RULES for SWAG Saturday are the same each week so if this is your first visit be sure to look HERE as I would hate for anyone to be disqualified. Also by commenting you are agreeing you have read the rules! Lastly, there will only be ONE winner picked late on Friday 22AUG2014, but you can earn your own 15,000 MQMs very simply as currently AMEX has a 15,000 bonus MQM offer (OFFER EXPIRED) with the Delta AMEX PLATINUM card (limited time offer btw)!

So what do I need from you for a chance to win the very special prize? First you MUST understand what I am giving away. These are MQMs or Medallion Qualifying Miles (see this rookie post for more info). You cannot “spend” these points on a ticket – they ONLY help you to attain elite status with Delta, but if you don’t have at least $2,500 in MQD spending (or are MQD exempt) they will do you no good!

Next, I want you to comment below on the blog what you like about Delta. It can be anything at all just something you like about Delta Air Lines! Have fun – René
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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. One of the reasons I like Delta is because of the complimentary upgrades.

  2. Evan Alexander Reply

    I like Delta because of their employees. There have been several occasions where I thought a flight was going to go very wrong (cancelled, overbooked, etc) and I’m almost always surprised by the gate agent or stewardess handling the situation. Recently a gate agent in ATL essentially saved my vacation by awarding my fiancee and I the last two seats on the last plane out for the night simply because we were the only ones that weren’t screaming at her. Delta is great because of the people.

  3. Steven Wingfield Reply

    Delta is MY hometown airline. I am proud to chose Delta each time
    I fly, whether for business or pleasure. I’d love the 15,000 extra MQM’s to help me reach a higher status. 🙂 #DeltaLove

  4. My like the very friendly employees at Delta the most. They make me feel comfortable on the ground and especially in the air.

  5. The employees of course. Just Monday, my FA brought me my cold chicken salad dinner in advance from the cart when I expresed concern tha they might run out bythe time they got to my row 27 exit row seat on an Airbus 330 to Europe, I haven’t sat that far back in years. Also, no problem getting multiple double vodkas!!They didn’t help me sleep with the crying bulkhead baby though.

  6. Convenient flight times and complimentary upgrades keep me a loyal Delta customer. (And those 15K MQM’s would keep me from having to fly to MNL to reach DM!)

  7. Jason Fischer Reply

    Delta, provides the best consumer engaged experience with technology at its forefront. Delta has wifi enabled planes, Delta Studio, flight interruption changes via their app, track bags, Delta’s Glass Bottom Jet app, etc….

  8. I love that Delta recognizes loyalty. I once had a
    360 team drive me to a close connection
    And board through the outside side stairway
    It was amazing “Dawn” from MSP 360 team
    Who took care of me! Thank you
    To wonderful DELTA!

  9. I really like their customer service, its hands down the best in the industry, on the ground, and in the air

  10. I love Delta’s schedule availability – I can always get where I want to go!

  11. Delta has become like a relative of mine. Sometimes it makes me angry. Sometimes it makes me proud. I’m always rooting for it to shine.

  12. Jason Gerdon Reply

    I love that Delta seems to be the one US legacy carrier making a real effort with Economy Comfort seating. Nice to know you at least have this upgrade seating as a higher tier medallion member. Nice step up vs UAL and AA

  13. I like that Delta has a direct flight CVG-BWI on Monday mornings so I don’t have to get up super early and connect.

  14. Because they’re consistently on time and they’re simply the best airline!

  15. Two words…Woodford Reserve. Ok, three words; Woodford Reserve and upgrades!

  16. Don’t kill me everyone but I like the loyalty program. Yeh yeh, not the best redemptions, but I feel like even as a lowly gold, I get some pretty great treatment. I know you agree Rene!

  17. The employees, upgrades, they are trying to make the customer happy, did I mention the employees?

  18. I love the free upgrades (compared to American Airlines) and great service! I always feel welcome on their flights.

  19. My friends think I’m crazy for how loyal I am, but Delta has been great to me over the past few years – no delays, great customer service, and the upgrades!

  20. Delta continues the tradition of proper service in the airline industry. The Delta team has always been courteous and when you think everything has gone wrong with weather, etc. they will be there with a smile and a helping hand!

  21. What I like about Delta in comparison to other airlines is their push for technology. They’re leading the way on Wifi as well as their new Delta Studio (which I’ll get to try out later today).

  22. Service. I’m NYC-based so it’s also logical for me to stick with Delta. However, I have flown other airlines and, in fact, also currently have AAdvantage Gold status. Delta always wins it for me when it comes to delivery of the product & services.

  23. Since there hub is in MSP, I only have a 30 minute flight on a CRJ before I get to change planes. But if I take AA or United then I have 1 1/2 to 2 hour flight on a little regional jet before I get to change planes in Chicago or Denver.

  24. Although DL has done some horrible things specifically relating to its Sky Lounge fees and lack of some good awards, the handful of times I fly a year I have had some good FA’s that I thought cared about giving good service to its flyers.
    The 15 MQM that would help me increase my chance to finally getting that award upgrade.

  25. Dave Carter Reply

    Having grown up flying Delta (my father was a 36 year employee) and flying everything from the DC8, L-1011, DC9 to today’s 777, I feel a loyalty. Bot now as an adult business traveler I appreciate the little things that make a difference from the other majors. A little more leg room, a better upgrade possibility, and especially that one employee who knows how to go above and beyond just when you thought all hope was lost. EVERY time I have to fly another airline, my love for Delta is reinforced. Of course like any relationship it has it’s ups and downs (Skymiles 2015 is a down) but we eventually make up.

  26. I like that Delta allows you to put together some pretty great award trips using open jaws and stop overs (once you break the IT code)

  27. Happy employees, polite gate agents, genuinely helpful flight attendants, solid benefits as a Platinum member and better on time performance. As a weekly flier, I would be happy with any 2 but Delta gives me all 5 consistently. I fly out of IAD where Delta does not have much presence, but I still prefer a layover with Delta than a direct flight with other airlines.

  28. Anthony Morrison Reply

    I like delta for their reliability and all the partner airlines that can take me all
    over the globe!

  29. I mostly love Delta cause they go non-stop from Atlanta to almost everywhere!

  30. I love Delta because of the availability of flights to just about anywhere from my home city. The 15,000 MQM’s would help me in my quest for Diamond this year.

  31. I like delta because I know what to expect with them. I’ve flown with them for a long time and I feel comfortable heading to the airport knowing what I will get.

  32. I appreciate Delta’s unwavering dedication to getting planes in the air and minimizing delays and cancellations. The more I fly for business and pleasure and am occasionally forced to take another airline, the more I appreciate this. No one takes their business more seriously than Delta.

  33. What I like about Delta is I never worry about anything when traveling. Sure there’s the occasional late flight but unlike UA or AA I’ve never been stuck in an airport overnight because they cancelled my half-full flight. My bags are always there no matter how short my layover ends up being and most reps are very friendly. Their changes while not popular are meant to improve the business as a whole while still taking care of their frequent flyer’s.

  34. Love all the nonstop flight options from my hometown – Atlanta.

  35. Delta is my go-to airline. Their flights are mostly on time, their planes don’t strand you with maintenance issues and their hub airports are easier to go through than their competitors who I have access to!

  36. I’m so excited to hear about this swag saturday as I was just calculating my needed MQMs to reach Gold again this year and it’s just around this giveaway number! Of course I still may have a few trips in my calendar by the end of the year too to help. I’ve been a loyal Delta customer for years and I do love the consistent upgraded service given to those who show loyalty. I’ve found each year with an elevated status that the customer service quality I receive improves (even with just status phone lines to reduce waiting times, or improved speed in the priority lines). I hope to continue my elite status with Delta for the coming year!
    Thanks again for the swag opportunity!

  37. I like Delta because it is my hometown airlines. They connect me to the world.

  38. I live in Minneapolis, so I fly Delta a lot since it’s a hub. They are always on time and have great service!

  39. I like Delta because they are my hometown airline.
    They connect me to the world.

  40. Delta is the best run major airline in operation today. I focus all of my air travel on Delta because it is hands down the best flying experience. I’m trying to get to Gold Medallion this year. BTW, Delta Points rocks!

  41. Delta is the ONLY airline that will upgrade award tickets, best airline ever.

  42. The cookies…. oh, and the fact that they are my hometown carrier and get me everywhere I want to go… but really, the cookies!

  43. I’m a fan of the mostly consistent, positive, in-flight experience.

  44. Randall Powers Reply

    Delta clearly wins in the upgrade department! I fly once a month to Saudi Arabia and a small part of the trip is with other SkyTeam partners and I’ve seen 28 empty business class seats on a flight!

  45. I live in NYC so love that delta has flight options direct to 90% of the places I go!

  46. The thing I like most about Delta is how helpful I have found the phone reps to be.

  47. I love Delta for the quality of their service, better than any other domestic airline. Plus, all the domestic flights have wifi which is great for working on a plane.

  48. I like Delta because of their large presence and how many different locations I can get to while enjoying my medallion perks.

  49. At first it wasn’t anything that I loved about Delta, it was just that I got tired of being treated like livestock with American Airlines and moved all my trips to Delta. Now that I’m a full fledge Delta geek, I love the customer service. It’s second to none!

  50. I have been a loyal Delta flyer since 1991, having achieved Gold or Silver status every year since (though sometimes just barely). I love the friendly attitude I get from the flight crew, and also on the phone (even if I’m calling to complain). I can’t say that about other airlines (don’t get me started with United or Air France). Love the red white and blue!

  51. In that order:
    The employees – which appear to be liking their job and are friendly and superior amongst the major US carriers
    The elite member hotline – 3 min (Gold) from “uh-oh, I need to call” to “rebooked, confirmed seat and standby on all earlier options” is just great
    The planes – they are clean and most of them are outfitted w/ wifi – a big plus
    The IR-Ops handling – easy and customer friendly (most of the time)
    Economy plus and exit row seats for the smaller elites (currently holding Gold, all butt-in-seat domestic)
    The chances of an upgrade even w/ silver (scare but I did score one or two)

  52. I love Delta for all the direct flights out of DTW and upgrades when I can get them. I only need 17k mqm’s for gold so this would be huge!

  53. I like Delta because they’re going to war with Alaska and that means awesome bonus opportunities for me!

  54. I like Delta because they are adding a lot of new direct international routes from my home airport, Seattle.

  55. I like that even with the changes customer service still better than other airlines in US.

  56. The flight attendants are the best. They really seem to like their job.

  57. I’ve been delighted when I was going to miss a connecting flight, but while I was in the air using the app I could review options and pick a resolution before I even landed.

  58. Delta always has been good to me in IRROPS, and I can’t say the same for other airlines. Generally the employees worldwide are friendly and truly like their job.

  59. I like their domestic upgrade policy. Even the lowest medallions have a chance at upgrades.

  60. I like Delta for the FA’s pleasant courteous attention to my family when we travel as a family.

  61. The thing I like most about Delta is that they have safely delivered me around the world.

  62. I love Delta’a operational reliability. #1 priority for an airline: get me there and on time.

  63. Jamey Mays Reply

    I enjoy the free upgrades, treatment of elites, the customer service and Delta always gets me to where I need to go.

  64. Terry Weitgenant Reply

    Great blog Rene. My favorite thing about Delta is their on-time status. On the flights I take, rarely is there a delay except for weather.

  65. I like the fact that Delta has delivered me safely to destinations all over the world. I have also had wonderful vacations courtesy of the FF program.

  66. Friendliest staff, most accommodating agents, wifi on every plane, and Delta Assist on Twitter.

  67. I like the good service and reliability as well as the domestic upgrades! Also the skyteam network works for me and my work!

  68. I like that they will get me where I need to be on time. No other airline has done such a consistent job of doing so.

  69. I fly out of ATL, so I like Delta because it’s a solid airline that literally goes everywhere I want to go. Usually direct.

  70. I like their accessibility both regional and international from NYC area.

  71. Michelle O Reply

    I like being upgraded on many flights and I enjoy the new food in the Sky Clubs.

  72. I think Delta has the best airline employees whether it be flight attendants, gate agents or Delta assist. The people are great!

  73. Despite Delta being my hometown airline, it truly is my airline of choice.

    I don’t think I’m just getting “lucky,” but time and time again… I am pleased, and even impressed, with Delta’s Customer Service — from the ticket clerks, to the gate agents, to the baggage handlers, to the flight attendants, to the pilots and the support folks on the phone.

    Now, granted… I might be treated a bit differently due to my Diamond Status. But, I’ll take it!


  74. I love that every domestic flight I’ve flown on with then has wifi.

  75. I like the upgrades. I was Gold for a year and did quite well on upgrades even though I only travel occasionally for leisure.

  76. I fly out of DTW and love that I can get so many places so easily with such great service!

  77. Routes–Delta enables me to see my girlfriend every other weekend!

  78. Paul Beaudoin Reply

    René: From your post about the Delta AmEx card I actually applied for one this year and have already met the first spend threshold. I am hoping that the extra MQMs will help me achieve a status level with Delta since I have seen so many wonderful stories about how they treat their SkyTeam members. Wish me good luck! Thanks.

  79. The product is generally consistent and the employees are top notch.

  80. Rick Albert Reply

    Their employees, especially the folks who answer the Platinum Medallion phone customer service lines…always very helpful.

  81. The staff is friendly, the flights are (generally) on time, and I even get upgrades from time to time.

  82. I like the convenience and availability of flights they offer from ATL and the ability to earn MQM’s with credit card spending on my Reserve card.

  83. What I like best about Delta – as a NYC personal and business flyer – are the direct flights at convenient times for the places I travel.

  84. I love the employees and their friendly and helpful attitudes. Planes are always on time, and as Diamond, upgrades 95% of the time.

  85. I agree with the comments about the employees. They have been very helpful when needed. The 15k MQM’s would elevate me to Gold which would make me REALLY happy!

  86. I’m a huge fan of the Diamond Medallion hotline. No long wait, and virtually EVERY interaction I have with them results in a pleasant experience with a quick solution to my problem, issue, or question!!

  87. I like using Skymiles for free vacations to Europe for my family.

  88. claire cates Reply

    I love the free upgrades – i also love skybonus. I just wish I knew about skybonus sooner.

  89. erik slavin Reply

    I love when my girlfriend and I both upgrade on Delta. It’s even happened on non upgradable tickets. She loves being up front and it’s so great that we’ve had the chance to be there together so often on Delta. Currently Platinum.

  90. I love Delta because they are always professional. The employees are friendly and helpful unlike some other airlines. When I book a trip, I know I am going to get where I want to go.

  91. Loved it back when Plat was highest status and I was regularly a platinum. Due to corporate policy changes have been flipping between silver and gold each year (currently gold), and the upgrades much harder to come by. At least as gold I can reserve the extended leg room seats on booking, which for me is as/more important than a first class upgrade.

  92. Knowing that I’m going to get to my destination with good service and a good hard product.

  93. I love the employees, great customer service, always friendly even in stressful situations.

  94. I started with the much-loved and much-missed Western Airlines and was crestfallen when Delta took it over. But my attitude changed pretty quickly when I realized how much Delta had to offer that Western did not, such as an overseas network. I gradually moved up the elite tiers to where I am a Diamond today. I agree with others who write that it’s the people who make the biggest difference. I’ve flown other carriers from time to time and every time reinforces why I’m loyal to Delta.

  95. Mark Goodman Reply

    The employees out of MSP are very helpful. Took a flight to ATL. A VP of Delta was on the flight. He was in the back of the plane. Got on in Zone 3. That was impressive. 15,000 MQM would put at Gold status. I have Spent 25k on my Reserve card. That would be great to win.

  96. Gerry Cohen Reply

    I like the positive and helpful attitude of employees, from gate agents to flight attendants to the pilots.

  97. Delta treats its most frequent flyers to the best combination of customer service, upgrade ability, and help when things go awry, of any domestic carrier.

  98. Great employees, customer service, and flight schedules still have me flying Delta even with the recent Skymiles changes. I can still earn miles and MQMs for Medallion status that gives me the benefits I enjoy.

  99. Bill Young Reply

    I have always found the employees to be friendly and helpful. A while back I offered a FA a seat in the waiting area in Paris. When she saw me on the flight sitting on the bulkhead row of economy, she brought me several items from first class snacks and meals along the way. Just one example of many!

  100. MSPDeltaDude Reply

    I like when Delta does schedule changes and then using the HUCA method to get the ideal flights I want 🙂

  101. Consistent inflight product and much better customer service than any other legacy carrier.

  102. We like Delta because it is convenient to so many places. We also like the friendliness of the support staff.

  103. I have been delta platinum elite for the last 12 years and loyalty recognition is appreciated. Upgrades still clear 4 out of 5 flights.

  104. Delta is the best domestic airline period. That is what I like about them.

  105. John Venneman Reply

    Delta and it’s employees always treat me well and with respect. They don’t always perform flawlessly but when they don’t they own it and rectify it.

  106. Brian Brady Reply

    To me the service is a bit better than other airlines I have flown. Also, I can get just about anywhere via delta or delta partner.

  107. Pat Suarez Reply

    I like the branding. Other airlines seem to be getting complacent about their “look”, while Delta seems to be paying attention to the subconscious effect of pretty and sleek. I remember Delta in the 90’s and it looked like a commuter airlines. They have really done a lot to bring Delta into the modern age with a premium branding. Don’t get me wrong, I like the upgrades and the service but I think the brand carries a lot more sway than people think.

  108. Anthony hilden Reply

    I love Delta because of their new Global Wide Upgrade program

  109. I like the way the employees are always so good about working through a problem out of their control. I also thought it was cool the time I saw Richard Anderson sitting next to me in economy comfort.

  110. Delta is tops for a few reasons. Upgrades, taking care of premiers like diamond. I love that it’s like the old days of travel when I don’t get hit up for same day change fees or standby fares. I appreciate the direct phone call where they know who I am from my phone number. I am a Delta guy!

  111. Miles that never expire… even if they’re pretty much worthless!

  112. krazymunky Reply

    coookiesssssss. also gave me a free upgrade on a 5 hour flight to business class once

  113. Ed jenkins Reply

    I have flown over 30 years and the employee service levels and attitudes are much better than the NWA days. Happy to be a DM for the upgrades.

  114. Susan Maraval Reply

    They try to get it right the first time and when they don’t they make it right. Sometimes you have to ask for compensation but they do what they can to make things right. I see the snack carts coming out more frequently for delayed flights. When it was imperative my husband get his destination on time they flew him on another airline when a delta flight wasn’t going to make it and he still got the miles and MQM’s and it was at 150%! As long as they keep trying I’ll stay loyal to Delta.

  115. I have been flying Delta for as long as I can remember, excellent employees, occasional upgrade which I love, those biscoff cookies, the chance to earn status every year, my choice for flying always.

  116. I like the fact that I get premium seats for free as a PM, so even if the upgrade doesn’t come through, at least I’m in bulkhead or exit. 15k more MQM’s would all but assure DM for 2015!

  117. Definitely the customer-facing people. They seem to be happier and more willing to help than those of many other airlines!

    And great swag this week, Rene!

  118. What I love about Delta is access to free economy comfort as a Platinum if I miss the upgrade.

  119. The roomy CRJ200 seats! (obviously not). What I REALLY like about Delta are the friendly employees who genuinely seem to want to help passengers!

  120. Delta customer service has always been prompt and courteous. They are very easy to deal with compared to other carriers that will go unnamed!

  121. Matt Frankel Reply

    I like that Delta serves my favorite bourbon, Woodford Reserve!

  122. It always makes me smile when the automated voice on the PM line says “Welcome back Deborah.”

  123. I love Delta because I was able to fly LAX-PER-MEL-SYD-LAX on Virgin Australia Business Class for $175 + 150,000 SkyMiles

  124. Convenience of flights from where I live, plus good overall flying experience with DL.

  125. Delta flies where I need to go and has generally friendly and pleasant employees.

  126. What I like most is that their twitter team is amazing! Fast responses and very helpful

  127. I love Delta because they fly out of my little hometown airport – it connects to the rest of the world through DTW. My husband and I have enjoyed maintaining elite status the last few years because the lounges and treatment by Delta staff have made travel so easy. We are in danger of losing our status this year because our parents’ health issues have kept us on the ground.

  128. Good employees make all the difference. When Delta and Eastern were competing here in Atlanta years ago, employee attitude was like day and night. Eastern got what it deserved.

  129. What I love about Delta is the respect it has for its customers. The employees are friendly and helpful, often going above and beyond what’s required to get the job done. I’ve had a ticket agent escort me to the front of the checkpoint so I could make my flight. When I got upgraded and my husband didn’t, the FA offered to bring him dessert in coach – it made his day.

    Most of all, I never get the sense that Delta takes my business for granted. They continually work to earn the loyalty that so many of us feel towards what I think is the best run airline in the industry.

  130. alfred richner Reply

    because they have a museum of aviation with a conference room you can rent that is inside the fuselage and you can meet other aviation geeks that follow Rene

  131. I really appreciate the quality of the Delta phone reps. Got me on an earlier flight yesterday and got be home hours before my original flight.

  132. I love Delta’s trans-atlantic flights, specifically the Atlanta to Jo-burg flight, which I believe is the 6th longest in the world. I’ve taken that flight a couple of times and have had amazing service onboard from the flight attendants.

  133. Delta has safely flown me around the world and back. Often times in a comfortable EC or FC seat – but even while in steerage I find that their planes, people, and overall experience are the best in the air.

    They love to fly, and it shows!

  134. Lynn Phillips Reply

    Rene there are so many things I love about delta I love the response time on twitter when there is an issue my number two is the great upgrades. I thank you for this blog hitting plat or diamond each year sometimes is difficult but thanks your advice as well as others I have become so much smarter. Love to fly. Take care Lynn

  135. I like it because I work overseas and I can get to Atlanta relatively easily from anywhere in the world. And, they have many great employees!

  136. I like the comp upgrades and the two mistake fares offered this year

  137. I like Delta for many reasons. The two biggest things for me are the complimentary upgrades, and the Rollover MQM’s. I’m going to make Platinum for the first time this year it looks like, but Rene’s gift would guarantee it!

  138. We love Delta’s Economy Comfort Seats, and if we win the 15,000 MQMs we’ll be able to get them at a discount since we’ll go up a Medallion level 🙂

  139. I appreciate the professionalism of the employees, ontime flights, and plenty of upgrades.

  140. I like Delta because of the medallion upgrades and the special seating for elites and their great customer care and service.

  141. I like Delta Airlines for several reasons. As a frequent traveler, their employees will do everything they can when you are in need to make a last minute schedule change. Their employees will do this all while being friendly and professional, and offering as many options as possible. Their customer service is top notch.

  142. I like that Delta points do not expire. One can bank the points for use when they are retired or not as busy.

  143. I love Delta bc I can help my church for the China missionary work

    Delta has many flights from US to China using 70000 miles

  144. Delta is tops with updated equipment! I fly KLM and Delta and Delta has the best equipment hands down!

  145. I appreciate how convenient it is to get to Copenhagen on Delta and partners.

  146. It’s the Hometown airline! Bar none, the friendliest airline I’ve flown.

  147. Its easy to get miles and so far have been able to find nice awards

  148. Dan Anderson Reply

    Love Delta and how they have embraced technology, the Delta App is one of my favorites. They free upgrades are great as well.

  149. Kent Morrow Reply

    I love Delta! Even as one striving to become a Silver Status member, I am always treated with respect and my needs are listened to with compassion and concern. I often skip better deals to fly with Delta because I feel like family.

  150. I like Delta’s FF program. Not the new changes but the easy of using miles. I hear people complain about availability. But in comparing to US Air and American I find it is way cheaper/less fees and miles to go delta than the other programs. Direct flights to SFO, LAX, and Florida for 25,000 miles and $10 with no notice. You can’t do that on US Air or AA.

  151. I like Delta because of the convenience and flight availability from my base – DTW

  152. I like Delta not only because of the generally good customer service on domestic flights, but also because I’ve had excellent experiences on SkyTeam members like KLM and Air France.

  153. I LOVE Delta because my husband and I have been able to use our skymiles through the years and go all sorts of amazing places. Thank you Delta!

  154. Jeremy Kaplan Reply

    My favorite thing is the seatback monitors on the international flights. I recently had to fly United to South Korea and the flight I took did not have them, just those 1980s style TVs down the aisles…made a long flight seen so much longer!

  155. I like the Economy Comfort seating – that is when I don’t get upgraded.

  156. Carol Blue Reply

    Love the generally friendly gate agents and flight crews. They apparently love their jobs.

  157. Delta flies almost everywhere from my hometown in ATL. Price is usually OK, sometimes pretty darn cheap. But ultimately a great company has to have great people, and I don’t recall ever having a bad encounter with any Delta employee. I have always noticed their professionalism, courteous service, and they just seem happy to help you. I know I’m “hub-locked”, but I’m very happy it’s with Delta.

  158. I love Delta for their awesome customer service. The other airlines just don’t compare!

  159. I like Delta because of the Complementary Upgrades for elite members , a status that can be earned without flying through American Express Cards !!

  160. Delta flies the most non-stops from MSP, rewards me well as an elite, generally a great hard product and service in the air, and my flights are almost always on time and never cancelled! Love Delta.

  161. I like the front-line employees. It’s hard not to! They truly are the industry’s best

  162. Corbett Kroehler Reply

    Reliability must top the list. While no airline is perfect and weather will become an increasingly unpredictable component in this age of climate change, Delta continues to record impressive numbers in terms of punctuality and consistency. Also near the top is the relatively straightforward process for receiving upgrades. Now that I have platinum status, I know beyond a doubt that I’ll receive upwards of a 75% upgrade rate and that, according to everything I’ve read, is a high number when Delta is measured against its competitors.

  163. Elaine Green Reply

    The number one reason I like Delta is because I feel SAFE flying Delta!!!!!!!

    I have flown to Europe 10 times in the past several years and always had a great experience, no baggage lost, and no major delays.

  164. The employees…probably the most competent for American-based airlines

  165. Carey Archer Reply

    I love that Delta takes care of me because I am loyal to Delta. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the perks of being a Medallion member and the game of earning as many MQMs as possible every year!

  166. Tom Levitan Reply

    What Delta does best for me (and that is inherited from Northwest maybe) is take care of me when things go wrong. Delta does a great job, for me at least, of handling IROPS.

  167. Love many of the flight crew members – my favorite part of a long haul flight is chatting with the crew!

  168. The front line people are the best! And the SkyClub ladies in BOS rock!

  169. I like Delta because of their friendly employees! A big plus. Thank you for this nice initiative!

  170. Kurt DeAngelis Reply

    Great service, multitude of routes/connections and competitive pricing.

  171. Domestic upgrade policy.; fee waivers and free EC for top tier medallions; choice benefits; 2014 and earlier Skymiles Program.

  172. I love Delta because of Skymiles, their partnership with AMEX (my CC of choice), and lastly the Red Coats who “manually” overriding countless things.

  173. I like the people. The old NWA ground people were awful but the Delta ground people are a lot better. And by and large the Delta flight crew is great.

  174. I like that sometimes –if you get the right person–they will bend the rules. I love the upgrades. I love the Delta Reserve Card MQM $ waiver. My birthday is on the 22nd and would really love the 15000 MQMs because I will be just short of Gold for 2015 without them.
    Thank you.

  175. The number of flights and destinations is what I like best as well as the customer service.

  176. I like the upgrades! My work travel is a lot easier to handle in a nice, comfy, first-class seat with a bourbon in my hand.

  177. Diane Andrew Reply

    I love that Delta flies out of Sarasota, has flights to where my dearest ones live in Tallahassee, Ft. Lauderdale and Salt Lake City. And the Skymiles/ Medallion program makes flights feasible.

  178. The priority call center for platinum medallions is one of my favorites, regularly saving the day when there are delays. Priority baggage handling is a real plus too, getting me out the door that much faster.

  179. Delta’s service employees have been very helpful to me over the last year.

  180. What I like most is that they get me where I want to go and very few delays. Getting an upgrade is always an added bonus and sometimes a very pleasent surprise.


  181. christine pincince Reply

    for over 40 years i have never flown anything else but delta so it is hard to compare to others. i have never had anything but happy encounters with their people no matter the stress they have been under at the time with lines and howling people because of a delay or something. kind of interesting to watch how they all coolly handle some tough stuff. so it is the people for sure

  182. These days, nice people at work are hard to find. While not everyone has a good day every day, Delta employees are the top of the airline list.

  183. Delta is my hometown airline — I love the excellent customer service.

  184. Amy Coffman Reply

    EVERYTHING!!! Especially everyting that @DeltaAssist can do for us 🙂

  185. I love the endlessly patient flight attendants, the complimentary upgrades and the MQM’s. I also love this blog for providing info on the best options for earning/utilizing MQM’s and Skymiles.

  186. stacy jordan Reply

    I like Delta because I can support my 2nd hometown airline and the ability to make multi-city reservations without having a long delay.

  187. Brady Augustine Reply

    Delta’s crews and staff are more helpful and friendly than other airlines.

  188. Alexander Ivanov Reply

    I love Delta’s business elite product! It is clearly the best in the USA! It is a must to experience that over the ocean!

  189. Rob Costello Reply

    I love the perks of being a Diamond Medallion at Delta and the ease of support from @DeltaAssist.

  190. I like the ability to roll over MQMs from one year to the next. No other airline that I know of does this.

  191. I really like the flight attendants of Delta. Almost without exception they are friendly and helpful and a pleasure to have around. I live in Atlanta, and I’m delighted that Delta serves our area.

  192. I like that DL flies nonstop from my home city to many of the destinations I want to visit.

  193. As a Platinum medallion, I like the ability to make changes to award tickets without fees.

  194. I like the elite line. I’ve even gotten help on behalf of my sister, who is not Elite.

  195. Matthew John Stowell Reply

    I love delta because they of the new onboard entertainment system they are developing… i like that they are on the front edge!

  196. Jared Hirschowitz Reply

    Delta consistently provides a great product you can rely on, regardless of medallion status, although, being diamond is nice…

  197. The employees are, for the most part, exceptionally dedicated and hard working.

  198. Fred Millett Reply

    I love Delta because of their great customer service and friendly employees!

  199. I like Delta because of the routes and the helpfulness of most of the Delta employees.

  200. The people. From phone reps to gate agents to FAs. Always pleasant and helpful.

  201. The Delta team seems proud of their company and the flight crews work hard and do a great job.

  202. Delta is hardware is much better than UA and AA in domestic markets. They are really taking a lead in providing better products than competitors.

  203. Love the in flight teams, seem to love what they do and skymiles has some great perks.

  204. I’m a fan of the automatic callback feature when calling customer support. Instead of waiting on hold they call back! Cool!

  205. I love Delta’s customer service! The employees have been great to me as a Diamond member and the Diamond line, the gate agents, the SkyClub agents and especially tweeting the folks at Delta Assist have all helped me so much. I’d like to reach 250,000 MQMS this year to secure Diamond status through 2016 and the 15,000 MQM giveaway would be a great boost.

  206. I like Delta because they always take care of me. I hear so many horror stories from friends aligned with other carriers and I appreciate that, even when something goes wrong, Delta does everything they can to fix it.

  207. I like the numerous employees we’ve met lately who have gone above and beyond in being nice and helpful! Makes a sometime arduous process a little easier.

  208. Hi Rene,

    Two things, 1 – Service Recovery, I have had many bad situations turn good over the phone while other folks are waiting in line during cancelations. 2 Global upgrades, I am so far 2 for 2 using them and even had a schedule change get me onto Virgin later this fall out of ATL. 🙂

  209. Ryan Tracy Reply

    Delta feels like home to me. To me the best thing about them is their consistency in service and product.

  210. Arnol Ketros Reply

    I love the Biscoffs cookies and the friendliness of everyone from ticket agent to pilot to the flight attendants.

  211. I love Delta because the personnel are so friendly and go out of their way to make you enjoy the flight.

  212. Delta customer service and treatment of medallions during IRROPS is the best in the business. It is what keeps me loyal.

  213. Because as a NYC based business traveler who does mostly domestic trips, Delta offers the best experience and routing from LGA… and their JFK to SEA/SFO/LAX service is perfect

  214. Delta has multiple flights to places I want to go and treats premium members well.

  215. Delta is my hometown airline. I’ve been flying with them since before I could talk coherently. We don’t always get along, but I couldn’t imagine my city without Delta. I’m born and raised here and Atlanta wouldn’t be the same without Delta.

  216. I like Delta because their main hub is in my home town of Atlanta and less connections to cities I need to go.

  217. tucsonbabe Reply

    The flight attendants are the best,
    The Biscoff cookies are sweet,
    The seats can be lumpy but,
    Flying Delta is always a treat!

  218. I love Delta because they continually strive to operate at a level much higher than the other domestic airlines.

  219. Alex albacarys Reply

    What I love about delta – the fact that they brought the redcoats back- they can be lifesavers when your plans change due to weather, flight cancellations,etc

  220. I like Delta for the good upgrade opportunities and friendly reps. I grew up near DTW, so I was lucky to have a Delta hub nearby.

  221. Delta goes the extra mile (pun intended) for its customers. That keeps me loyal.

  222. Bill Brostoff Reply

    Like the relatively new shuttle between SFO and LAX. The RJs are quick to load/unload and the (free) snack
    service is reasonably good.

  223. I like Delta because of the extensive route network. If I need to travel to a location for business, or just want to visit a new place for a vacation Delta can take me there.

  224. I like Delta’s upgrade program. Hooked since my award flight JFK to SFO was upgraded to first! Full sized pillow and comforter!

  225. DiamondDave Reply

    I like that Delta employees are some of the best in the business. Of course there are always exceptions but the vast majority of them do a great job!

  226. Delta won me over this year when I was upgraded along with my partner via my silver medallion status – I’m working hard to achieve Gold and then who knows.

  227. Sou-Chun Su Reply

    Love my miles with Delta.. just took my family to Maui on free tickets. Saved over $3600.. with 3 tickets. (Bought mine for MQM. Been Gold for last 5 years.. need to get to Platinum. Can someone tell me by replying this that I am eligible for the 15000 MQM drawing?

  228. No matter if we have elite status or not that year, the Delta counter people have always taken care of my wife and I when we travel.

  229. I like Delta because they offer the most comfortable and consistent in-air product amongst the domestic airlines – I never have to worry about surprises with Delta! I just wish they would expand at my local airport, ELP, as the only flights they operate now are to ATL. Luckily most of my flying takes me to the east coast, and they’re my go to airline then.

  230. The way the employees in the lounge and on the plane handle any problems. They seem caring and concerned and that is what keeps me coming back even with all the devaluations happening.

  231. After flying Delta for many years there are many things to like. The most consistent over the years has to be the employees though. Great job by them. Very generous MQM offer! Keep up the good work on the blog.

  232. Delta simply has the best domestic product in the air today. You can acquire elite status and upgrades earlier than any other domestic airline. They provide better on-time service than any other domestic airline. Their crew is outstanding. Planes are generally clean and the in-flight entertainment options are better than the others. Overall…they have the best product in the air today if you fly domestically like I do.

  233. I like Delta because of their flight attendants. They are really great!

  234. I’m an MM I fly Delta only when possible even though I’m now retired,
    Delta has outstanding customer service in the well as internationally!
    They go the extra mile to assist you!

  235. Charlotte N Reply

    Delta? Like best? Probably the safety factor.

    Now, Dear Ms. God, assuming you’re a woman, I would really, really like to win those 15K MQM.

    Thanks, in advance . . .

  236. Free upgrades to economy comfort as a platinum on international flights

  237. Honestly I hear folks complain about all airlines all the time, and it always makes me smile a little guiltily to myself. Because for me, the people at Delta —from the flight attendants to the RTW desk agents—have without exception been friendly and helpful. It’s the people who make Delta great!

  238. I love Delta because I regularly get complimentary upgrades and they rarely cancel flights!

  239. Vincent DC Reply

    I like Delta because of their commitment to customers, employees and investors. Delta strives to provide the best experience for their customers and I can see that they truly care. Whenever I’ve had an issue they are keen to resolve at the benefit of us. They have fully embraced technology and the guys & gals @deltaassist are a testament to Delta’s constant strive to be better “UP”. I’ve relocated abroad due to work and still fly Delta internationally when I can & of course Skyteam. I believe Delta has helped to push these airlines to be the best and is a deserved industry leader.

  240. I no longer like anything about Delta, although still forced to fly them from ATL.

  241. By far Delta has some of the friendliest staff, especially flight attendants, of any domestic airline. Of course there are always some bad apples, or good apples just having bad day, but in general Delta’s people are great!

  242. I like Delta because they actually make an effort to help you and find a solution when problems come up. Other airlines are more than happy to just tell you the first flight they can get you on is in 3 days and there’s nothing they can do.

  243. Delta Dave Reply

    I like delta for numerous reasons with a couple being that they have great FAs that seem to care about the customers, they now carry tequila on their planes, and they seem to give their medallion flyers extra TLC.

  244. neal white Reply

    Glad delta is helping find my bags while air France seems to not care. Hope to get them before I get home.

  245. I like that as a medallion, I get treated pretty well. I also like that they are usually very dependable.

  246. The combination of Biscoff cookies and Woodford Reserve makes my heart sing!!

  247. My Platinum Medallion/Million Miler status constitutes the entire foundation of my self-esteem.

  248. Delta has great service and the quality of their fleet beats other airlines I usually take.

  249. William Lewis Reply

    My first flight with Delta was in 1972′, I was in High School on my way to Washington DC with a class expedition. Two days into our five day trip I was headed home because I did something the chaperone did not like, it was girl what can I say. Anyway on my way home I ended up on the last outbound flight home. Maybe ten people on the flight, when was the last time anyone saw that I often wonder. I am in row 25 or so on a 727 as I recall. A very nice flight attendent asked me if I wanted to sit in first class and I of course took her up on that. Myself and two other attendants were talking and they got me to sign up for the Delta FF program. I learned that if I ever got a job that required me to travel that this would be very helpful. I also met the captain and first officer before I departed the flight. I told them I just signed up to be a frequent flier and is it ok to ask for a phone number from one of attendants. After a hand shake and a pat on the back I got a “welcome to then Delta family.” Some 42 years later and 1.6 million miles later I am always proud to say to someone I am a part of the Delta Family. Family matters and when so does service and being treated like a family member Delta has been the best in the air business that I have experienced. I have flow most of the majors here today and gone as well. Oh did I ask for a phone number, well that is another story I’d be glad to tell one day.

  250. I like the fact that Delta is making money. This bodes well for their ability to keep the fleet relevant and fresh.

  251. I like the large network of cities that we get access to when flying Delta. I make a few trips every year to small airports and have yet to come across one in which delta did not fly. There was even one airport that had delta as the only airline.

  252. That Skyteam (unlike Star Alliance) still honours mid-level (gold) status perks.

  253. DVMonthego Reply

    I like the employees most of all. Most often very courteous and helpful.

  254. The number of routes available makes it easy for me to stay loyal to Delta….

  255. I love Delta because it super invests me in your fantastic blog, which I read every day I get an email. You have put my appreciation for Delta in hyper drive. This would put me in DM land for the first time. I am totally sucking up here.

  256. Unlimited upgrade potential domestically. And Woodford Reserve in 1st class.

  257. I like how delta takes the lead on new changes that ultimately benefit it’s customers and improve the overall quality of service. Whether it’s free premium drinks on international flights or enhanced entertainment for all classes, delta strives to be the best.

  258. I love how I get treated as a Platinum on Delta… Would love to add these MQM and hit Diamond this year!

  259. I loved the funny safety video but after a couple of Woodfords I really don’t remember much so I’ll take everyone’s word for it.

  260. Living in Bozeman, MT, I mostly connect through Salt Lake and Minny. The Delta folks at both hubs are super friendly and helpful. I always attain Gold and sometimes hit Platinum. But, I love that even with Gold, while upgrades are less prevalent than they were before, Delta at least takes good care of you with Sky Priority and EC.

  261. The quality of the Delta employees, starting from check-in, to the pilots and plane crew.

  262. Raymond Saunders Reply

    Delta has great flight schedules to almost anywhere I need to be, their employees are professional and caring, upgrades are awesome, and I love the benefits of the AMEX partnership.

  263. Gordon Parker Reply

    I love the complementary upgrades. As a gold member I probably only win 30% of the time.

  264. I live in Detroit, so being in a Delta hub, I like that I can fly to most places really easily. Also, in my experience, Delta has better service than many other airlines.

  265. I like Delta’s friendly employees and helpful customer service and also being able to fly non-stop from Atlanta to just about anywhere.

  266. I love the new Global Upgrade Certificates.

    I have only used 2 of the 4 and that was a $10,000 perk. Two 11 hour over-night flights in a lie-flat seat made the trip a breeze.

  267. Being based in DTW, I get anywhere I want to go and I feel like Delta takes care of me!

  268. I love their Woodford Reserve onboard… an now, their new SC enhancements!

  269. (Relatively) good domestic lounges (at least better than UA and AA!)

  270. I like their Atlanta hub that gets me everywhere on direct flights. And a special like for their website. I can always find what I need there (and usually a few nice surprises too).

  271. There are many reasons why I love Delta, from the ability to use my skymiles for seats in BusinessElite, to the Delta Sky Clubs,love those biscoff cookies, the flight attendants are always helpful, living in ATL helps, love those EC seats, and the lists goes on, thanks Delta.

  272. I actually really like the business elite on SEA-AMS, great seats and service (and the option to upgrade for 25K miles :D)

  273. What do I like about Delta? They have the best mid-tier (50k) status of any frequent flyer program!

  274. Bill Striegel Reply

    What do I like about Delta? They’ve been good to me. I’ve flown all the other majors and none of them compare to Delta or it’s customer service.

  275. I like the helpfulness of Delta’s agents who work the call center. They are always helpful an willing to do what they can for me, including explaining some of the confusing rules.

  276. What I love about Delta is their high percentage of on-time flights. It’s really nice to be able to count on arriving on time!

  277. Randy Powers Reply

    Delta ROCKS! Love the upgrades and the food/wine in business is very good!

  278. I love Delta for the Reliability, Service, and Woodford Reserve!

  279. Lovely upgrades. And when there is a problem, they try to make things right.

  280. I have been in Georgia for a few years now and Delta is my new hometown favorite. The ATL hub has a great array of flights and the service is great!

  281. I love Delta’s hub in ATL and the access I have to locations all over the world.

  282. MikeTaylor Reply

    I fly a lot, both domestically and internationally. I view my time flying as an extension of my home and business life. I want to be comfortable, respected and to a certain extent “spoiled a little”! The fact that I am paying for this experience “entitles” (Yes, I used that word) me to both expect this and to receive it. DELTA fulfills my expectations!! From the time I arrive at the Priority Check In without worry about paying for TWO Bags, receiving PROMPT and FRIENDLY service and a Thank You for Being a DM, through the NO HASSLE Pre Check TSA and BOARDING thru PRIORITY line with another THANK YOU Mr.Taylor for being a DM. I feel COMFORTABLE, RESPECTED and to a certain extent, SPOILED a LITTLE!
    However, sometimes plans go awry. I like receiving a TEXT that your flight has been xxx, we have the following alternative flights for you! AND sometimes when matters go awry through no fault of DELTA, I know they will step up to HELP.
    For example, not that long ago, flying from London to JFK (as a SM), I became ill. I have a Heart condition and fortunately there was a Cardiologist on Board and very caring Flight Attendants. As we landed, all passengers were requested to remain seated. We were met by the EMR Staff and a RED COAT, who turned out to be the REAL HERO! My wife is not an experienced traveler. I was concerned about my Wife, my Health, my Luggage, Customs and Connections. The RED COAT simply smiled and said Mrs. Taylor, you go with your Husband IN the AMBULANCE, I will take care of everything else (What is your cell number, Mrs. Taylor? This is mine.). Somehow, as the result of his calm voice, caring smile and quite confidence, I knew that he would take care of everything else!
    I cannot remember how many times he needed to rebook us, but since I spent the night in the HOSPITAL, it was numerous. He called repeatedly to check on me and to assure me that he had all of our luggage. The next day, we picked up our luggage and headed to the Gate. “FLIGHT DELAYED, WEATHER”!, “CANCELLD FLIGHT, WEATHER”! By the time I arrived at the head of the line, ALL Flights had been booked! “ Mr. Taylor, we have arranged for a flight tomorrow afternoon for you from LaGuardia and a Hotel Room and a Bus will be taking you to the Hotel tonight and you will have transportation to the Airport tomorrow.”
    I had not slept since leaving London and I was exhausted from being probed, poked and shot (with a needle) and I was ready to collapse. We called the Red Coat and explained the situation. He soon arrived walking quickly behind the desk and hitting some buttons and printing tickets for a flight that left that night. We arrived Home that NEW YEARS NIGHT.
    THE BEST: He called us at home the next day to see how I was feeling and I WANT TO EMPHASIZE, I was a SILVER MEDALLION passenger, I did not consider myself to be a SPECIAL PASSENGER, BUT DELTA DID!!!

  283. I like that they are in Atlanta. One of my first trips abroad we flew Delta, and it was so easy getting through the airport very quickly at the international terminal. We had zero problems and the staff was so helpful. Experiences like that make it easy to come back to the company again and again and again.

  284. I like preferred seating for medallions, on time flights, and wifi on planes. Thanks Rene!

  285. Brett Albertson Reply

    I like that even Silver and Golds get free upgrades. Some of us can’t fly enough to get Diamond!

  286. I love the new Delta safety videos! Delta is always at the leading edge of the industry.

  287. A 17hr delta flight was the first plane I ever stepped into as a scared student flying across the planet for a better future, and have not had any issues with them ever. Hope that continues 🙂

  288. I like Delta perks for Skymiles customers, like the upgrades and the dedicated service lines. Their customer service is always fantastic, from the flight attendants to Skyclub agents to the phone agents. I always recommend Delta to my colleagues!

  289. I love delta because as a new GM I get free or discounted economy comfort seats. I also love that with the Delta Reserve card and the GM status, my upgrade potential really increased. With ATL being my main base (with CHA second), I can get almost anywhere in the world on a Delta or codeshare Delta flight.

  290. Paul Novarese Reply

    The iphone app is really pretty nice, works great with passbook.

  291. When ops are interrupted, I generally find that Delta employees try to do whatever possible to make the incovenience as painless as possible.

  292. My favorite part of Delta is their operations. Everything seems to run smoother than other airlines.

  293. Andrew Duhaime Reply

    The best aspect of Delta is without a doubt their people, and the way the encourage and empower those people to do what is best for the customer. I was going to regale you with a story from my past, but look no further than Mr. Taylor’s post several up from mine. That dirty amazes me, and is the reason I am a loyal Delta customer!

  294. Domestic upgrades are amazing! And the Woodford Reserve makes me feel at home….

  295. I love Delta for making me feel like I matter – and Delta FA’s are the very best in the business!

  296. Consistently good product from an efficient airline constantly seeking improvement. Friendliness of MOST employees, too.

  297. No airline is without problems, but more often than not, Delta has served me very well and their staff have been amazing. And I get upgraded often on the routes I typically fly.

  298. I love Delta because the Delta mileages don’t expire, you can rollover the MQM, and you can earn the MQM with Amex, etc. And you can’t forget the great customer services.

  299. I love Delta for the wonderful customer service the FA’s provide on each and every flight! I also love the perks of being a Silver Medallion. It may be a few perks in comparison to other Medallions but it is enough for me!

  300. Complimentary Medallion Upgrades……best thing in the business 🙂

  301. I love at delta are really effective and proactive during IROPS, the only airline I can think, of that consistently offers me rer outing options before I leave for the airport.

  302. probably the smartest move that Delta has made and I really like in the last 10 years is the fact that they allow first class upgrades on Sky miles frequent flyer tickets. This is a huge step in forward progress. Thank you so much Delta. I also appreciate the edification by Rene regarding

  303. My main two “Likes” about Delta are: (1) They are one of two airlines that fly into and out of Chattanooga, TN (my base airport), and (2) Their Twitter service “Delta Assist”!

  304. Without doubt, Delta is the most people-friendly airline in the skies. As an elite, I value Delta because I truly feel they provide extra attention and genuine value to their elites through unlimited free domestic upgrades, fee free last minute rewards redemption, no fee award cancellations, free same day changes, free baggage, free Economy comfort seats domestically AND internationally. The fact that Delta calls me when my flights are delayed and makes automatic changes to the next flight when planes change or operations go wrong with canceled flights is phenomenal. If for whatever reason I need help, then there’s always @DeltaAssist with their magic touch to respond almost instantly. Most importantly, they are the only airline whose high elite status can be had purely from home via credit cards. I am a true Delta captive as I’m in Atlanta, however the real truth is that I’d still pick them as they are the most connected airline and can get me anywhere (almost directly) from Atlanta. I #LOVE Delta and while I haven’t won anything much on the internet, these 15K MQM’s would be worth its weight in gold to help me achieve the higher status at Delta and that would be ridonculously awesome!

  305. I love Medallion upgrades-yes, even for flunky Silvers, and even for flunky Silvers’ companions–it does happen! Always makes me feel appreciated.

  306. Overall level of service is first rate compared to other airlines.

  307. I think the employees of delta are committed to doing a good job and helping flyers as much as they can. I also find the nonstop schedule out of atlanta super convenient.

  308. I like Delta since I was just upgraded as a fresh Gold, for my flight in 1hour – sea Atl.

  309. The employees of Delta are committed to doing a good job and doing the best they can to make it a better experience for flyers. I also find Delta’s many nonstop flights out of Atlanta that are super convenient.

  310. Calvin Johnson Reply

    I love Delta because they have integrated a lot of features requested by its customers. They really do care about the passengers.

  311. Love delta’s on time performance and how they treat their medallions

  312. Dan Kaufman Reply

    Living in Atlanta, I love that I can get almost anywhere I want to go in the world direct.

  313. Erik Matheson Reply

    I have been flying since I was barely able to walk…or about 47 years. I have had the opportunity to fly on airlines all over the world. Yet I always come back to Delta….pound for pound I find them to be the most complete, progressive and professional airline. I dont’t love them 100% of the time, but they are certainly my pick for the top airline flying.

  314. I love Delta because they’re the best at getting me to my destination on time. United, AA, and Southwest can’t touch that!

  315. cesar ocampo Reply

    I love the Atlanta hub and the Sky Clubs in E and F terminals.

  316. I really like the friendly customer service reps on the Medallion line… very quick to answer, resolve problem/answer question, and send you on your way.

  317. Even if not an amazing product, its a good product and a consistent none. Which I appreciate. Thanks!

  318. I like that with 2 credit cards and 120k spend you are only 15k away from platinum status!!!

  319. The Delta employees, Deltas use of social media and the ease of going wherever I want in the United States and around the world from RSW.

  320. Delta’s skymiles airline partner choices, such as Air France and KLM

  321. FirstInFlight Reply

    The thing I like best are the global upgrades. I can book a cheap fare to Asia and fly first class. That is a fantastic way to thank Diamonds. I’ve used one to fly to Japan and one to fly back from Beijing. This winter I’ll be on the upper deck of a Delta 747 for two TPAC flights – awesome.

  322. Upgrades and updated aircraft are nice, but what I love most about Delta is the people! The employees show me again and again that they genuinely care about their company and its customers, and they demonstrate that by working together to keep aircraft reliable and departing on time. They also take good care of you when you need them.

  323. I like Delta because they have the best FA in the business. They make flying a pleasure. FA are the true face of Delta and they represent the airline well.

  324. James Read Reply

    Personality! More than any other US legacy carrier, Delta has a real sense of personality and style. It starts with their branding, which looks great and they use it consistently everywhere. The sense of style continues with the in-flight magazine (way more interesting than most in-flight magazines), the red coats, the new food options, and the new Sky Clubs. Delta is just cooler than any of the other big American carriers.

  325. I like that Delta makes is easy to gain elite status from Amex spend. Sky Priority, EC seats, and no baggage charges are very valuable to me and MQM from Amex allows me to be treated like a frequent traveler when I am unable to push 50k BIS miles per year.

  326. I love Delta cause they are improving their services on a drastic & continuous basis!

  327. As a long time NWA flyer, I’ve come to appreciate Delta over the years, especially this year as I am Seattle based (lots of bonus miles/mqms).
    I was fortunate enough to score a Business Elite ticket to Europe this summer and just loved the flight: a good dinner followed by 6 hours of sleep. It doesn’t get any better.
    Will be Diamond soon and hope to be able to use some of the Global Upgrade Certificates later this year.

    On the downside, Skymiles 2015 is a real problem for non-business flyers. Delta advertisements like “your business trip suddenly is more valuable” also imply “your non-business trip suddenly is less valuable”. I wonder how businesses are going to deal with the perverse incentives.

  328. They are on time more often out of my home airport and I don’t have to connect through O’Hare.

  329. Convenient schedules from my home town hub, and complimentary domestic upgrades… 100% this year (don’t fly much domestically though) as a Gold!

  330. I like the seats and service on Delta. I just wish they had a better FF program!

  331. Because they take care of those that take care of them! IE: As a diamond they have done things to help me get home faster/in more comfort and we continue to give them $$$. 🙂

  332. Delta is a consistent product that I know I can rely on to get me to my destination wherever it may be.

  333. It is about the only airline I can take from MSP, so I better like it.

  334. I like that delta offers new snacks in first periodically. Speaking of… What ever happened to the banana bread they ‘field tested’ about 6-8 months back? That was some tasty stuff and I’d vote to bring it back!

  335. TexasYankee Reply

    I like that the gate agents are in general very friendly and helpful.

  336. Noah Mark Blaustein Reply

    Comfortable planes, friendly service, good food choices. Competitive elite program! Plus a great blog from you Rene to help us navigate though “enhancements”

  337. I love the front line staff. Also they have taken great care of me in irrops.

  338. I love Economy Comfort!! The extra few inches do wonders for both leg room and to work on a laptop throughout a flight. And BONUS – as a Gold Medallion I can book these seats on domestic flights for no extra charge!

  339. I like Delta’s consistency of great service in helping you get to your final destination on time or with the fewest hassles when unpredictable events happen like bad weather.

  340. The upgrade opportunities, especially the global certificates.

  341. Love the calm, cool, and collected pilots who get us safely to our destination every time.

  342. like the flight times, great attitude of attendants, upgrades and cookies.

  343. Living in the upper Midwest, Delta gives my both frequency and keeps me out ORD.

  344. I’ve flown Delta all my life having grown up in Atlanta. The upgrades are definitely nice but what keeps me flying Delta even now that I’ve moved away from ATL is I’ve always found better service and more hospitable working people at Delta than at other airlines.

  345. I love the people that work for Delta…friendliest people in the skies!

  346. Kent Morrow Reply

    From the pilots, to the flight attendants, to the terminal personnel, everyone treats me with respect and kindness.

  347. I like Delta because with the AmEx cards I can qualify for PM with the MQM earned. In the old days I barely made it to Gold a couple times on USAirways. Mostly Silver, which doesn’t get you much.

  348. I have fewer hassles flying DL, and when the unexpected happens, 99% of the Delta employees I’ve encountered act like they are having a good day and want to make your day better.

  349. Luke Coyne Reply

    I like the upgraded experience that I’m used to with SWA.

  350. I like Delta for everlasting memory, i.e. good, bad, or indifferent.

  351. Clarence Ing Reply

    Things I like about Delta
    Delta’s upgrades and PreChek.
    Great service from DM desk and Sky Club personnel
    MR to SIN when the price is right

  352. I live near a Delta hub, so the fact that I can travel direct is a big bonus, and the main reason I fly Delta, even if they are a little more expensive. Even though it is being diluted, I do feel like I enjoy reasonable perks as an elite flyer and generally their staff and service are excellent

  353. They get me where I want to go with the best employees and excellent customer service!

  354. A lot of the Detroit lounge employees have been there for a long time and always greet me with a smile.

  355. I like Delta because of the amount of upgrades I get! I also like the employees.

  356. Skippie687 Reply

    SEA – HKG – SEA $600 whats not to love. (ohh 98000 MQMs and 1200 MQDs)

  357. I love it how they pay extra attention to my children. it starts when we check in our luggage. They receive a little package with some crayons, a coloring book and some puzzles, also they may (if they behave of course) weigh themselves. its those little things that make the entire trip more pleasant for a parent.

  358. carolyn rehn Reply

    I love delta, because they have treated my 89 year old mother with sensitivity, class, and dignity.Their services have enabled her to continue to travel, see family and have a few more travel experiences. I really trust them. I like the cookies too, I think the wine is decent, and really really would like to make platinum one more time before I retire from my non profit job.

  359. Consistent flights on time departures. Love the upgrades when I get them

  360. I like the professionalism of the staff and the newer, more comfortable planes (at least compared to most of their American competitors–and excepting the CRJ200s!)

  361. Delta Segment Flyer Reply

    Fewest cancellations in the business, best domestic planes from where I Fly.

  362. They invited me to TSA Precheck way back before “everybody” had it. Also love the way Platinum and above get hotel rooms, even for weather delays. That is really taking care of loyal flyers. The short answer is that they make each individual feel like a valued customer, not just a number in a seat.

  363. I love the Economy Comfort perks. A free Bailey’s Irish Cream and extra legroom helps me relax and get some sleep on recent long haul international flights. I’d love to upgrade my Medallion status to see what additional perks are available in business or first class seats!

  364. dotti cahill Reply

    Real food (with protein items) as of thursday aug 14th yeahhhhh now they only need real white wine

  365. Love love love economy comfort and the new healthier food options in 1st class!!

  366. I like Delta for their reliable on time service plus they fly more or less everywhere I have ever needed or wanted to go. In the rare instance where there are problems, they have always taken care of me.

  367. I enjoy the number of European destinations available with partner airlines.

  368. Carrie Cox Reply

    I love the perks of being a medallion but the reason I only fly Delta is because I ALWAYS feel safe no matter what.

  369. Since the company I work for switched to Delta as our preferred carrier I have nothing but great things to say. I was able to obtain the AMEX Platinum (because I could reach the spend) they status matched me to Platinum. My two trips overseas were Y fares and upgraded to Business. Just amazing service. When I returned from my overseas tour (I work for the government) my sister had been planning a trip to Disney for months. I was able to come home 2 weeks early. I came home on Sat, my sister called me on Sun and said you haven’t seen the family since Thanksgiving why don’t you surprise everyone? I was suppose to arrive at Disney on the 4th of July (Thursday) all flights booked out of Charleston! The Delta rep pulled a rabbit out of a hat and not only got me a flight but had me land 35 min before my family landed at MCO! I was standing at the Mickey’s Magical Express with a red bow! The look on my Mothers, sisters, niece and nephews face was a priceless memory!

    So what do I love about Delta? Treating me like a valued customer not a $$

  370. What I love about Delta:

    • All of the friendly and helpful employees I have encountered over the many years I have been travelling on Delta
    • The fact that their destinations have (luckily) coincided with mine
    • Their corporate support of Habitat for Humanity
    • Their upgrade program which has worked well when I extensively travelled for business
    • Sky Team partner airlines
    • Lounges – and especially the agents who can make changing flights a lot easier because of their expert knowledge

  371. I like that I can obtain elite status through spend on my Delta Amex.

  372. Enjoy FIne Food Reply

    I live in CVG, a Delta hub-ette. Fortunately, I find DAL service and planes to be consistently professional — not as awesome as some intl First Class, but never as awful as some domestic.

  373. Robert Bourge Reply

    I like Delta primarily due the staff at our airport…. Birmingham, Alabama. They are uniformly the nicest and most helpful group that we have worked with and we have traveled to over 200 cities around the world.

  374. What I love about Delta is:
    The MQMs earned from credit card signup bonuses, and spend.
    The lie down product.
    The qulity customer service.

  375. Love the friendly employees!!! They make flying with my kids that much e