Do you take the “good stuff” from Delta for granted? I don’t! Let me show you what I mean.

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Note: I will be on vacation most of this week with my buddies in northern Michigan so I will have limited access to the blog and e-mail. I will be sure to follow up soon!

dont take for granted

Here we go with another DeltaPoints day of reflections. I really enjoyed reading all the great comments from readers last week about why they like our Delta that we choose to fly. Delta always tells us we do have a choice (well most of us do anyway who are not hub captive).

So today I thought I would run through a list of what you may be taking for granted compared to the other airlines out there. We get used to the way things are “supposed to be” not always realizing the other guys are no where NEAR as good as our Delta when it comes to a great many things. Let me show you what I mean!

  • No expiration for Skymiles. You do know other airlines, if you don’t fly or buy something via their shopping portal or hold one of their CO-branded credit cards your miles will go bye-bye! Not with our Delta!
  • The Might Schedule Change rule. I have to admit I don’t work with other airlines much but from what I have seen Delta is one of the most accommodating in the sky when it comes to working with you fee free when a change happens.
  • Skybonus & Crossover Rewards. While other airlines may have a business program, the rewards from Skybonus can be quite good and the dual earnings tie-in with SPG is just tops. Everyone likes a double dip but to triple dip each dollar spent is special!
  • MQD exemption all the way to the top elite level via AMEX spending. So far only United has copied Delta’s revenue based frequent flyer program, but they did so badly. You cannot spend your way to 1K (their public top tier) but only to Platinum. We can be exempt as Diamonds and, ah hem, “only” fly 125,000 miles then to be top tier elite.
  • Full flat seats on ALL wide body jets to Europe guaranteed! One of the most frustrating things when you book a premium cabin product is not getting the experience you booked and paid for. With Delta this will not be the case (do note they still fly narrow body jets non-full flat).
  • Unlimited complimentary medallion upgrade to Hawaii (other than from ATL). This was a nice program change that is really sweet. Sorta reopening the JFK-Transcon upgrades for DM & PM is a move in the right direction. Now give FO & GM’s a shot too and put it in print on and we are “cooking with gas” as they say!
  • Global & Regional upgrade certificates. Delta elites have been clambering for these for YEARS. Other airlines have allowed their top elites to get an upgrade from almost any fare and now Delta has this choice as well if you select these certs as one of your Choice Benefits. Redemption space is very good as well.
  • WiFi on almost any flight. There are few jets I fly with Delta that do not have WiFi. WiFi is even coming to international birds now. Sure there are CRJ200’s (still 348 in the air with “Delta” paint on the outside) that do not have WiFi, but they are SLOWLY going away more and more – also something I don’t take for granted by the way! 😉
  • Unlimited complimentary upgrades. The upgrade system just works. Sure there are a great many things that factor into the upgrade process, but I know the system down pat and as a Diamond, with my Delta AMEX Reserve card I am at 90%+ upgrades this year. Sweet!
  • Biscoffs & Woodford Reserve. While neither of these goodies are good for my diet they sure are nummy. To have such a tasty treat and a quality adult beverage on board almost every flight is a delight!
  • Phone app including bag tracking built in. Maybe I am just seeing this from a Delta fan boy view, but I really like the Fly Delta app. I wish it were a tiny bit faster once I get over 10 reservations, but if that is my biggest gripe it is mostly a #FirstWorldProblems kind of thing!
  • Partner network is huge. Want to go anywhere on the planet? Skyteam can get you there and the “team” view of quality and recognition really is solid at this point. Not perfect mind you, but solid and that is saying much to me.
  • Medallion phone reps! They truly, a bulk of the time, just fix it. Sure now and then I have to HUCB but I can count on, with some work, finding someone who WILL fix it whatever the it is.
  • Dumping CRJ200’s as fast as they can (please go faster)! Those of you who, say, live in MYR can truly appreciate never having to fly a CRJ200 from home again. I envy you and I know Delta is “trying” to dump the last 348 as fast as they can.

So there you are. I am sure I have missed some things that I am still taking for granted, but so much so that I have forgotten to add it to my list. So you tell me what I should have included! – René

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  1. The most elite feeling to me is being so famous that the people with me become famous! Unlimited companion UG, EC free, shared zone boarding and usually enough free bags to cover my companions as well. Let alone some benefits I don’t personally have like bestowing FO or GM on a companion or just a miles boost on someone. That’s the mark of real benefit, when there is so much is spills over to share with others!

  2. Since I live in MYR, I am so happy the CRJ has gone the way to the ATR-72. 1st class 99.9% of the time home from the ATL is a major upgrade!

    Maybe someday that courtesy will be extended to SBN!

  3. Re: Global Upgrade Certificates. You must purchase a full fare ticket for these certificates to be redeemed. For most of the fare classes – the naturally the lower ones – they are useless.

  4. There are some interesting possibilities here if you can achieve lots of MQM without spending more than $5,000. Here is an example:
    2014 – Earn 200,000MQM, MQD=$20,000, AMEX Exemption met – Status = Diamond until Feb 2016, rollover 75,000 miles
    2015 – Fly 50,000 miles, MQD=$4500, AMEX Exemption not met – Status = Silver, but only after 2014 Diamond status ends in Feb 2016. Rollover 100,000 miles as a silver!
    2016 – Start the year with 100,000 MQM, quickly obtain AMEX exemption and you are instant Platinum until 2018!
    You can basically alternate full status years by intentionally only qualifying for Silver and not earning the AMEX exemption in the off years.

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