Buying my new car with a points card – $6,800 brand new – hello Elio! (oh and 84 MPG)

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Elio outside

Say hello to my new car. I have just put down a deposit for a place in line to get my Elio and it even helped me to meet some spend on my 2nd Delta AMEX Reserve card for the year (I just wish the AMEX extended warranty would apply but it does not). I mean, most car companies bristle over the idea of even putting a deposit on a credit card, but Elio embraces paying in full on a card – sweet!


Oh, and did I mention it is $6,800 and gets 84 MPG on the highway? This will be the perfect replacement to my almost 15 year old Suzuki that has been a great car but is less than efficient when it comes to fuel. When I run the numbers, much like Delta has with the 737-900 vs. the 757, my Elio will pay for itself in fuel savings – let alone how uber-kewl it is and how much fun it will be to drive!

Now before you go to Elio Motors web site no, you can not get one yet as they are not making them yet. I imagine being on the cutting edge of these puppies will be interesting, but I am embracing this. I love the concept and role this vehicle will fill. To have a car to run around town and drive to the range of Delta served airports around my home town will be just what I need.

I also love the idea of Pep Boys as a nationwide service location plus I have one under an hour away from my home.

My plan is, when it comes time to pay for my Elio, to buy an AMEX gift card to get the cash back via TopCashBack or BeFrugal, earn points, thus getting an even better price paying for the balance due.

bear at the train station

Is my Elio ready yet?

Are there risks with this? Sure, do keep in mind this company has only made prototypes so far and I hate waiting as most readers know. How perfect the final product, not to mention the first ones off the line, will be is an unknown. When will they start rolling off the line? They say about this time next year.

Bottom line for me, being an all things travel nut enthusiast and one who loves travel I am eager to give this kind of an adventure and technology a run. What do you think of Elio? Do you like the look of the vehicle? Would you own one? I would love to know! – René

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  1. Hope you didn’t have to put down a large deposit. There have been a number of delays by the company, and the current estimate is for production to start in the third quarter of next year…that is a long time for your money to sit idle, with no guarantee that they will ever give you a vehicle. You address the fact that there are risks involved, so I wish you luck.

    I would never buy a “car” that doesn’t appear to have room for more than one carryon bag in the storage area. Unless you are switching to Spirit or Frontier, and don’t plan to take any bags at all with you when traveling?

  2. @Scott – $100 gets you a place in line & seat width is larger than many delta 1st class seats 🙂 plus I still have my van for larger trips – this will work perfect for the need it will fill.

  3. Sounds like a great car – until you are squashed like a bug by a guy in an Expedition…

  4. I am biased, but I would prefer to have either two wheels or four; either the enjoyment (and great fuel mileage) of riding a motorcycle, or the passenger and cargo capacity of a car or truck. Three wheelers I have never understood- they seem to have a lot of drawbacks and not much advantage. But if that is what appeals to you, I wish you well. Be sure to give us a trip report on your travels with it in a year or two!

  5. @Atif – Agree on the article. Good review of the prototype! I will share what I put down once I have my Elio. BTW I fully expect it will be late next year or even into 2016 before I get mine and I am fine with that.

  6. Last year my husband had to get a car because his got flooded. The dealership would only but a few thousand on a card, debit or credit. So we went all over town buying money orders with the Delta Suntrust debit card, and took thousand and thousands of them to pay for the car:))))

  7. Rene I salute your choice in vehicles! Not my cup of tea but I do dig it. Looks like a gas savings blast to drive. Hows the heater? I’m in process of working on a new car purchase and my final attempt next week will be to put the $10K down on my personal Reserve. No go then no deal. They are getting MSRP on the car minus a very small incentive and I am giving up a bit on my trade in value. I figure they can eat the 2.75% to 2.9% card processing fee and still make what they would like to make on the sale. I’ll keep my 2012 for a while longer as I don’t need to have a 2015 (but for the final MQM boost on that card it would be sweet).

  8. I think that it would look better with 4 wheel so make the back wheels look like that front wheels and it will sale easily with the fuel benefit. My reasoning is every time some one make an economy car it looks horrible for the sake of being revolutionary. Looks matter.

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