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61 dollar amazon swag saturday giveaway

Let me thank readers who happen to click my Amazon link as I love to each month give 100% of the proceeds back to one reader and this round the total is just over $60 bucks! As always, the rules for SWAG Saturday are HERE so be sure to check them out if you have never taken a look as by commenting you are agreeing you have done so.

arrival+ email ad

Now on to this week’s post to see just who will win via next Friday some time. The other day I got in my in-box an e-mail from Barclay’s about my Arrival+ card reminding me that they have no international transaction fees (I think they are watching my spending abroad).

delta amex no foreign transaction fees

But you know AMEX Delta cards, as of 1MAY2014, also offer no international transaction fees and I am seriously working on my next $30,000 in spend on my personal Delta AMEX Reserve card to get another 15,000 MQMs (I may have to keep this next round rather than give them away on the blog). Plus, to be frank, the bonus deal that AMEX has on it’s Delta Gold & Platinum cards is higher than what Barclay’s is offering. But I digress.

On to my question to you for a shot at the $60+ Amazon e-Gift code. Do cards that offer NO international transaction fees matter to you? That is, are they enough of a deal breaker that you will pull another card, maybe one you really would rather not use, but do so to avoid the fee? YES or NO will be enough of an answer’ but feel free to comment more if you would like to share with readers! – René

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. Yes they matter. I never use a card w/ intl transaction fees abroad.

  2. Yes. I too am working on my spend for my second DL reserve amex card this year so happy the fees are gone for an upcoming trip to the UK and Germany!

  3. Bryan Schmiedeler Reply

    Mostly no. I always want to have at least 2 cards that have this feature, and I already do, and they are cards I will not churn. So if I look at a new card I really don’t care if have no fees.

  4. No, I have tons of cards without an international fee so I no longer need to base my decisions around that feature.

  5. Young_Tho®ough Reply

    Yes it matters. But it is such a common item now that it’s basic criterion for me to consider the other benefits of a card, other than a spending bonus.

  6. Normally no, but since I presently have international travel plans, I have paid more attention lately.

  7. Yes! it used to be important at some point of time, but have lots of cards with that now. But its still not enough 😛

  8. Yes of course, but I don’t require or need that benefit on every card.

  9. For me, it no longer matters. As long as I have at least 1 no FTF card in my wallet, I’m all set. I will say it’s more convienant to have one than not, but it’s not a deal-breaker when I’m deciding to apply for a card.

  10. No, in a well balanced portfolio of cards, you have one for every occasion…

  11. YES, I always pull the card with Int’l fee before Int’l travel. My options are too great to pay an unwarranted FEE.

    Travel ON.

  12. Yes! I spend most of the summer abroad and every bit helps. I just wish that CSP had chip & pin.

  13. Yes. On a 10 day trip to Europe, for example, those fees can easily add up to the annual renewal for a card!

  14. As someone who lives and travels overseas extensively. This is definitely a deal breaker. All my cards have no intl fee except the American Air Citi Card and I almost decided to skip that one.

  15. No. We don’t travel outside the country that much right now with a youngster in tow.

  16. BOShappyflyer Reply

    Yes, but I only need one of them. If a card has a international transaction fees, it just guarantees that I won’t be taking that card with me to spend on my trips.

  17. I will NOT use a card that levies FOREX in a different country. Not when there are so many other great options. In other news, I absolutely love that you give away your Amazon cash. No idea that you did that. So generous and you’ll be getting my support right now!

  18. I already have cards that don’t have the fees so it doesn’t matter in terms of new fees, but I would never use a card that had a fee abroad!

  19. GetToThePoints Reply

    It doesn’t matter, I have enough alternative cards to make do just fine.

  20. No. The majority of my International travel is for business, and as such…those International fees were something I could expense to my clients.

    However, I was pleasantly surprised when I heard the news of the fee waiver on the Delta AmEx.

  21. Delta dave Reply

    Absolutely! A 1-3% fee tacked on to every intl purchase adds up quickly for me.

  22. Yes. No foreign transaction fee is a very important feature especially when I consider hotel/airline cobrand credit cards.

  23. Yes it’s important. But having multiple cards allows me to use the right card for each purpose…and trip!

  24. Yes, I only use no foreign transaction fee cards when buying something abroad. Have a few now.

  25. Yes it matters — When I go internationally I leave the fee-charging CCs at home. No need to pay any extra fee,

  26. No, I mainly deal with CAD & USD currency transactions, so I hold cards in both currencies

  27. YES, but good thing my favorite cards are all no foreign transaction fee anyways! Unless the 5x restaurants for Chase Freedom is active… then I am a bit sad.

  28. Yes. Have kept my capital one card for years just for this reason. Was very happy amex got rid of the fee.

  29. It matters, and that’s why I happily use my Barclay’s Arrival card to pay hotel bills, buy train tickets, meals, etc in Europe.

  30. no, I already have the Chase Sapphire so any card I get beyond that doesn’t need to have foreign transaction fees waived – although if it charges FTFs, it could never become my primary card. I do however think that this will eventually become a feature of any card with an annual fee.

  31. Holly Rylee Reply

    Yes, definitely. Never use my SPG card outside the US even when staying at Starwood hotels.

  32. The international fees is a dealbreaker for me. I need a card with no fees.

  33. Barb Thompson Reply

    Yes – am taking a trip in less than 2 months to London and Wales and excited about using my Delta Amex without those pesky fees.

  34. Yes, I don’t take credit cards with transaction fees out of the country.

  35. YES, after getting zapped for 3% on a CitiBank M/C in Canada years ago, I learned my lesson and now leave the int’l fee cards at home.

  36. Yes, it matters, but it’s also not too uncommon these days so it’s just one factor out of many which guide the decision. For example, chip and PIN may matter more.

  37. BenTraveling Reply

    It matters a lot to me when I’m abroad. Before May 1, I put a lot of spending on other cards because the Delta Amex carried a foreign transaction fee.

  38. Patriock B Reply

    Yes. It’s important when I travel internationally and I only bring these cards with no fee

  39. Yes. FTF means no use overseas. In the points and miles game, it’s all about getting more for less. Why pay fees to get more for more?

  40. DVMonthego Reply

    Yes! Always use either my Cap One or Amex Delta Resv to avoid the fees.

  41. Yes, since the Delta Amex cards are now FTF-free, I just use my Platinum card when charging things in foreign currencies.

  42. It doesn’t matter much since I always have a card that has no foreign transaction fee and my spend for cc signup bonuses are always met right away

  43. YES!

    I travel internationally for both work and leisure and I don’t want to pay extra for the privilege of using my credit card.

  44. Yes, fees absolutely matter. There are plenty of cards that don’t charge int’l fees, so why use a card with a fee?

  45. Absolutely. I was extremely pleased when my Amex Platinum started offering the “No Foreign Fee” offer. It’s my go to card for international travel because of the added insurance benefits it offers.

  46. Yes, and we always check to make sure that policy is still in effect before we leave.

  47. Jonathan DC Reply

    Yes! The money you save can help defray the annual cost of these cards (if there is one).

  48. Yes, it matters to have no foreign exchange fee cards but of course not all have to be.

  49. YES! It also helps that the Barclay is my go-to card for everyday spending.

  50. Yes! This used to be more of an issue and boy did those FTFs add up. Nowadays it is much more common to find cards without the fees.

  51. As a frequent traveler to Asia, HECK YES! I use my card al the time and the fee rack up like crazy. My old card charged me the fee so it was additional paperwork i had to submit in the expense report, now it is time saved with no charges 🙂

  52. No. Its a very small percentage, and I spend very little abroad on my credit card

  53. No, unfortunately, I don’t yet travel internationally….but I aspire to someday.

  54. ABSOLUTELY. I won’t take a card overseas that charges a foreign exchange fee. I take 2 c/cards with me, plus my ATM card.

  55. Absolutely! As I work overseas and travel often, a card that dings me 3% everytime I wipe it just do not work for me. Consequently, I have been using my Delta gold more often and love it!

  56. No. Thank you for all of the wonderful info on the site – i used a link to sign up for the AA card with 50K bonus miles and I’m on my way to a first class ticket to NYC!!!

  57. dotti cahill Reply

    I need at least one visa no fees to back-up my amex cards when out of the country

  58. Having at least one card with that perk is all that really matters to me.

  59. Not really. Nice to have, but it would never be a deciding or necessary factor.

  60. They definitely matter, and I switch my spend to cards without fees

  61. Jeremy Kaplan Reply

    Yes, it’s expensive enough when I spend in Korea, don’t need a fee on top of it….

  62. Yes! International fees are the deciding factor as to which card I use abroad

  63. I’m not planning to travel overseas in the next year, so it doesn’t matter. But when I do, it will!

  64. Don in ATL Reply

    Yes. I prefer cards that have no foreign transaction fees. The card companies get the very best exchange rates and if they decide to charge me an extra 3%, they are really just ripping me off. I resent this and if I have choices, I exercise those other options.

  65. YES. The fee is very close to the value of the points or more in most cases, so there’s no point in spending more money when I can simply pick another card with no fee.

  66. Yes. I refuse to pay an foreign exchange fee and before AMEX removed their fee I would use my Citibank Premier card over the AMEX card when abroad. After AMEX removed the foreign exchange fee it has become much easier to reach the AMEX spending MQM bonus as my travel is 50% US and 50% international.

  67. No. This is a nice feature, but so much more of my spend is domestic. It is nice to have on my AMEX and Barclay arrival cards, but it isn’t one of the major features I look for in a new card.

  68. Pamela Olsen Reply

    Since I do not travel abroad, this is not a factor; however, of course if I did the answer would be it is foolish to use a card that incurs fees.

  69. Pamela Olsen Reply

    If I were to travel abroad I would only use a non-fee card.

  70. For big purchases that are reimbursed by my work(including fees), I will use whatever card gives me the most points/miles. For everything else, I’ll use a card with no international fees.

  71. Mad Queen Linda Reply

    No. I love too many places in the US to travel internationally.

  72. Yes! I travel int’l about 3 or 4 times a year, and fees to matter to me. Fortunately, both of my primary cards — CapitalOne Venture, and Delta Plat AmEx — have zero int’l fees. So I’m in the clear.

  73. No, it does not matter unless the fees are substantial. Usually, they are too negligible to matter much.

  74. Nah, not really. I don’t spend big bucks overseas, so as a practical matter, it doesn’t amount to much. But, OTOH, it’s nice to know that a card company isn’t screwing us over with a bogus fee, so I think that engenders positive feelings towards the issuer.

  75. Even tho most of my cards are now fee free, I still prefer not to have foreign transaction fees on new cards. Its just one less thing to think about before I grab a card.

  76. I travel abroad but don’t put much on my card. But if I did a nonfee option would ve the best option!

  77. It can be, but for me I already have good cards for no international fees so it is not a big concern when looking for a card now

  78. William H. Reply

    Definitely YES!! 3% of total spending while abroad adds up in a hurry. I do make one exception, however: my Club Carlson Visa when staying at their hotels, which earns me 30 points per dollar that are applicable to buy-one-get-one-free nights at really expensive hotels like London’s Park Plaza Westminster! That’s worth FAR more than 3cents per dollar spent there!!

  79. Yes – no point paying fees when you can avoid them. I have one Amex, MC, and Visa without fees, so it wouldn’t be a deal-breaker for a new card, but I wouldn’t use it abroad.

  80. Absolutely,I travel int’l about 4 to 5 times a year and fees do matter to me

  81. Unless it’s a very small amount, I wouldn’t use it abroad.
    Why pay 3% more? it negates the value of rewards!

  82. No. I use the one with foreign transaction fees on my US purchases only. If it has a great signup bonus or benefit, who am I to ignore a win-win?

  83. Yes. I frequently travel out of the country and refuse to pay any fee that I don’t have to pay buy choosing the correct card.

  84. I am certainly attracted to the feeless choice, but it is not a deal breaker. Majority of international travel is for business, meaning the company picks up any fees incurred. And I usually get cash to use for personal purchases and those for which my credit card is not accepted. This allows me to send any ATM fees, Eric to the company for reimbursement as well

  85. Yes. I will only travel with a no fee one along with the chip technology!!

  86. Yes, they absolutely matter. We are just about to leave on a year long RTW trip and any cards that do charge foreign transaction fees will be left at home.

  87. Of course it matters!!! Try to avoid any fees at any cost, or else the points you earn aren’t worth it.

  88. Absolutely yes! After a two week trip to Brazil in February, I had incurred about $200 in foreign transaction fees between all of the cards I used. Some had fees which were slightly more or less than others but they all “took a bite” out of my vacation. From this point forward, I will try to use my Delta Gold Amex exclusively when traveling abroad; heck, even domestically for that matter. Way to go Delta & Amex!

  89. Corbett Kroehler Reply

    They matter. I just returned from London. Although my transportation expenses were covered by the client, including any foreign transaction fees, my meals and souvenirs weren’t. Luckily, my SunTrust World MasterCard is almost as good as the AmEx and Barclay’s offerings. I paid next to nothing in such fees over 9 days in the UK.

  90. When I went to Europe it mattered, but if I have no trip planned then they matter far less. I have a card that is a no foreign transaction fee card, so I don’t really need another.

  91. Absolutely a big factor I will consider! Foreign transaction fee can be the deal breaker!

  92. Absolutely! I won’t take a credit card abroad with me if it has a forex fee. They already make a profit on each card swipe, and the no forex cards typically have an annual fee. No point in giving the bank any more of my money.

  93. No, but I wish it did because it would mean I was traveling there enough to matter!

  94. Absolutely! a fee of 2-3% is a large savings, it’s a deal breaker

  95. absolutely – all cards should have no foreign transaction fees.

  96. A card with no foreign transaction fee doesn’t matter to me. I guess as long as I have one in my wallet I’m fine. I don’t travel overseas that much anyway.

  97. Yes! It’s a huge card benefit. I used my Marriott Premier card exclusively oversees, and now that Delta Amex has no fees I will be able to use it instead on my upcoming vacation.

  98. YES..but only if the card also lacks huge annual fees that would negate the benefits of having no international transaction fees.

  99. Yes, not that I travel internationally as much as I’d like…

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  101. My two main use cards have no fees so it does not really matter, and next year we have decided to travel around the USA instead of international. Bought time we saw our own country!

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