Delta NEWS day – Starting September with a look at what’s news

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Time to get caught up with some of the latest Delta and aviation news that has caught my eye. Traditionally August has seen some major nasty news about Delta come out like the T-72 rule or the consolidator fare change rule and on and on. All we really got last month was the updates to the Skyclub “grub” and sadly many of the best test bits did not make the final cut. So on to the news:


  • I think “The Gate” was the first place I saw that Delta has 100% cut access to ExpertFlyer. Personally I do not use the service as I have never had a need. Many readers do use it quite a bit to search for space to snag an upgrade. As a Diamond I upgrade most of the time pre-flight and the few times I don’t I just call the DM line and work with them to find a SDC option to try to swing an upgrade. Also as some have mentioned you can still use FlightStatus for free and get much of the information you need (at least for now).
  • We all know Delta does “play” around with different bits that affect us. The “Best Fare Guarantee” to me has always been a complete joke and waste of time. Delta feverishly defends it, but it is hard to know you are booking the same flight on that you are booking someplace else (and killing ExepertFlyer will make that even harder now). Well it seems some are so upset they are taking Delta to court over the Best Fare Guarantee.
  • Hey Atlanta 2%’ers since the #DestructionOfSkymiles means those who pay more for tickets get more Skymiles higher prices are GREAT NEWS for you right? Well rejoice because it seems Delta has been gaining gates at ATL and due to the SW Air and AirTran merger there is even less competition in ATL. Thus, your prices are going up! At least it is great news for DAL shareholders who are making more money.
  • Speaking of ATL it seems a 6th runway is under consideration as well as many other construction projects. Driving around the current mess makes me dizzy just trying to get to the right terminal.
  • Want to join TEAM DELTA as a flight attendant? Looks like 1800 more will be needed and start work as soon as the first of next year!
  • Here is a Skyteam one. It seems KLM is getting two more 777’s. I really dislike the old 2-3-2 business class seats so let’s hope the new full flat seats will have a better layout.
  • It seems everyone is talking about Knee Defenders and the Today show has a good piece on them. As of two years ago Delta did not have an official policy as to their use. The simple fix is just as an FA to have the idiot using them to remove them from your seat as not following a Delta FA’s instructions could result in cops waiting to take you to jail when you land. Oh and a Delta flight was just diverted due to a seat issue!
  • Back to Delta. During my visit to Delta in June one of the things they highlighted was that people just HATE canceled flights. Delays are bad but cancel is the worst and Delta is really focused now to just never do that. They seem to be succeeding. – other than Matt’s flight I guess 😉
  • Like it or not our Delta is setting the pace. United is clearly too dumb to do anything but copy Delta and make it even worse. But when it comes to any choice we see at Delta you had better believe any of them that are implemented are not for our good but make the company more money. This is not bad as long as people keep flying and put up with them.
  • Don’t know if you caught this or not but Delta has expanded the use of hand held electronics on International flights. I am so used to the USA rules that I feel offended when flying outside the country and they ask me to turn them off – like – why?

So there you are. I am on my way for a quick visit to Sweden tomorrow to visit mom and will be mileage running and seeing my Dad the week after. All in all I will rack up 40,000+ miles on Delta this month so follow me on twitter to see where I am and please come up and say “HI” if you see me in a Skyclub, Centurion lounge or in the air! – René

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  1. Oh, so happy and grateful in ATL for increased mile earning. Expanding my fare alerts to include AHN, CHA, MCN, MGM… thanks and keep the posts coming!

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